Monday, December 9, 2013

My Weekend Was Embarassing

Do you ever have a weekend that you don't want to recap because it's a little embarrassing?
Welcome to my weekend.

Embarrassment #1, also known as FRIDAY
As I mentioned on Friday, it was a snow day! Picture on the left is Thursday night and picture on the right is Friday night. We got about 10 inches. Well, depending on who you ask it's between 8-12 inches. It snowed ALL day on Friday. The whole entire day it was snowing. So... I did this..

Yea, uh.. I sat on my couch all day long and watched all of these movies. All. Of. Them. In that order. I know, weird selection. Newsflash, I'm weird.

Embarrassment #2, also known as SATURDAY
I listened to Christmas music all day (including all of these favorites!) and then had to dig my car out of the snow. Which took 45 minutes. Then I showered and went to campus and worked the IU basketball game. I guess Saturday was a little productive. Slightly.

Embarrassment #3, also known as SUNDAY
I got my booty up early and went to the gym! Which was a good plan on my part because then I spent the rest of the day in a Christmas coma..

I honestly wish I was joking.. However, I'm not. Darn you ABC Family and your 25 days of Christmas movie marathons! I got sucked in.

Who's been keeping track?
That means this weekend I watched 12 movies.
Ugh, my life is so embarrassing.. and slightly pathetic.

See you guys girls people tomorrow for some more of my embarrassingly pathetic life. Or maybe it's pathetically embarrassing?
Hip Hip Hooray!


  1. I see nothing to be embarrassed about… in fact, to me, this seems like the most amazingly productive and well-used weekend on record! Perspective my friend! :)


  2. I started watching about halfway through Snowglobe. I had to turn it off. My weekend was so boring so don't be embarrassed about yours!

  3. All I did on Saturday was watch Hallmark Christmas movies and on Sunday I started watching One Tree Hill on Netflix :)

  4. i actually hate the mistle-tones BUT i adore holiday in handcuffs. Mario Lopez is just so darn CUTE! #thosedimples

  5. I watch all those movies on Sunday too! I had never seen the was so cute! Tori was such a great bad girl, I loved it! Tonight, I'm watching Holidaze!

  6. haha I watched 12 dates of Christmas and Holiday in well as like 5 more ridiculously corny Christmas movies! haha!

  7. How is Mistletones? I saw it on my Netflix!

  8. i seen nothing embarrassing about this. in fact i support it all.

  9. It's Christmas, you're allowed to watch 100 movies a day if you want! It's completely allowed!!!

  10. It's Christmas you're allowed to do whatever you and watch 5,000 movies if you want to!!

  11. I honestly see NOTHING wrong with your weekend. NOTHING.

  12. There's totally nothing wrong with watching all of those movies!

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  13. I would venture to say my weekends are way more boring! ha

  14. Nothing to be embarrassed about I totally did the same thing on Monday!! I watched Christmas movies all day while wrapping presents!


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