Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sitting At The Cool Kid Table -- Confessions

I read all of these "Wednesday Confessions" posts every week and comment and stalk them, but since I usually write my posts the night before, I always forget to participate. Well guess what happened again today? I didn't write my post the night before.

So I decided to play with everyone else today and sit at the cool kid table. I now present to you.. (drum roll please).. My Wednesday Confessions.

..I ate honey nut cheerios from a mason jar at my desk at work this morning.

..I then drank the milk straight from the mason jar after the cheerios were gone.

..I didn't write a post last night because I had 5 tv shows on last night and 4 of them had their season finale. I was required to watch them.

..I get way too into my tv shows. Borderline and yet.. not so borderline obsessive.

..I didn't workout this morning. After yesterday's post, I kind of feel like a failure for it. And now I'm going to have to workout tonight and it's 9am and I'm already dreading it. #ijustwanttorunan11minutemile

..I stayed up really late on Monday night because I was watching old videos of myself in dance and show choir. I wasn't going to tell anyone, but..

..I just went to the linkup to see what other bloggers were confessing, hoping that it'd inspire a confession of my own, but instead I just got lost in Bloglandia and spent the last 30 minutes reading through everyone else's posts only to then realize "Hey! Kay! Finish your own damn post" So this is me, doing that now..

..I had corn on the cob for dinner last night. And on Monday night. And probably tonight. It's delicious.

..I'm running out of confessions. I WASN'T PREPARED FOR THIS.

Okay, I'm just gonna stop here.
But this was fun! Lots of fun.
Be prepared for next Wednesday, because I just got all kinds of ideas now.
Confession session to end all confession sessions.
I'll probably lose a follower or two.


  1. "I WASN'T PREPARED FOR THIS" hahahaha I'm also sad that all the shows are ending. I haven't watched any this week, so I can watch them all on Hulu this weekend... trying to make them last as long as possible!

  2. This link up is so fun and I always enjoy reading others posts as well. Corn on the cob is soo good!

  3. can you please, please, please, please post your dancing videos!!!!!!!!

  4. Welcome to our table! Humpday confessions is one of my favorite linkups. And no shame on that corn-on-the-cob game, I am there with you. Thank god for Jersey Fresh!

  5. Ohhhh that corn on the cob looks SOOOOOO good right now! I haven't had any yet this year. I think it is time!

  6. That corn photo had me drooling last night on Instagram and now I am craving it again. THANKS FRIEND.

  7. MMM corn on the cob!
    I schedule my posts the night before too..I totally want to sit at the cool kid table too! Damn it remind me Tuesday ;)

  8. seriously, wednesdays are my favorite days to explore new blogs!!

  9. i'm having corn on the cob tonight! gotta love warm weather for the bbq.

    thanks for linking up :)

    Vodka and Soda

  10. TV shows are my downfall...I'd rather sit at home watching shows off of my DVR then do most things!

  11. Yay to linking up for confessions! My favorite day of the week - you'll soon become addicted I promise!

  12. I may have to get corn at the grocery store tonight.

  13. I get way too into my TV shows, too! I eat, sleep and breathe them. Puh-thetic!


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