Monday, April 7, 2014

Wine, A Bridal Shower, More Wine, A Bach Party, And More Wine.

You guys have heard of the "struggle bus" right? Well yesterday I was driving the struggle bus.
No really, I drove a car full of girls an hour+ home yesterday and it was a struggle.
Today, I'm no longer driving the struggle bus, but I think I might still be a passenger.

I'm not running on all cylinders this morning (afternoon), so here's the plan for today: One huge weekend photo dump with minimal words.

Friday - WINE FEST, 300 plus wines to taste + quality time with my favorite nephew. You've met him here.

HI MARION! HI KRISTEN! They read this, so they get special shout outs!
 He is perfection, seriously.

Saturday - Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party for a girl I've known since we were 10 years old! That's 14 years of friendship and now she's getting married and her twin brother got married last summer and now I feel so old and it's scaring me!
ugh, all of that food was so disgusting, so i didn't eat any of it.. (i'm a liar)
 And the Bachelorette Party.. If you don't like looking a penises.. Please jump to the end of this blog post.
the middle pic is blurry because i couldn't hold my phone still because i was laughing so hard

There are more photos and I'm sure more will creep up the next few days, so if you want to see them probably follow me on Instagram.

I'm so ridiculously happy for Angela and I'm so glad I got to celebrate with her!
If any of you ever go to Indianapolis, I highly recommend Howl At The Moon! It's a dueling piano bar and it was a lot of fun. So I very much recommend it!

Sunday - No pictures. We were basically useless to society all day.

Happy Monday!
See you tomorrow for TIOT!

And BONUS FUN today -
Melissa used one of my blog post ideas and wrote a post about her morning routine and I'm super nosey and I love it so much! Why is it so interesting to see what everyone else does in the mornings?! PS. She gets up and leaves the house in an hour and 15 minutes.. with two children. What is that nonsense? How can she teach me to be that efficient in the morning?!

I love ya'll, snicklefritzes! ;)


  1. What a fun weekend! The wine fest sounds like a blast! The starburst shape is the best! Haha!

  2. those straws will always be funny to me.

  3. Please tell me the wine fest is an annual event? That bridal shower looks so fun and adorable! Also, I don't know how you can have a bachelorette party without a penis straw. I've certainly never been to one!

  4. Snicklefritz! J'adore!

    Melissa is truly a super lady in the mornings, let me tell you. It takes a good hour for just me by myself.

    P.S. I live blogged the Game of Thrones premiere last night, it's scheduled for Wednesday :)

  5. Oh your weekend looks like it was tons of fun! I love those weekends where so much happens that staying in the moment is just so much more fin then any post could actually give credit to it ;)

  6. I've got no issues with a photo dump weekend recap when you have a great weekend like this! I can't wait to use one of your post ideas. I don't know if it's going to be morning routine because I can't get my shit together enough in the morning to do anything blog-worthy.

  7. 1) your weekend looked like tons of fun, 2) your dog is adorable 3) snicklefritz! hehehe and 4) I'm not a super lady, just REALLY good at planning. thanks for the link! :) <3

  8. Can I just say that I love how many times the word "wine" was used in this title. LOVE IT SO MUCH

  9. Love the details at the bridal shower. You had quite a weekend!

  10. I had a similar weekend in the fact that I drank way too much on friday night and I was useless the rest of the weekend! Girl (me) can't hang!

    Looks like you had lots of fun though!


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