Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This Is My JAM..

When I find a song I like I have a really bad tendency to listen to that same song 67 times in a row. I also have a bad tendency of texting everyone and tweeting everyone and telling them to listen to the song because "IT'S-THE-BEST-EVER!" There have been a few songs lately that I'm still completely obsessing over and now I'm going to also shove them down your thoughts because that's just the kind of girl I am!

FIRST OF ALL - I don't know who the heck these Kalin and Myles kids are, but I'm a little in love with them at the moment. I'm forcing TWO of their songs down your throat, but honestly I just added like 5 of their songs to one of my playlists. Who the heck are these kids? I'm loving them.

I also really recommend this song:

Oh and I just added their song Go To Work to my workout playlist and I'm obsessed. So.. Like I said, I'm a little in love with their stuff.

I'm also loving this song by SoMo. I know absolutely nothing about them (him?), but I know that I love this song. So that's that.

Also Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora - Black Widow. Obsessed. I'm actually not as in love with Iggy as the rest of America is right now, but I do love this song.. A bunch.

I had never heard this song until I saw Cole Swindell in concert at the Luke Bryan show and day-um.

I already loved Cole, but I love love love this song. I've worn it OUT since I saw it live!

Oh and Sam Hunt *SWOON*.. I've mentioned him before on TBOI here (oh and here in this playlist) and yea, I'm still in love with the guy. This is his new "hit" and don't get me wrong, I LOVE it, but some of his other songs are better.

Like I said, I love this song. Love it a whole lot. However if you like country and want to check out some of his other songs, you'll love those more. Promise.

Okay, now that I've forced those songs upon you, I'm ready for some suggestions on MORE songs for me to become obsessed with. Actually, I'm always looking for music suggestions. SEND THEM MY WAY!

Oh and hey, meet this awesome girl..

Yea, she's great. Like, great great, not just regular great. You can fall in love with her at the following locations!


  1. love all of these songs! I might just spend my day at work replaying all of them!

  2. I actually LOVE having songs forced upon me ;) I love music and always always always want to discover new artists and songs- so THANKS! I totally get obsessive about music too!

  3. I love sharing new songs & getting new songs shared with me. So, thank you, my dear. :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  4. I obsessively listen to my new favorite songs too! It drives my husband insane! My mom is somewhere laughing her face off because she had to deal with it when I was living with her and now it's someone else's turn. And THANK YOU for turning me onto that Sam Hunt song. I'm going to go stalk him on itunes now.

  5. I love Iggy, mostly accidentally, I had no idea who she was and then listening to the radio in the morning I started rocking out to that Fancy song and then the one's she does with Arianna Grande and before I knew it my top 5 fave songs have something to do with her. I'm currently obsessed with 'All About That Bass' by Meghan Trainor, especially the version she did with Jimmy Fallon.

  6. COLE! I love me some Cole Swindell, Jason Aldean's new song is my guilty pleasure and Garth Brooks' people loving people is my jam as well.


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