Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tough It Out Tuesday - More Of The Same Edition

Short and sweet today..

The "rules" are simple -
1. On Tuesdays write a post about anything fitness, weight loss, healthy living, etc. etc. and link up with Allie and I.
2. This isn't strict or heavily structured. Allie and I really just wanted a mutual place to motivate each other and everyone else who drops by!
3. The main, big, huge purpose of this link up is to motivate and encourage others. I would really love it if you'd take the time to click around the links listed below and give some words of encouragement to everyone else. Maybe even let them know that they aren't alone in their journey. Sometimes that's all someone needs.

The Best Of Intentions

Here's the deal, if you read my post yesterday, you know I did a not so good job of this "healthy living" over the weekend. I don't regret a single darn second, but it is what it is. I jumped right back on the wagon Sunday afternoon, but I'm gonna have to work my butt off this week to undo this weekend. Sigh.

At the current moment I don't know what my plan is.
More of the same, I guess.
Truth be told I have a lot going on this week and I'm a little stressed.
So the big plan this week is to make a to-do list and decide what things on that list are THE most important things that need to be done and do only those things.

Today's post is crappy, hah!
I'm not feeling discouraged at all with my fitness goals and I'm not ready to throw in the towel or anything crazy like that. I'm not worried that I'm going to eat a giant brownie for every meal. I'm actually still feeling pretty committed and motivated. I feel good, I'm just stressed about other life things and work things. Also, nothing has changed.. It's just more of the same.

Work out, eat veggies, drink water, rinse, repeat.

Hopefully Allie and everyone else has something of real value to add to today!
Tough It Out Tuesday has officially earned it's name in my book.

The Best Of Intentions


  1. Sometimes not having a lot to write about (bad OR good) in terms of fitness is a good thing! If you feel on track and comfortable with your progress, that's all you can ask for! And heck- we all have those weekend where we just fall off the wagon.

  2. I think that it's healthy to take a time every now and then and fall off the wagon but just get back on it. It's okay to take a break and have a fun weekend like you had :-) Just don't lose sight of why you started and where you want to go!

  3. maybe try mixing up what you do for your workout one day this week? take a class or try a different type of workout to make it less mundane?

  4. Hi lady friend! So glad you had a fun weekend and even MORE thrilled that you didn't let it get you down. Stick to the basics and remember why you started and you'll reclaim your motivation. I love that you're going to list out priorities and stick to them. That's a crazy important piece that many people miss out on. <3

    Jessi @ Not the Average Bear

  5. Maybe your "cheat weekend" will turn out to be a good thing! And keep your chin up until next wednesday lady! You can do this!

  6. great you make me feel guilty for not running this morning but i have an excuse, i have a cold but still feeling guilty...

  7. we all need a cheat weekend here and there.


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