Monday, April 21, 2014

Your Average Sunday In Indiana

Here's a fun fact that you may or may not know - I live in Indiana and on Sundays in Indiana you can not buy alcohol. Yes, we're the very last of the 50 states to hold onto this lovely little law. Now, you can buy alcohol at a bar or at a restaurant or a winery on a Sunday in Indiana, but all liquor stores are closed and you can't purchase alcohol at any grocery store or convenient store in Indiana on a Sunday. Just in case any of you ever land yourself in Indiana for say.. Superbowl Sunday? Well, you best be buying your dirty thirty pack of Natty Ice and handle of whiskey on Saturday or you'll be chuggin Jack and Coke minus the Jack while you tailgate.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. I'm just giving you the 411 in case you weren't informed. Anyway, I spent the majority of my day with my daddy's side of the family. My grandma cooked. This was my plate.

I regret nothing.
I also ate a Reese's egg.. or two.
Again, I regret nothing.
I also might have had a jelly bean. Just one, of course.

When we left it was almost 6pm. I really didn't want to, but I really needed a few things, so I ran to Walmart really quick. Ya know the saying "drive you to drink".. that's what my Walmart trip did to me. Drove me to drink. Oh, but did you read my first paragraph? It was Sunday! Easter Sunday! In Indiana! I couldn't buy alcohol at Walmart. Because.. Duh.

So when got back to my apartment and I searched through my wine collection. Why do I have a wine collection? Because I was born and raised in Indiana and like a good alcoholic Hoosier, I keep a mini stock of alcohol, just in case I need to drink on a Sunday. Obviously. Found a bottle of wine I had purchased because it had a cute name and figured I'd try it out.

My thinking process went something like this:
-Self, you could drink just half a glass while you catch up on NCIS and it'll be totally fine.
-Self, you could blog while you drink that half a glass and watch NCIS.
-Self, you're so good at multi-tasking!
-Self, I mean, a full glass would be fine too, ya know?
-Self, this HTML code tutorial is total bullshit, go ahead and have a 2nd glass..

And that might be where things got out of control. Because next thing I know, it was 11pm on Easter Sunday and I've finished the entire bottle of wine. I was drunk, like really drunk. And I was alone, in my apartment watching NCIS, writing a blog post.

So, that's my life.
Happy Easter!


  1. Your Sunday night sounds better than my sunday night. Good luck being wine hungover this morning!

  2. HA! Hey at least you had a great Easter right?

  3. I freaking LOVE this! And completely understand the pain that comes when its Sunday and you need a drink or 5 and you don't have any booze. My dad made sure to teach me to always make sure you have your "Sunday beer"

  4. Here in the Bible Belt (Oklahoma) Walmart doesn't even sell wine. You have to go to a liquor store to get anything higher than 2.2-point beer... It's a tragedy. Our liquor stores are also closed on Sunday, they all have to close at 9, and they can't be within so many feet of a church. In case you ever run into Oklahoma Alcohol Trivia, you're welcome!

  5. And that plate looks delicious. Now I want more ham.

  6. sounds like a perfect easter sunday evening to me!

  7. I love this. Making me a little (a lot) hungry now though!

  8. I don't see anything wrong with that Sunday night! Self is brilliant!

  9. that pic is making me so hungry. also, i may or may not have eaten a whole packet of jelly beans. no shame.

  10. The absolute worst thing about Indiana. I still can't get over it and I have lived here for almost 3 years now. Cheers to getting drunk on easter! :)

  11. This is wonderful. I myself got a little drunk on the champagne we bought last night... No Regrets!


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