Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 In One Photo

I thought about it all night last night and all morning at the gym today.
One photo.
An entire year in one photo.

First I thought about cheating. Hello, collage or 9+ photos!
Then I thought about using a quote picture to sum up the year. Turns out that was equally as difficult to decide.
Finally, I went back to the same photo that first popped into my head when I thought about summing up the year in one photo.

This was our first day in Florida in June.
New Smyrna Beach.
Our spot.
The same exact spot we've been going since I was 6.
It was the first time I had been back in a really, really long time.

After we came back I wrote a post about what vacation taught me. I remember so vividly how I felt while I was writing that post. One of the many reasons I'm glad I have this blog, because I can read those words and I remember the thought and the feelings behind them. I've read that post a hundred times since June. I don't know why.
I'm trying hard not to get sappy or ridiculous, because Lord knows I could make that happen right now, but that photo first popped into my head for a reason. I read that post all the time for a reason. I think that reason sums up the year. The photo just represents that.

2013 in one photo.

Happy New Year, everyone!
Be Safe tonight!!


  1. I would so love to just live at the beach year round! Great pic to sum up the year!

  2. god i wish i was at the beach right now. love this picture! happy new year :)

  3. ohhh can you please take me here!! this is gorgeous! perfect pic!

  4. I totally expected people to cheat with a collage, but I'm so glad you didn't. This is a wonderful picture. Thanks for linking up!! Happy New Year!

  5. Love the things vacation taught you - seriously amazing reminders to be you and be happy.

  6. I wish that's what MY year in a photo looked like! Photoshop me in, would ya?? ;P

  7. Florida woot woot! I miss living there so much


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