Monday, December 30, 2013

Today, I'm Not Recapping My Christmas OR My Weekend..

Good Morning.

I can't tell you how good it felt to sit down after my 5am workout and open up Blogger today.
So, let's point out the obvious - I took a mini vacation from Blogland. Whoops. Unplanned, but necessary. I barely opened my laptop the last weekish. SO fantastic.

So, here's what's NOT gonna happen today..

I'm NOT giving you a recap of my Christmas vacation adventures. Those will come, but they're coming in the form of different posts for different reasons. If you follow me on Twitter (you could do so here if you wanted, although i don't post anything interesting, just a heads up) then you know I've experienced a smidge bit of crap luck. Also I'd hate to overload you with photos of my crazy family. They must be taken in small doses so you don't run away from your computer, screaming in terror.

I'm NOT going to discuss how sad I am that I can no longer listen to Christmas music without getting evil glances and side eyes. I could jam to Christmas music all day, every day. And I'm probably the only person you know who says that and actually means it. Just for shits and gigs..

I'm NOT going to give you a photo of every single Christmas present I received. One, that sort of gets on my nerves a little bit. I understand when it's some huge gift, but every single one? Who are you bragging to and why? Just please, don't. Two, I didn't take a photo of any of them. The only way you're going to know what I was given for Christmas is if they come up in some other way. For instance if I wear the mustard colored sweater my parents got me because they read my blog and rock my socks off. Speaking of, I did not get any socks this year. #disappointed

Now that we've established what isn't going to be happening today, let's move on to what is going to happen..
Err.. Um.. Okay, so nothing.
This is it!

I actually have my last family Christmas this afternoon, so I'm going to be leaving work early and I've noticed lots of bloggers aren't back into the groove yet either, so probably this post is going to get ignored. Which is a shame since I added such adorable photos of myself (sarcasm) and I included a Monday jam (christmas music, duh) to get you through the day.
I'm hilarious.

Before I go, I want to give a little shout out to my best friend. My minion, my partner in crime, my call when I'm freaking out, my uncomplicated relationship, my blonde to my brunette, my "we got each other the same Christmas present", my "we have the same name", my person, and my forever friend. From bangs and braces to greys and dentures. Happy Birthday!

See you tomorrow, friends! 


  1. Ha! Well, I'm glad you didn't post all your Christmas presents because that always makes me jealous. I do want to read about your family drama though- it might make me feel better about my own :)

  2. Sometimes a blogging break can be so nice! Hope you enjoyed every bit of it. The family drama part can be interesting though so feel free to share away! ;)

  3. i got socks. not to rub it in or anything :)

  4. Unplanned blog breaks are the best kind. Plus I got socks too - really a great gift.


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