Friday, April 4, 2014

My Bump It List

(has anyone else noticed how much i've said that phrase lately? someone call me out on it the next damn time i say that phrase)
So yesterday I was slaying (sitting/laying) on my couch at 7am writing my blog post and thinking "I'm going to make this really ridiculous and awesome list of blog post ideas of posts I want to read so that I can get out of actually writing any of the posts"
Well guess what, that back fired on me a little because I love my list so much that now I'm going to use some of my own ideas.

**I interrupt this blog post to tell you guys that I'm currently watching this weeks Criminal Minds episode as I type this (multitasking at its finest) and a character just called someone a "snicklefritz" and after I stopped laughing I Googled it and apparently it's an old Dutch term of affection that people used to call talkative children and that was basically my life. So don't be surprised if "snicklefritz" becomes my new favorite word around these parts**

So where was I? Oh yea, so anyway before I was able to use my own blog post idea list, Breenah used it!! She wrote her post yesterday using one of my prompts! AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH! You need to read it and check out her sweet, tiny little girl in a big 'ol bike helmet. Preciousness.
Also, I heart Breenah so much for using my silly post idea and I can't get over how awesome blogging is and how many stinkin' awesome people I get to interact with because of it!!

Moving on for the day!
Yesterday Kalyn and Brooks had a really awesome link-up that I missed, so I'm doing it today!
A day late and a dollar short.
Story of my life.

The link-up is basically the opposite of a "bucket list", they're calling it a "bump it list". Clever. A list of things you do not want to do or things you'd flat out never do before you die. 

1. Cheer for Kentucky or Purdue. Sorry, it's just not ever going to happen. In fact, I become a mini-fan of whoever is playing them. And if they ever play each other? Then I hope they both lose. Sorry that I'm so not sorry. Hoosier for life.

2. Own a bird. NO. Not ever in a million years. I'm pretty much terrified of birds.. Like a lot. I was forced to watch the movie The Birds at an impressionable age. I'm scarred for life. My stepdad is probably laughing right now.. But it's not funny.

3. Scuba Dive. The whole idea of drowning actually really freaks me out and I can't imagine putting myself in a position where the worst case scenario is drowning or running out of air. Yea, that is sort of giving me some anxiety now. Not to mention when you scuba dive you are being pushed down by thousands and thousands of pounds of water and okay, I'm freaking myself out.

4. Wear a sunny yellow dress. One time when I was around 13 my mom told me that yellow wasn't my color. She wasn't wrong. Anytime I even think about wearing yellow, I hear my mom. So if for some reason, 60 years in the future you see me and I'm wearing yellow, then it's because someone else has dressed me.

5. Not support my sister. At least publicly. My sister is not always right, trust me, she's not. But when it comes down to my sister versus anyone else, I will always choose my sister. Honestly, your best bet is to just not put me in a situation to choose. Because you will lose. If my sister is the one in the wrong, then I would privately deal with it and we'd have one of those sister talks where she gets mad and slams her door. But like I said, publicly, I'd have her back. Always.

6. Murder anyone. I mean, I just know that I don't have it in me. I haven't had children yet though, so who knows?

7. Cut out cheese and peanut butter from my life completely. It will never happen, so don't you even dare suggest it.

8. Tattoo my face. I like tattoos, I have absolutely zero problem with them. I would eventually love to have one of my own. However, it won't be on my face.

I can't think of anything else right now.
I'm boring.
Go read Breenah's post.
Go read all of the link-ups. They're super interesting.
I love all you snicklefritzes!


  1. ha-ha at least you know yellow isn't your color? Many people never figure this out.

  2. I completely agree on the scuba diving thing- too scary for me. Same with sky-diving and anything else where you are actively risking your life for a thrill. I like to see the pictures and think the brave people who can do it are awesome but I can't do it myself.

    You described my relationship with my sister so perfectly. I've always got her back to everyone else, but we've definitely had a few of those door slamming talks.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Ok so y'all are twins. Also, yellow is NOT my color, so I hear you sister! Own a bird, WTF who does that?! Like, STOP CHIRPING. I feel you on not cheering for the other team and cheering for whoever they are playing. You may have heard of a little rivalry called Alabama/Auburn (rolltide) and I was raised to cheer against Auburn. Again, sorry I'm not sorry! It's called competition and rivalry for a reason, people!! I expect Auburn people to cheer against us! Football season is super intense around these parts, lol!

  4. Ha, cheese & peanut butter were on my list of things that make me happy today. A spoonful of peanut butter makes me happy instantly. happy Friday!

  5. I could not agree more with #7 !!! I think I'm going to have to do this!

  6. oh Hoosiers. Sounds like I am talking to Brad or anyone in his family right now!

  7. The day I saw a man at the gym with a tattoo on his face was one of the scariest days for me. He was also working out in blue jeans and a tank top, which was also quite weird, but his tattoo was a teardrop beneath his eye. We all know what that means. Anytime he looked at me after that I assumed he was crafting ways to chop me up after he killed me.
    After #1 I don't know that we can be blog friends anymore. Y u no like Kentucky? :P

  8. I rock yellow even though it probably isn't my color either- just makes me happy!

  9. So we're just replacing "Holy Cannoli" with "Snicklefritz"... Right on!

  10. "I'm going to buy a yellow dress" should be your I'm in a bad situation code phrase, haha!

  11. Oh man! I can't wear yellow either. I try every now and again and always, ALWAYS have someone ask me if I'm not feeling well HA. Boo to weird skin tones

  12. I actually have a scheduled post for this already. And you should get a yellow dress. But I know that mom voice in the back of you head that you mentioned.

  13. Snicklefritz can replace holy cannoli...they are both wonderful hahah.

  14. i love tattoos... i have three... but never will one be on my face! I'm with you on that one.
    and snicklefritz.... hehe that word makes me smile!


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