Monday, September 29, 2014

Easy Like Monday Morning

I'm about 10 seconds away from jinxing myself, but I am having an oddly good Monday morning. Having said that, it's still 6:45am on a Monday morning, and my list of things I need to accomplish before going to work is a long one. So I apologize, but we're going with a quick and easy post today.

1. I noticed in a mirror last night how awful and terrible my posture currently is. No wonder my back hurts so bad after long work days at an athletic event when I'm on my feet for 9 hours. Or why it hurts so bad when I'm at the office sitting in a computer chair for 8 hours. So I'm on Operation Better Posture. I found a few Pinterest articles like this one and this one that I might try, but I'm always open to suggestions. I vaguely remember about a year ago that I mentioned my posture and Brooke told me to do planks. Planks could be good for a lot of things I'm working on, so I might do a plank challenge for the month of October if anyone wants to join.

2. I'm up before the sun an awful lot, but I'm usually doing a million things in my apartment so I rarely actually see the sunrise, but Saturday morning I was in a hurry trying to get ready for a long, long work day at IU for the football game and I just happened to glance over and I saw the most beautiful sunrise out of my living room window. I even took a few minutes to get my phone, go outside, and take a picture. Pretty, pretty.

3. I feel that especially since I started blogging, I'm on my phone way too much. It's a natural hazard for this whole blogging thing, you always need to be connected. I've talked about the term "unplugging" back in March and what it meant for me. Personally, one day a month "unplugged" would not be beneficial or fix my problem. In March I said that every day I just wanted to be on my phone less every day, and that still applies. I did okay with that for a while, but like anything else, it's time to reevaluate. I have this hugely long list of Netflix shows and movies I want to watch and an even bigger list of books I want to read, but I "don't have time" for any of them. Last night I gave myself 90 minutes to read and just leave my phone alone, then I went straight to bed. Usually my morning routine consists of flipping through my social media, emails, and news for at least 30 min before I even think about actually getting out of bed. Today, I didn't. I still haven't checked my phone. And it feels good.

4. I'm not that girl that is addicted to Starbucks, in general. I mean, I think their coffee is good, but I'm usually just as happy, sometimes more so, with the coffee I make at my apartment - in my old fashioned coffee maker, by the way. No Keurig for this girl. Coffee also isn't something I drink every day like most people. I do not want to become addicted to it the way some are and I think, for myself, that coffee (and caffeine in general) would continue to be more effective if I saved it for the days I really needed it. BUT I am very addicted to Starbucks' Passion Tea Lemonade. For over a year now I've been trying to make it at home, but I just can not seem to get it just right! Part of my problem is that I'm trying to use the least amount of sugar possible, so I can't get the taste just right. If anyone has the perfect Passion Tea Lemonade recipe, throw it at me!

yes, this is the same damn picture i used in last thursday's post. i'm a terrible blogger.

5. I forgot to mention on the blog last week that I got my hair colored. I had been itching to do something drastic for a long time and so I just did it. I really like it, but I don't actually love it. To me, it's just hair, so I'm not too broken up about it and since I do like it, I'm not rushing back to change it. Probably in early November, before the holidays I'll go back and maybe do something different, who knows, I haven't really thought about it yet. As I was growing up my mom had every color of hair, long hair, short hair, permed hair, straight hair, etc. etc. Seriously, she's done it all, so I not afraid of hair color or change and I'm not days away from my wedding or anything, where I'd want my hair to be perfect. I'm mostly just damn glad I did something crazy, because I was getting a little stir crazy in my routine/life.

I know people do "Five on Friday", but I think we need to work on making "Five on Monday" a thing. Who actually has time to put out a thoughtful or thought provoking blog post on a Monday morning? Bravo to those people - teach me. Remember when Sami did a Weekend Recap linkup? Ahh, the good ol days.



  2. Your hair looks REALLY amazing, missy! Love it! :) Posture though? About the only suggestion I have is balancing a book on your head, but that's so old school I don't even know if that's legit anymore.

  3. I love your hair! Are the curls natural??

    1. Thank you! And definitely not! My natural hair is a lot more curly and frizzy than in those pictures! Those are curling iron curls! :)

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous! I absolutely love it. Speaking of gorgeous, that sunrise? My goodness.

  5. LOVE your new hair!! It looks great! By the way, I am down with a plank challenge, my posture sucks from sitting at a desk all day!

  6. Ahhh Rachael and Lisa had a weekend wrap up linkup but then she moved to CHINA. maybe you should start one.

  7. I actually got my hair darker over the weekend! And I have been thinking of getting one of those exercise balls for my desk to sit on to help my posture. TBD

  8. I hope your Monday continued being awesome, and I love the new look! I'm always itching to color my hair. So addicting!

  9. Ahhh, I think you stole all the awesome Monday-ness, because my Monday was just a hot mess. :O I LOVE your hair in the top/right - is it low-lighted (is that a phrase? lol) I've been itching to do something crazy with my own hair now that my wedding is over, but I'm not sure what the best thing to do would be that would require little/no maintenance.

  10. Freaking loving your hair! I think I change mine every time the seasons change.

  11. I'm actually beyond obsessed with your new hair. Guuuurl, you be cray.


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