Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blogger Book Club.. Sorta

Today is Blogger Book Club day.

The Best of Intentions

Today I should be reviewing the April book for BBC.

But I'm not, because I didn't read it.

I've been dreading writing this post. Because honestly, I knew last week that I wasn't going to read the April BBC book. Because last week I made some decisions regarding my blog and my life.
Let's talk about some of them for a quick second.

Here's why Blogger Book Club wasn't working for me anymore:
  • Because I felt like I HAD to read the book before the end of the month, I wasn't interested in reading the book. It didn't matter how good the book was, I was almost always waiting until the last minute to read it (except for Wallbanger and The Fault In Our Stars) simply because I knew I had a deadline.
  • The pressure to pick a new and exciting book that multiple people would want to read every month really stressed me out and completely sucked the fun out of the whole situation. 
  • I didn't have enough people reading the books with me and creating discussions with me for it to make it worth my while to deal with the above two bullet points. 
  • It just plain stopped being fun.
I love reading and sometimes I love reading stupid, random books or total trashy romance novels or sometimes I like to read books that make me cry or think or learn a new thought. I used to devour books. I would read 3+ a week. My life was a little different then and my reading has slowed down a lot. Now I use reading as my "me-time". Lately I was using my precious "me-time" to force myself to read a book and then write a review on it before I could forget anything. It just stopped being fun and it wasn't even a little bit relaxing. Also, because I was choosing books I thought everyone would like or want to read, my own personal "To-Read" pile kept getting bigger and bigger and I was running out of "me-time" to read it. The whole damn situation was annoying.

I told you all of that to tell you this.. Blogger Book Club is no more.
I need to find a way to enjoy reading again and I need to simplify a few things on my blog to make room for some bigger and better things. On my blog and in my life.
I have a really awful habit of biting off more than I can chew and overwhelming myself. I've said yes to a few things lately and made the choice to take on a few new things that if I don't adjust the current things in my life, then I'm going to turn into a hot mess. Minus the hot.

If you did read The Scent of Lightning and Rain and wrote a review, comment below and I'll tweet it out so others can read it.

Thank you for your patience and, hopefully, for your understanding.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In other, more exciting news, DON'T FORGET to come back tomorrow for the Honey Roast with Sarah, Juliette, Becky, and I!
The Best of Intentions

To read more about the Honey Roast, clicky here!
See you tomorrow, friends!


  1. When it's no longer fun, that's a big bummer. I'm sure the people who participate will understand :)

    Enjoy getting back into fun "me-time" reading!!!

  2. If you're forcing yourself to do it then it's not going to be fun!
    I hated reading when I was in high school (after having loved it for so many years!) because I was FORCED to do it. It wasn't till after high school that I really fell in love with it again.

  3. Reading should be fun, not a chore! Good for you for making that decision - I'm sure it wasn't an easy one.

    I read The Scent of Rain and Lightning over a year ago and LOVED it. It had been on sale for $1.99 on my Nook so I bought it thinking it would be mediocre because of the sale price, but it was the total opposite

  4. This reminds me of myself in so many ways. I love to read, but when people WANT me to read for a purpose I just can't. It becomes a chore, and I never want my love of books to become another chore! Good for you making a decision for yourself!

  5. Good for you in admitting it wasn't working for you anymore. I hope you fall back in love with reading again and to continue to write reviews of books, but in your own time.

  6. It's tough when something you used to love just isn't fun anymore! Totally unrelated (or maybe not) but to celebrate being done with school, I've started reading the Harry Potter series from the beginning and I am loving it! I almost forgot what reading for fun felt like (I say "almost" because I did manage to read a few books for fun over breaks) but I am so glad I chose HP to get back into fun reading!

  7. You already are a hot mess.... minus the mess!

  8. It's definitely hard to pick books that everyone will want to read and my pile will never stop growing because I don't have enough hours in the day to read like I want to. I did enjoy this read, even though it's not my normal genre. Good for you staking your me time - I hardly ever do anything I don't want to and love seeing people say no (too many say yes because they feel they need to) even if I was looking forward to it!

  9. I don't want to lie, I'm disappointed that BBC is over but I understand. Reading is about fun for me and I was also surprised at the lack on conversations during month in the group but I'm happy with the books I read during this time, so thank you for them especially TFIOS! Here's my link x

  10. I just found your blog yesterday and was very excited about BBC... sorry to hear that it was becoming something not enjoyable for you. If you ever decide to bring it back, maybe the process can be amended so all of the responsibility doesn't fall on you and it can be fun for you again? Regardless, I'm excited that I found some books to add to my kindle list (Wallbangers, Me before You, and The Scent of Rain and Lightening).


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