Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tis The Season

Let's not beat around the bush here...
I spent multiple, multiple years in show choir.
Yea, a real life Glee experience.
Singing and dancing and competing.

At my high school and jr. high it was THE thing to do. The stars of the basketball team, the football team, the baseball team, etc. they all were in show choir too.
Well not all of them, because some of them sucked.
Like I said, real life Glee. Except no one threw slushies on us, we were probably throwing slushies on others. Just kidding, I swear.

I'm telling you that to tell you this...

Every year in December we had a Christmas concert/musical/production called Tis The Season. It was a 2 night production and it was a huge deal in our community. People not associated with our school or the students would buy tickets and come to this thing. Big. Deal. Well I spent many-a-years a part of this production. I wiiiish I could find some YouTube videos of it to show you, I know they exist, I just can't find them. Hopefully my mom will read this and find some to send me. Those could be a doozy.

However, there are pictures!
Enjoy, my friends, enjoy.
>>I'm on the far left.
 >>I'm not in this photo because I wasn't allowed to be a toy solider because I was too short. Not far.
 >>Sitting on the stage extension on the left.
 >>We were the "gossip elves".. HAHAH
 >>You can see right up my hoop dress at my black shorts.. Which is the reason we were required to wear shorts underneath. Le duh.
 >>My cliiiiick.. We used to call each other "Santa's Sluts"... We're so classy. I'm still BFF with 2 of those 4 girls, crazyness.
 >>I'm pretty sure my MOM called these the slutty Santa dresses. HAHAH, kills me.
 >>Co-presidents, holla. We ran shit... No seriously.
 >>We were so adorbs. Totes adorbs.
 >>The gospel dance number. I worked so hard to be front and center on the stage extension, so this was my shining moment.
>>First soprano girl on the left, front row, next to the boys. Oh Come All Ye Faithful.

You're welcome.
This will be all for today, unless my mom finds videos.
Then I'll post those and be semi-embarrassed for the rest of the year.


  1. I wish we had had something like this when I was in school! It looks like a blast.

  2. I love all the pictures! I can't sing, but one year I got to be a jester in the Madrigals' Christmas program which was always middle ages themed. I don't think any pictures exist, but I'm glad about that.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! I totally can't sing so I would not be allowed in. :)

  4. I'm totally jealous! I was in show choir and we did nothing cool We had one big performance and we had to wear sweaters and khakis...not awesome fancy dresses like the rest of the school. My pants were falling down the ENTIRE routine. DUMB!! I lovvvvvvee your costumes, even if they are slutty santa dresses! haha

  5. CUTE! I loved show choir and wish we could still do it as grownups. Like, we're supposed to stop loving costume changes and choreographed performances because we have college degrees now?? Dumb. :)

    Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

  6. Yay! Thats awesome you were a fellow show choir girl! I loved all my years singing and dancing. When Glee came out I was like "I did that!" Although it probably wasnt that drama filled.

  7. Haha I love the hoop dress! Hoping you find a video! We recently found a tonnn of old embarassing videos from choir & band concerts :)


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