Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 2014 TV Premieres

It's TV Week, Day 2! For those of you who don't care about TV Week, I do have a little poll going on at the end of this post if you wouldn't mind scrolling down!

For the rest of you, let's talk TV. Now I spent some time gathering all of the September premieres that I could find and felt were relevant, except for any NEW Fall 2014 TV shows, because those will be on the blog on Thursday (posted here!). Now, I obviously don't watch every show airing right now, so for the shows I do watch, I gave you my thoughts on the previous season(s) and my thoughts for the upcoming season. For the shows I don't watch I either asked my friends who do watch the show or I spent some time browsing the internet for information.

I listed them below in alphabetical order, because type A, and I also included their premiere date for future reference!

Thursday, Sept 25th - 8:00pm EST - Fox
Last season I was only still watching this show out of habit. It has been just down right terrible the last few seasons and when this season started and they brought back the same big bad (pelant) from the last 2 seasons before, I seriously thought I was going to need to strangle someone. Just poor story-telling. Then, even though I was sick of this big bad to begin with, they gave him the worst death scene and exit, ever. I mean, really? REALLY?! 3 seasons of him and that's how you end it? Ok. Then we had this Ghost Killer storyline. Which held such promise and then when it all "ended" I was actually just really confused. It didn't measure up to the hype they'd made it out to be, so it actually kinda just sucked. Then Bones went and surprised me.
The finale was one of their best in many years, if not ever. I'm so, so thankful for the twist at the end because I was going to be super shitty if they ended the finale with Booth's life hanging in the balance. That's old and over-done with no real threat factor. What they did end on is some good stuff though that actually has me, dare I say it, looking forward to the this upcoming season. They're in new territory and for a show that has been on as long as Bones, that's important. I'm happy and anticipating fun things. Especially after the network tried to the kill the show by moving it to Fridays last season and that backfired on them. Suck on that, Fox.

Monday, Sept 29th - 10:00pm EST - ABC
I don't currently watch this show, so I don't actually know very much about it. But one of my best friends does watch it and she loves it. I know it's about a man who write murder mystery novels, but that's about all I know. I did hear that the novels that the character supposedly writes actually exist and you can read them. That's pretty legit. My friend says that last season ended on big things and she's excited for this new season. That's about all I got out of her, but since she DVRs this show, I know it means a lot to her, so it must be good!

Chicago Fire
Tuesday, Sept 23rd - 10:00pm EST - NBC

So let me just say that I only started watching this show because last year I started watching Chicago P.D. and this is it's parent show. So I spent a good 2 weeks over the summer binge watching the first 2 season of Chicago Fire. I fell in love 15 minutes into the first episode. Really, really recommend this show! Even though it is already about to start it's 3rd season, I still feel like there are so many potential stories to tell, which is good because that means the show has no reason to become stagnant!
Last season ended with the entire cast, minus one, with their life potentially in the balance. My sister and I have read that one main character is going to be dying in the first episode, so we've spent all summer trying to figure out who it will be. I've decided that because Peter Mills is my all-time favorite character, ever ever ever, that he's probably going to be the one to die. Because they would do something like that to me.

Chicago P.D.
Wednesday, Sept 24th - 10:00pm EST - NBC

If I fell in love with Chicago Fire within 15 minutes of the first episode, then I fell in love with this show approximately 15 seconds into Episode 1! They got some dang amazing actors for this show and it shows in every episode! The show is also not afraid to "go there". Things are not black and white in the Chicago P.D. station and all of the characters live in the grey area and it's so great. I love that we haven't quite figured out all of the characters back stories yet too. Which made every episode this season exciting because every episode gave us a little hint of a character's story. LOVE.
The finale was freaking excellent. I'm actually sort of amused with myself, because I thought I knew for sure what the big cliffhanger was going to be. Wrong. I was wrong. I'm excited to see where they're going to take this season, since I'm pretty sure they'll have a full 20-22 episode season, instead of a half season, like last year. My sister and I haven't heard any really reliable news about this season either, so I really don't have much to add. I know Burgess gets a new partner and Atwater joins the team. Other than that, natta. Ps. LINSTEAD. Pss. BURZEK.

Grey's Anatomy
Thursday, Sept 25th - 8:00pm EST - ABC
I'm about to be very unpopular, but I can't help but feel like it's time for Grey's Anatomy to come to an end. On one hand, there were so many things I loved about last season, but on the other hand I was bored. Grey's Anatomy has had a good long run and a run they should be proud of. I've loved so many things about that hospital and I'll miss it when it's gone.
However, I think it would be wise of Shonda to give Grey's this one last season to wrap up story lines and send the series off with a good, solid finale. Instead of dragging the show out longer to the point where it's a shell of it's former greatness. Do you know what I mean?
This season is going to be weird for me to watch without Cristina. I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about it yet. I think I'll be distracted the first few episodes though with the new Meredith storyline. Another sibling? Really? Haven't we already done this? I've heard they're teasing MerDer drama. Haven't we also already done that too?

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Wednesday, Sept 24th - 9:00pm EST - NBC

Yea, did you know people actually watch this show as it aires new episodes? Instead of just watching the reruns for hours when they air on USA? Who knew. This show is in it's 16th season, people. I heard nothing but really good things coming from it's season last year and based on the ratings, it's 16th season won't be it's last. I wish I had time to catch up and watch the seasons that aren't on USA as much, so that I'd know a little bit about what is going on and I could watch the new episodes as they air. Alas, that probably won't happen for me.

Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D
Tuesday, Sept 23rd - 9:00pm EST - ABC
I don't watch this show, but my mother does. She's into all of that DC Comics/Marvel stuff. From what she's said, she likes it. I've heard it ties into all of the other DC/Marvel movies that are out right now, so I think it's important that you've seen most of those, but maybe not necessary? To be honest, I was just looking and it didn't really get good reviews last year. However, some of the reviews I'm reading think this season will be better. Here's hoping.

Modern Family
Wednesday, Sept 24th - 9:00pm EST - ABC
Not a show I watch regularly, but I have seen several episodes and I've laughed through every single one. I really like Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitch) and Eric Stonestreet (Cam). They just totally make the show for me.

Wednesday, Sept 24th - 10:00pm EST - ABC
Again, not a show I watch, but a show I think I would like. I like country music and I love Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere and I love the premise of the show. As I was looking for info on the upcoming season, I found a lot of articles suggesting that this is on the chopping block and it might be cancelled. Right now it is airing on the 24th for it's 3rd season, but I'm worried it might be it's last. You never can tell though, because if this is a powerful season and picks up in ratings, then it'll easily get renewed! So don't worry yet, Nashville fans!

Tuesday, Sept 23rd - 8:00pm EST - CBS

Season 11, just.. Ugh. I have many mixed feelings about all of the things that happened last season. For one, Ziva's send off felt incomplete. In a lot of ways, I really liked that episode (Past, Present, and Future, episode 2), but in a lot more ways I totally hated it. The whole season pretty much follows that same pattern. They introduced a new main character last season, Bishop, whom I actually don't dislike, but they tried to change Tony's character which at first felt refreshing, but quickly turned annoying. Almost all of the comedy seemed forced this season, making nothing that funny. I did enjoy the 2 backdoor episodes for the new NCIS spinoff, NCIS: New Orleans (which i will discuss on thursday - discussed here). Fresh and new and I liked those episodes a lot. But in a way, the whole season just felt like a mess.Which I can forgive them for because they were thrown for quite a loop a week before Season 11 shooting had to start and re-writes had to quickly happen, but the whole season just spiraled out of control from there.
The finale however, was wonderful. The episode honored the memory and life of Ralph White, who was a recurring character on the show, but passed away in real life this year. It was good and ended up being a really sweet send off for the character and the man. They even tied up a tiny, small loose end from earlier in the season, which was probably a little unnecessary, but still nice storytelling for the most part. Also, NCIS did something it's never done. It didn't leave us with a cliffhanger. Which felt very appropriate considering the main storyline of the episode (the death of Gibbs' father) and also because it's something different. A show going into it's 12th season could use a little bit more of "something different". I think starting Season 12 off completely fresh is just what NCIS needs. I haven't heard a thing about the upcoming season as far as story lines goes and I'm glad. I need NCIS to surprise me to keep me interested.

NCIS: Los Angeles
Monday, Sept 29th - 10:00pm EST - CBS
High five for Season Five! Last season was the best season ever. Every single time I wrote about NCISLA last year I had good things to say and that's because it had been such a good season. I honestly don't have many complaints. My biggest complaint is how annoying I find LL Cool J's character. Not because it's acted by him or because it's acted poorly, but just because that character kinda drives me crazy. No good reason, just how I feel most of the time.
Ironically, the lowest point of this season was the finale. Not much of a real cliffhanger and quite frankly it was a boring "case of the week" if you know what I mean. I do find the whole Hetty thing interesting and I wonder if NCISLA is really going to pull the trigger and remove her from the team. Probably not, but it'd be a nice change up to get Season 6 rolling. The cliffhanger was basically them ending the finale with "to be continued" which wasn't a cliffhanger, it was actually just really annoying.  I forgive them of course, because I was so in love with the entire season last year. Please don't disappoint me NCISLA.

New Girl
Tuesday, Sept 16th - 9:00pm EST - Fox *Tonight*

I don't currently watch this show, but I really, really want to! I happened to catch one episode in the middle of the season last year and I loved it! It's going into it's 4th season tonight, but Netflix only has the first 2 seasons on there right now. Once they put the 3rd season up, I'm going to watch them and catch up! Everyone I know who watches this show absolutely loves it. I definitely think it is starting to gain it's well deserved popularity and I'm excited!

Once Upon A Time
Sunday, Sept 28th - 8:00pm EST - ABC

I don't watch this show, but I'm going to have to start. My best friend, who doesn't ever watch TV or get hooked on TV shows, is obsessed with this show. Obsessed. In that she must be home every Sunday night and watch this live. She tells me she loves Rumplestilskin almost weekly. That's reason enough for me to watch the show, but also the characters of Frozen will be appearing on it this season, so I think that means I need to quickly catch up and add this to my DVR ever week.

Thursday, Sept 25th - 10:00pm EST - NBC
Not a show I watch, but my sister and her friend love this show. I did watch a few episodes with them last year and it was ok. Just ok. I didn't love it like they did, but they now claim I didn't watch good episodes, so who knows. It's going into it's 6th and final season, which means it could be a very emotional and big season for the show. My sister said something about someone maybe being pregnant and she's still stressed over whether or not a certain couple will get back together or not. If you watch Parenthood, I'm sure you can decipher that. I told her to let me know how this season goes and maybe I'll binge watch the whole show once it's all on Netflix.

Sunday, Sept 28th - 10:00pm EST - ABC
I don't watch this show and honestly, based on the reviews I just read, I'm kind of glad I don't. It seems like a general consensus that the first season was phenomenal, the 2nd season was good, the 3rd season was barely watchable, and no one is excited for this 4th season. It also seems that the 3rd season made the viewer really dislike the main character and therefore no one wants to watch a show where they don't like the lead. Of course, I'm basing all of this off the the 4 or 5 articles I read, but since they were all discussing the same things, I'm very apprehensive about adding this to my watch list.
Anyone else really watch this show? Thoughts?

Thursday, Sept 25th - 9:00pm EST - ABC

This one is on my list! I don't currently watch this show, but my friend and I have decided we're going to start watching it on Netflix to catch up and then watch this season! I've heard so, so many good things about this show and Olivia Pope and I am so, so excited to watch!

The Big Bang Theory
Monday, Sept 22nd - 8:00pm EST - CBS
This isn't a show I watch, but my aunt and my dad watch it and they seem to love it. I will say that the reviews I read seem like this show is nearing it's end, but who honestly knows?

The Voice
Monday, Sept 22nd - 8:00pm EST - NBC
I only watch this show sporadically. My favorite parts are the blind auditions and then once it gets to the final few contestants. I'm not at all excited for this season though with Pharrell and Gwen Steffani. Mostly because the judges are what makes the show fun. Adam and Blake together are the best and I really like them with Usher and Shakira, so I'm not excited for the 2 new judges. I probably won't watch much of this season, if I watch any of it. However, my dad is obsessed with this show for some reason, which amuses me because it is so not his thing. Anyway, I'll be getting regular updates from him, so it'll still feel like I'm watching.

And those are you September 2014 premieres!
I wish I could get paid to do this shit, because I love it! 
Tomorrow, the October premieres! - POSTED HERE
Thursday, the new shows for Fall 2014! - POSTED HERE

Do you put noodles/pasta/macaroni in your chili?
Also, let me know where you're from!


  1. Yes to Grey's. I posted something similar in my post that's going up today. How many time scan the hospital be in trouble? I watch it because I just can't stop, but I feel like it's getting old...

    And girl you need to watch New Girl and Parenthood! Both great shows...

    Big Bang Theory has actually been renewed for 3 more seasons (this one included) and all the actors just got HUGE pay raises so we'll at least get 10 seasons out of the show which is good because it's hilarious!

  2. The only shows on this list I actually watch are shows you don't watch. I think you'd really like Castle, though. It and SHIELD are my faves, although I do watch OUAT and BBT too. I have no idea why I shortened the titles on all of those, but whatever. I'm super excited for SHIELD, Sif was on last season (the female warrior from Thor) and that's been my fave so far.

  3. Oh, I totally missed your poll. No pasta in chili, that makes it goulash. And I'm from Kansas, yo.

  4. I agree with you about Grey's. Totally time for it to be over!! I know exactly what you're talking about with Parenthood, haha!! I'm from California (Central Coast) and I've never put noodles/macaroni in my chili!

  5. Yes! Add Scandal. It is so, so addicting. Love it so much!

    Have you tried The Mindy Project? I am more excited about that than New Girl tonight!

  6. I totally agree with you on Grey's. I think it needs this last season to wrap up and be done before I REALLY don't want to watch it anymore. And YES to Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. My husband is a Firefighter which got me hooked on Chicago Fire, and once I saw the PD spinoff I totally had to watch both and I absolutely love them. Can't wait for them to come back on. I also watch Revenge and got really bored in the last season until the last couple episodes, so I'm hoping this next season will start off as good as it left off. Another show I love is The Blacklist! It's definitely a must watch!

  7. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for reminding me New Girl is on tonight!!!! I LOVE Revenge. It's my favourite drama on tv right now - I can't get enought of it!

    I'm from Saskatchewan and have never put any kind of noodle in my chili (though I know some people that will eat their chili on a bed of pasta - which I think is super weird)

  8. okay so also, CRIMINAL MINDS. You missed it and I hate you for it. Jk. But seriously <3

  9. i cant keep up with all the shows!!!! like i didnt even watch grey's finale last season i am so behind

  10. We put macaroni noodles in our chili when I was growing up- I grew up in Florida, but my mom (whose recipe it is) is from Indiana. And so many shows you need to watch! Modern Family and New Girl are hilarious (also Brooklyn 99 and The Goldbergs!) and Once Upon a Time is amazing- like every story and character you love on one place being perfection and so much more. Nashville is also spectacular- the music alone is worth it.

  11. Love love LOVE New Girl! I actually only got to see the first couple episodes of season 3, so I'm waiting for it on Netflix too so I can binge-watch and catch up! I think its supposed to get added tonight!!! ACK!

  12. I just started Scandal on Netflix last weekend AND I'm already through the first two seasons. It's addicting. So I obviously recommend it! as far as chili goes, I've never put noodles in it before, but now I kind of want to try it!

  13. Once Upon A Time:: I really need to catch up on last season so I can watch this season! I'm really excited about Frozen characters coming!

    Law and Order SVU:: I had no idea this show was still on. I used to watch the USA marathons, but I spend some weeks at home by myself and I became a too scared to watch it.

    Parenthood:: I friend of mine got me hooked on this show right before it's 3rd season and I've been hooked with my box od tissues ever since.

    P.S. Sometimes I put elbow macaroni in my chilly, but I could eat it with or without. And I'm from Georgia.

  14. Ahhh, so glad you wrote this! I tend to just watch shows that are on Netflix, but I really need something new and will definitely check some of these out. I was never a huge fan of Chicago Fire (soooorrry!!! don't hate me! I tried - I really did!! Especially since they're always filming the episodes on my street!), but I'll have to give Chicago PD a try. :)

  15. As much I have loved Greys, it's time for it to come to an end. I don't know how many different story lines they can play (and play again). Parenthood was a show that I binge watched prior to last season and then watched it regularly. I'm totally in love with the show and hate that it is ending. It's definitely a show that hasn't reached it's ending, at least for me. I do watch Revenge regularly and I do love it, but so much stuff happens THAT WOULDN'T REALLY HAPPEN, that it's becoming a little unbelievable. Example: Her dad died when she was little... and this whole thing has been about revenging her dad's death... guess who showed up on last season's finale...... And finally, Scandal. I can't even tell you how much I love that show. It is definitely one you need to go watch all of it right now and don't do anything else until you're finished.

    The answer to your poll: I've never put noodles in my chili and you know I'm from NC :)

  16. I'm excited for Revenge to conclude! Let's hope for a cancellation at the end of season 4!

  17. I love you. Just FYI. You saved me like 100 hours of scrolling through the internet to find out when the shows would be coming back! Chicago Fire is amazing, I've loved it from the beginning and most of the time I like Chicago PD ok. I agree on Grey's though, it was wonderful but it's time has passed! I can never tire of The Big Bang Theory though, love that show. Didn't see Criminal Minds on your list, not a fan?

    Also, seriously SVU is still on? I thought all the Law & Orders were cancelled years ago!

    Can't remember if I answer the poll yesterday but no noodles in my chili (I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada)

  18. All very good summaries! I love Chicago Fire and Chicago PD! GREAT SHOWS! And Scandal, too! I need to rewatch the last episode of them before they restart!

  19. Not going to lie I scrolled through this and only read the paragraphs under the shows that I watch, and you don't watch any of them! :( I love ONCE (you should definitely start watching it). I also watch Big Band Theory and Modern Family and Revenge. I suppose that the first season probably was better and I it is kind of at a point where there isn't really a good guy and bad guy anymore, but I think that is kind of my thing. Now that I'm thinking about it, it is kind of like Gone Girl where it is suspenseful and all the characters are messed up in their own way, it is addicting.

  20. omgomgomgomgomg CHICAGO PD yesssssssss. That is my current obsession. I'm 2 episodes away from finishing Season 1 and it's just, yes to all of it. The guys are SO FINE. I truly don't know who I love more or who I think is hotter... Ruzek (I need him to get with Burgess ASAP) or Halstead (I need him to get with Erin ASAP). Just yes to this show. Yes yes yes yes yes.

  21. Ahhh I can't wait for shows to start again! On my list are Scandal, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Franklin and Bash, Modern Family, and I'm thinking about watching the new show Gotham....I love fall tv :)

  22. Chicago Fire and PD are the best. I love both of them so much. At first I was hesitant about Chicago PD because I am not a huge fan of spin off shows but this one did not disappoint. Amazing. I cannot wait to get back into them. And this is parenthoods last season :(:(:( I am so heartbroken. I didn't know that. I love love love that show.

    Also uh no way on the noodles in chili. People do that? I'm from MN


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