Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Letters

Dear Mom,
I think you're pretty great. I'm glad we got to spend yesterday doing nothing together. Thank you for making me watch some classic movies, that I'm now a little obsessed with. Thanks for making that delicious alfredo pizza for dinner.. When are you making it again? PS. I love you.

Dear Water, 
I need to drink 100 ounces of you today. Yesterday I probably only had approximately 30 ounces of you and Saturday I probably only had 48 ounces. So today is going to be hard. Go easy on me.

Dear Planet Fitness,
I got to hear the lunk alarm for the first time today. It's really obnoxious. The woman next to me dropped her weights because it scared her. It's stupid. Please get rid of it or monitor it closer. Two punk kids messing around isn't what the lunk alarm is for. But it's stupid, so you should just get rid of it.

Dear Sunless Tanning Lotion,
You're stressing me out. Look, I want to be tan without going to a cancer bed. So all I need you to do is give me an even glow all over my body. You're not doing your job correctly. I want an even glow, heavy on the even. You aren't turning me orange though, so you get points for that.

Dear Harry Potter,
Guess who decided to re-read your entire series this summer? THIS GIRL. I'm quite excited about it because I haven't read the entire series in order for probably 6 or 7 years. Yea, too dang long.

Dear Monday,
Please be nice to me.


  1. Oh, Harry! I started reading it again too. I love it so much!

  2. But water on weekends is pretty hard, I probably had close to the same as you and replaced the balance of 100 ounces in coffee (but no alcohol!) Good luck, I'll be your accountability partner :)

  3. So I had to google Lunk Alarm and oh my god that sounds like the most ridiculous thing ever, not to mention highly annoying! Wow. Good luck with the 100 ounces today, and I hope Monday goes easy on you {and me, and all of us} too :)

  4. which classic movies did you watch with your mama?

  5. I never finished the HP series, I should totally give it a shot.

  6. Going to google lunk alarm now... I'm intrigued. Wouldn't a hunk alarm be fun though?

  7. I'm gonna have to ask why there is an XXX on your mom's cake? Also, it looks awfully pretty around here :)

  8. lunk alarm? do I even want to know?


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