Monday, May 19, 2014

Rule Breaker - A List Of Sorts

Last night when I started drafting this post I had this idea that I was going to make a list post. I'm a huge fan of lists and I figured a list post would be a good way to sort of talk about current happenings in my life without being a recap post and actually talk about current happenings in my life. It was going to be a win-win for everyone. However I spent SO LONG agonizing over the number situation. Do I write Top 5's? Top 3's? Go low and only do Top 2's? Go high and do Top 8's?

Blogging is stressful.
And I break rules.

Seven Photos From My Weekend

Three Things I'm Saving My Money For

1. Macbook Pro. Ugh, want it so bad.
2. DSLR. Ugh, also want so bad.
3. GPS watch that shows heart rate and calorie burn. Diggin this one.

Two Songs I'm Obsessing Over Right Now
Miranda and Carrie - Somethin' Bad

Sam Smith - Stay With Me
Sophia Bush Instagrammed a photo of this song and I looked it up and fell in LOVE.

Four Places I'm Saving My Money For
1. New Smyrna Beach, Florida. My happy, happy, happy place.
2. Vegas. Vegas. Vegas.
3. Possible girls trip to Chicago.
4. Possible trip to Omaha for a possible College World Series game. If Indiana makes it that far again, then this is definitely moving to the top of my list. So expensive.. But I want it so bad.

Two Movies I'll Be Watching On Netflix This Week
1. Drinking Buddies - First of all, Anna Kendrick is everything. Pretty sure her and I should be besties. But Anna plus Olivia Wilde? Holy hells bells, I need to see this.
2. She's All That - I've seen this a hundred times, but I love it and found it on Netflix and now it needs to be watched again.

Two Things That Made Me Mad Yesterday
1. I made homemade biscuits and gravy the way my mom does. They were edible, good even.. But not the same as when mom makes it. WHY?!
2. I can't seem to find a few of my picture files on my laptop. I can't even go into detail on this yet because there's a possibility that I will explode in anger. I didn't investigate it too much last night because of the potential anger I was talking about, but I'm probably going to have to figure out why they're missing and hopefully where they are today.

This is Kay, signing off.
Over and out.
Happy Monday.


  1. YES for rule breaking! Way better than forcing yourself to come up with another thing to fit the mold of the list.

    I will say - get the Macbook Pro first because you'll use it everyday - then the watch, then tell me where we're staying in Vegas! :) We can plan the Vegas around some College baseball tournament. Two birds, one very sloshy stone.

  2. I LOVE the Miranda/Carrie duet! I bought it on iTunes this morning without even listening to it before. Don't regret it one bit. I want to be them when I grow up.

  3. I like this idea. I might steal it one day soon ;) Because I'm a bad blogger myself!
    Your weekend looks very red, I might add...I'll forgive you (hoosier!) since I'm a big blue fan myself and I know we have a difference of opinion on this one ;)

  4. I've never even heard of Drinking Buddies. But I need it in my life now.

  5. Ha I have done the same thing about over thinking the numbers! I love my macbook pro, was worth saving up for it!

  6. Oh my.. I want a macbook and a DSLR too!!! Poor folks united, LOL.

  7. I watched Drinking Buddies not too long ago and was a bit underwhelmed. While it was slightly funny and insightful, I was expecting a little more from this crew of actors. I liked it, but it's not on the list of movies I want to watch again.

  8. SAM SMITH YES YES YESY ESYESYEYSYESYE YES (so excited I can't even type)

  9. I watched Drinking Buddies for exactly your reasons (plus that one of the guys is from New Girl). I recently booked a trip to Vegas after 2 years of saving- I'm hoping it lives up to my expectations!

  10. I love lists! I have been wanting to see Drinking Buddies as well, let me know how it is!

  11. Those strawberries have me drooling right now. My favorite.
    Also, take me to Vegas with you.
    Also also, She's All That is EVERYTHING, and I just put Drinking Buddies in my queue & can't wait to watch it.
    Happy Monday or something.

  12. Yes Yes Yes to saving money for trips to Vegas and Chicago! :)

  13. I have never heard of Drinking Buddies...but it sounds like my kind of movie! I LOVE She's All That! Haven't seen that one in ages! AGES!

    A Macbook and polar watch are on my list of wants right now too.

    Those chocolate covered strawberries look so delicious.

  14. I really need to watch Drinking Buddies!

  15. I want one of those watches REALLY bad!

  16. Thanks for linking to the Carrie Underwood/Miranda Lambert song- i LOVED it! I've really wanted to watch "drinking buddies" lately too!

  17. You should break the rules more often - great post! That Sam Smith song is incredibly beautiful!!!


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