Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tough It Out Tuesday - The I Don't Love Working Out Edition

I'm late to my own link-up. It just figures.

I typically try to write my posts the night before. I don't always get that done, but I do usually try to get them down and scheduled so the next morning I can avoid what happened this morning. Tuesday and the TIOT posts are the only posts that I always write in the morning. It's just part of my Tuesday ritual and I don't have a good explanation for it.

Of course I stayed up really late last night for no good reason and then I'm having a really hard time breaking up with my snooze button. I probably hit snooze 10 times this morning and evidently my sleepy self got sick of it all together and just turned off my alarm entirely. Well that's nice and all, but then I kind of woke up on my own and looked at the clock and I had to make some decisions. This morning I needed to do 3 things.
1. Workout
2. Write my TIOT post
3. Shower
Yea, uhhhh.. Not all of those were going to get done in the time frame I had left. Because it's TIOT I felt like I couldn't NOT workout, right? So I went to the gym and made that happen.. Sorta. Then I came home and showered.. Sorta. Didn't wash my hair, because there was definitely not going to be enough time to actually do it, so I dry shampooed the shit out of it and now it looks like a bird's nest on top of my head. Oh, but I added a braided headband to make it look like I did attempt to look presentable today.

I had a whole post planned about water today..

Which is going to have to wait until next week, because right now I want to clear some things up and maybe voice an opinion or two..

First of all, I haven't fallen in love with working out. I really think some of you need to hear that because I feel like my TIOT posts lately have given the wrong impression. I don't hate working out, but I'd rather go get a cavity filled at the dentist than go to the gym. That isn't me being dramatic at all, that's me being honest. I want to love working out, though. Which is why I keep going and I keep trying.

I don't like being sweaty.
I don't like getting my heart rate up.
I don't like feeling like I can't breathe.
I don't like when my legs hurt.
I don't like doing "one more rep".
I don't like it. I just really don't.

I'm also back to working out and going to the gym as a solo act. My workout buddy doesn't like any of those things listed above either and honestly, I can only be so much motivation for someone. They either want it or they don't. She's decided that right now she doesn't want it all that much. Which is her decision and I pushed her to go an extra week with me, but it turns out that when I have to be someone's only form of motivation that I get frustrated and lose my own motivation. So as of the last 3 weeks, I'm alone.

I just wanted to get this off my chest because I could tell from some of the comments on the last few TIOT posts that it looks like I've totally got my shit together. I have none of my shit together. Zero shit together, sir. Some of the same things that have been frustrating you guys or things that are hard for you guys are the same for me!

I don't love working out, but I want to.

The Best Of Intentions


  1. Hey at least your honest about it which I love and is great! Just keep sweating and working out...it's worth it in the end!

  2. What Lora said, at least you're honest about it! I like working out, but I have a hard time with the diet thing. I wish it was flipped, because of that whole 80/20 thing with diet/exercise. But keep it up! You're doing a great job!

  3. I hate everything about working out too.. Sorry about your gym partner, but it is hard to motivate yourself into going when you're having to motivate everyone else also...

  4. Working out is tough, I don't love it either but I have learned to like it and that's because of the mix of my workouts, the music and how motivated I am. It does help to have a workout buddy but sometimes I find my best workouts are just me and my music. But I get the whole having someone to hold you accountable thing. Get a new workout buddy! Keep it up girl!

  5. I really dislike working out as well. But, I just keep doing it in hopes that someday I'll crave it - at least that happens for some people I hear?! Thanks for the honesty :)

  6. Finding your soulmate workout is hard, it really is! Just like finding your life partner - you're going to have to weed out some things you don't like first. If I took the same philosophy on dating, I'd think that I am never going to find the man of my dreams. That's not true, I just haven't found him YET.

    Keep searching - sounds like you need weight bearing exercise that's not heavy weight, not high intensity and not too many reps. I know how much you love circuits but those can get sweaty too. Find 20 minutes and try my 6-song treadmill walking workout, I'm interested if you like it!

  7. Sometimes working out alone is better than working out with someone that doesn't actually want to be there, especially if you don't want to be there either. You need to keep positive people around you when you're doing the fitness thing otherwise it's easy to not try. Keep your chin up lady! I can't tell you it gets easier, but you do get stronger.

  8. i just want to say that im so proud of you. the fact that you're still going is amazing since i haven't even started yet..

  9. I freaking love this post!!!! I hate working out... I have ZERO motivation and Im like omg is this over yet when Im doing it. I like running I dont hate it but I hate my legs feeling like theyre going to fall off but damn it I want to love it so I can be the cool chick that runs marathons and shit!

  10. Love the honesty.
    LOVE IT.

    but i do it. I am lucky because I have a workout buddy who DOES push me. BUT i know you can do it.
    remember that an hour of feeling uncomfortable/out of breath i WAY better than hating your body for a life time.

    you can do it.
    put those excuses aside and DO IT!

  11. I really appreciate this post, and I think it was an important thing to say out loud. So many people give up on working out because they don't love it, and super-fit celebs are always saying in interviews how much they looooooove working out. {Yeah, maybe I'd love it that much too if I had your schedule and regiment, Gwyneth.} Anyway. Good on you for sticking with it even when it sucks. I do think that as you get better, fitter, more experienced, it gets easier to some degree. Either way, you're badass for going hard like you do. Props!

  12. I love that you share that you don't really like working out. I mean...I am pretty sure it is safe to say that we would all rather be sitting on the couch binge watching tv and eating cookies....right? If you aren't thinking that...then there is something messed up in your head lol.

    I used to loathe working out. I hate cardio. It took me trying lots of different things to realize that. I am doing Body Beast right now...and I really actually enjoy it a little bit. Would I rather be watching tv still, well yeah...but I dont hate it.

  13. I wish I had a buddy. I am working towards my first 5k, starting today and I want someone to train with.

  14. I feel your pain on this girl. I really want to love running. I've never been a runner, but now I'd really like to get in to it. I've done two 5k races now and I LOVE the race atmosphere. I'm so motivated after the race to train and do better or run farther...but about a week later, I'm over it. I love the way I feel after a run, but it's the part of getting out there actually doing it where I really slack. I hope you can start to love exercising, but until then, you are totally kicking butt by still doing it anyway!!!

  15. I love love love your honesty. I hate going to the gym and working out on my own because I never feel like I'm doing enough. Group fitness is what works for me. I know it's not for everyone, but it helps me feel motivated and keep going.

  16. I'm not a fan of working out. For every single reason you listed too. But, like you, I want to love it. I want it to feel like a part of my life I just cannot give up (which is totally not true at the moment).

  17. Once you find that prefect work out for you. You will start to love it. For me it is running. It helps clear my mind.


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