Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Strange Addiction: VINE (Part 1)


My aunt and uncle got me this shirt last week because I still laugh like a buffoon when that commercial comes on. It's hilarious and I love it. And also because they're the shiiit (and i'm obviously their favorite niece/nephew)

Well, this got me thinking..
I've mentioned at least once that I'm addicted to Vine. It is a very serious problem, guys. I check Vine every. single. night. I also frequently (very frequently) (more frequently than i'm going to admit right now) (it's a lot, trust me) rewatch the vines that I've "revined" because I think they're so funny. It is not uncommon for me to laugh so hard that I cry while watching some of these vines. I quote them constantly. Especially to my sister, who is equally addicted to Vine, though she refuses to admit it. I've incorporated vines into my every day life.

I've held off posting any of my favorite vines on my blog because then I'll have to really show you guys how weird I am. Which is.. wow, so weird. I also didn't know how to embed vines into a blog post, that is until yesterday.. Last night I was jacking around on the interwebs and I found this cute little site that showed me how to embed the vines into posts. Well, that pushed me to go ahead and let my freak flag fly!

Now, I've revined 423 vines and liked 357. I know, I know.. I'm ridiculous. So, anyway I devised a plan.. I went all the way back to the beginning of my revines and I've decided to haphazardly choose some of my favorites for today starting with those oldies. And depending on how embarrassed I am after today, I might show you a few more favorites in the future.

Bump this, bump this..

Ugh, JBiebs, you idiot.

The number of times I've texted my friend "heyyy" and she's responded "YOU WANT IT" is like.. embarrassing.

That pesky autocorrect.

HAHAH CSI Miami jokes never get old for me!

Thought it was a one day thing..

The guy on the right kills me every single time.. I absolutely lose my shit.


The struggling has got to be real..

Okay, so.. OOPS. I meant to only include a few and then I got out of control. There are so many more I want to share though, so definitely expect a part 2. I'm LOLing on this beautiful Hump Day and I hope you are too!


  1. What I learned from this is Bo Burnham's voice is MUCH deeper than I thought it was going to be.

  2. I have stayed away from Vine because I know I'll get addicted too. And I'm already checking so much social media already that it drives Philip crazy.

  3. Please do this again. Please.

  4. ahh Im at work and cant turn the sound on... sooo watching these on my lunch break!

  5. I suddenly feel as though I am failing at life because I'm not vining it up. Please do this again.

  6. I love vine! I watch it all the time too and crack up laughing. I hadn't seen the owl one. I watched it about 10 times just now and am cracking up at my desk!

  7. I LOVE VINE!!! I waste many hours watching the craziness

  8. and this is why 1) i need to actually download vine and 2) our humor is awesome. and for reals who knows north from south

  9. i used to have vine and then never look at it so i deleted it. but i feel like im missing out now..

  10. These are wonderful, I've never really looked at vine before, but I certainly enjoyed your picks! Especially the nutella boys & CSI Miami!

  11. Hahaha this is awesome--I'm wayyy too obsessed with vine!! The "ratchetry!" hahaha

  12. Since you're addicted you are going to think its crazy I don't vine!

  13. Please share more! These are great haha

  14. I used to be addicted to vine and I have moved on to Snap Chat! Gahhhhhh that shirt is great!

  15. PLEASE share more vines. haha

  16. These made me laugh out loud. I think Vine is going to be my new addiction.


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