Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tough It Out Tuesday - #100ouncesAday Edition

Hey, welcome to Tuesday on The Best of Intentions.
Tough It Out Tuesday with Allie and I to be exact.
Shout out to Allie for reminding me which day of the week it was so that I could this post together. Because I had totally forgotten. Hands in too many pots at the moment.

Last week on TIOT we had honesty hour and I told you guys I didn't love working out. It's a whole week later and guess what? I still don't. Thank you guys for understanding and being fabulous though. Seriously, the fabulousness of bloggers will never get old for me. Last week in the comments a lot of people were saying that the more I worked out the easier it would get at the more I'd like it. Well, I'm inclined to believe that because of something else I realized last week.

It started in the Fall when I decided I was going to drink 64oz of water a day. It took a few months, but without realizing it I was able to drink 64oz of water a day without putting too much thought into it. In March I really started noticing how quickly I drank the 64oz and how many ounces I was drinking above that every day without thinking about it. Pretty soon I outgrew my 64oz of water a day goal. This past month I gave myself the new goal of 100oz of water a day.

Harder. Much harder.

I have to be very purposeful about my drinking habits and I really try to drink my original 64oz a day before noon. I find it is much easier to get all 100oz of water into my day by drinking the majority in the morning. It helps that I don't drink soda. I hate Diet Coke and honestly the only kinds of soda I like are Sprite and Root Beer. I only drink those if I'm mixing it with alcohol. I've always been like that, so it definitely helped that I didn't have a soda addiction I had to kick in order to up my water intake. I like water and I always have. I also really like milk and juice (cranberry juice is a mouth full of joy), but I try to drink those very sparingly. Basically I'm a toddler.

As far as how often I have to use the restroom.. Yea, it's a lot. However, I primarily work in an office, so I kind of welcome the excuse to get up and move around and go to the restroom. It isn't good for me to sit down for such long periods of time anyway, so using the restroom is the perfect excuse to get up and get moving. It honestly doesn't bother me anymore.

I've read and I'm sure you've read a hundred different articles on the benefits of drinking X amount of ounces of water a day. There are several and if you type it into Pinterest you'll find even more articles. Today I just want to touch on a few that I've personally noticed.
  • Clearer skin. I never had a bad acne problem before, but I did get frequent breakouts around my chin. I wouldn't say the problem is gone, but it's definitely been improved. A lot.
  • Brighter skin. This is something I notice most on days I don't drink enough water. I can always tell a difference, especially if I have a couple days in a row of bad water drinking. This is one of my favorite perks.
  • Lack of over-eating. I'm usually full on water, so I don't have problems over-eating. 
  • Knowing the difference between thirst and hunger. This one took me a little while to develop, but now I'm really good about knowing when I'm actually hungry and when I'm just thirsty. Sometimes my body sends out mixed signals and I'm really glad I figured this one out.
  • Skinny fingers. Okay, so I don't have actual skinny fingers, however they are thinner when I'm drinking a lot of water. Sodium is bad, my friends.
Most of the other benefits you read about are hard to detect. I can't tell if it's lessening the burden on my kidneys and liver. I can't tell if it's carrying more oxygen to my blood cells. Etc. Etc. But I'm sure it is.

All of this is just to say - Drink Water.
Start small and start with #64ouncesAday.
Once that becomes your normal, move on up to #100ouncesAday with me.
I can promise you that this is one Healthy Lifestyle "trick" that will not disappoint you. That is absolutely a promise I can keep. Need encouragement? #100ouncesAday (or #64ouncesAday if you're just starting) to me and I'll be right there with you. I also have Jessi who keeps me on track for my own #100ouncesAday and I recommend getting on her bandwagon ASAP.

Happy Tuesday and please drink some water!

The Best Of Intentions


  1. for the most part I get in 64oz a day. The day I don't get that in is due to I'm running tons of errands and only get 6 glasses of water in.

  2. You are killin' it with the water! I owe you some work water snaps - things have been crazy but I've still been getting my water lovin' on! :)

  3. I just checked the oz on the bottle I use and it appears that I already drink about 64 oz of water a day and I didn't even realize it! I eat a good bit of fruits and veggies that have a lot of water in them as well. I do notice my fingers get swollen when I haven't had enough for a couple of days cause my rings don't fit as comfortably.

  4. I just read that you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water. So for me that would be 105 ounces of water! Since surgery, I haven't had anything (and I truly mean ANY.THING.) to drink except water and rarely, unsweet tea. And now, I really can't even deal with the taste of unsweet tea, so I drink water. I don't know if you like flavored water, but I carry crystal light or dasani drops EVERYWHERE with me. So when I get water at restaurants, I give it a few squirts and am able to drink a lot more water than if it was plain. Go girl!!

  5. i am right there with you on the having to pee every 4 mins!

  6. It's so true that the more water you drink, the more you start drinking on top of that, and the more you WANT. I find myself craving water first thing in the mornings since I haven't had any for hours!

  7. I totally agree with you on this. Drinking water — especially if you add the juice of a lemon! — is just so so so so so good for you and I can legitimately feel a difference on days I don't get enough. Funny you should post this today though because I left my 32oz nalgene at home today and almost turned around to go get it when I pulled into my office and realized I didn't have it, haha. I'm getting up every 15 minutes now to refill my little mug

  8. Drinking water is something I always focus on if I am starting to feel groggy or bloated. Uping my water intake is one of my first things if I am in need of a bit of a detox.

  9. I try to aim for around 70-75 ounces a day (if I've worked out a lot then I do more)- In the summer I love adding melon to my water- yum!

  10. I did this one day and I about peed my pants on my commute home and made a goal to do it every day. Problem is I dont drink LIKE ANYTHING its 1:30 and Im just now drinking something for the first time today. Ugh Im gonna have to set a timer on my phone or something to make me drink!

  11. I've been drinking about 64oz or more of water these past few weeks. I've now been drinking about 116oz since yesterday. I was able to meet my goal and I hope to go it again today. What kind of fruit do you like to add to your water? I here you on having to pee almost every 5 minutes.


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