Monday, May 5, 2014

May Goals

I think I'm starting to go through a mini quarter life crisis. I've been very fortunate and I've never had any problems with anxiety at all... Until now. It started with this ant problem I've been dealing with in apartment. It was going on for 3 weeks and then I finally had to call in reinforcements, aka my dad and my grandpa and I have high hopes that the ant problem of 2014 is solved! However, it had been going on so long and I was starting to get some really bad anxiety about it. Then it felt like once I let that little bit of anxiety in, it just totally took over. I've never dealt with this feeling before, but I have to say, I'm not a big fan.

I'm sorry if this is already getting a bit ramble-y, but I'm telling you guys - I'm having a quarter life crisis! I'm not even going to go into it because it's totally just me being ridiculous and wanting change and wanting it now. Immediately.

HOWEVER, my crisis has also involved a lot of "I'm never going to have a May where I'm 24 years old ever again." and "This is going to be my only summer as a 24 year old" and "Today is going to be my last Cinco de Mayo as a 24 year old". Lots of that. It's been a lot of "I need to enjoy this, because I'm never going to get it back" kind of thing. I agreed to take a spur of the moment trip to St. Louis for a girls weekend 2 weekends ago because WHY NOT?! Because I'm 24 and single with no kids and I didn't have a good reason not to go. Oh, I could have come up with lots of reasons, but I definitely didn't have a good reason.

Shut me up.

I'm done freaking out now, but that's what going on in my life. I bet you're sorry you asked. Even though most of you didn't.. Moving on.
You might have noticed, but probably not, but I didn't make a monthly goal list for April. Here's the situation, my April goal list was "survive tax season". Done, complete. Let's also not rehash March's goals, because who really even cares now? Not a soul. Let's jump to May! Yay May!

Be spontaneous
Pay it forward
Organize my Mary Kay inventory.
Spray paint the things in the box in my closet labeled "spray paint these"
Have a Me Date
Write a blog post 5 days a week all month long
Run an 11 minute mile.
Attend 1 exercise class a week just for fun
100 ounces of water a day
Begin my break up with my snooze button (this is going to be the hardest thing i've ever done in my life, but it's time..)
Read 2 books
Celebrate my momma
Have an epic Indy 500 celebration

That's all I've got folks. I'm just going to try to get my quarter life crisis under control before I do something stupid. Which could actually happen. Tattoos? Piercings? Never can tell.. 


  1. Your "this is my last May as a 24 year old" reminds me of the time I BAWLED to my dad in the car because he didn't take me to 7-11 my last day of being 12. Haha. Don't ask, I really wanted my Hot Tamales.

  2. What does a "me date" include? Good luck with the posting! I try too, but there's usually at least a day during the month that it just doesn't happen.

  3. This quarter life crisis sounds serious, but at least your ant problem is getting taken care of and tax season is over! Netflix binging is my favorite remedy for anything that ales ya.

  4. yay no more ants!!

    Sounds like a good list. I keep telling myself I am going to make a monthly goals list, but it never happens.

  5. hurry up and spray paint all those things would you.

  6. good luck on your goals lady! i dont want to break up with my snooze. we love. sigh. i vote tattoos for any and all crises.

  7. Good lukc iwth your goals! I could never break up with my snooze we love one another wayy to much for that!

  8. Best of luck to ya girl! I shocked the heck out of myself today and did not snooze. Probably the first day in 10 years (ok not really, but a long time). You can do ittttt! At least spray paint because heck, that is fun.

  9. I went through a similar thing when I turned 25 but Ive recently found out through much research that it isn't just going to disappear - you have to actually deal with the anxiety *sigh*


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