Friday, September 12, 2014

My Strange Addiction: VINE (Part 2)

Probably most of you don't remember, but in April I let you guys in on my little obsession - Vine. I'm not quite as obsessed as I used to be, but it's still fairly upsetting how much time I spend getting lost in the app. Because it's Friday and because I was mindlessly surfing Vine last night, I'm going to share with you some of the goodies.

I don't know if she's drunk or if she's joking, but I do know that I'm crying laughing.


This would be so, so much funnier if it wasn't so, so true.

Couch, Phone, Netflix - The 3 best friend that anyone could have

They're mobsters. They have a whole series of these vines and they're all beyond hilarious. 

^^^^ This. Seriously. PSA. ^^^^

"I perform."

Tomorrow morning I'm going to wake up and sing this.

And that's all folks. I have a ton more to show you, but for some reason the computer version of Vine is being a huge pain in my ass so I can't access my "liked" videos that I wanted to share. Huge pain and frankly, I don't feel like dealing with it this morning.

So, one little heads up - I think next week might be like "TV WEEK" on TBOI, because I have a lot to say and I watch a lot of television programs and I want to gossip about them. I know they aren't always fan favorites as far as blog posts go, but uhhh.. #MyBlog, so if you don't like talking about TV, then probably avoid my blog next week. And if that's the case I'll see you on the 22nd! ;)


  1. I'm still crying from laughing so hard at "omg I'm dead". So, so funny.

  2. Hahhahahaha annnnnnnnnd now I'm laughing uncontrollably at work. I watch vine videos for at least 20 minutes before going to bed everything except last night I somehow found myself under the hashtag #ladydippers and safe to say I went to bed unimpressed with this face -__-

  3. Hahah The shower performance and #corpse have me rolling. Can we do this as a weekly series? Maybe? <3<3

  4. Going out on a limb and guessing that the first one is her imitating Elaine from Seinfeld but I couuuuld be wrong. Also dying over the "I'm dead" one.

  5. I may have watched the #corpse and the "I Perform" one a few times :)

  6. I laughed a lot, then forced everyone else in the room to watch them all as well. :D Thanks for sharing.

  7. I probably just watched the shower one 10 times. That is the best thing in the entire world.


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