Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March Goals

Okay, that was a little intense for first thing in the morning, but oh my goodness, you guys!! THANK YOU for all of your comments and emails yesterday! I'm slowing trudging through my email inbox and replying to them all, but I wanted a big, public thank you! I didn't realize how much I needed to hear any of that until I started hearing it. It's been good motivation to finish out this week strong!

This post is late, late, late. In two different ways - First of all, it's March 5th and I'm just now getting around to dealing with my March Goals. Second, this post isn't going to be posted until around noon. Because I don't have my shit together.
I work in a CPA Office, I've mentioned that a hundred times and news flash - It's tax season. I've got a lot to finish.
Also, my stepdad is having a big birthday (i'm not going to tell you what it is, but it's more than 49 and less than 51) and so my parents decided to go on a cruise. Cool. I'll just hang out in this 25 degree weather and play parent to my little brother.
I'm actually not that upset about it, they've earned it. But they flew out this morning and they'll be gone for a week and juggling my schedule with my little brother's schedule and then throwing in my sister's schedule because she's coming home from school for the weekend and her spring break.. Well, it's a lot of schedules to juggle.
I'm being whiny.
Someone tell me to shut the hell up.

Let's talk February.
  • #payitforward Check.
  • Be Spontaneous Check.
  • Lose 4% of my weight! I joined Darci's DietBet for February! Why the heck not, right? Join TODAY! Nope.. tear..
  • 64oz of water a day! Yes! And it was easy!
  • Read The Fault In Our Stars so my mom will stop harassing me. BBC March book choice!
  • Become a Mary Kay consultant. Yes! Order here!
  • Start 5k training! Absolutely!
  • Write and Publish my first Blog Of The Day post! Nope, this keeps getting put on the back burner.
  • Begin studying to become and Enrolled Agent! Studying has happened! Not a ton, but a little bit.
  • Floss (or use the water flosser) every single day this month! So, not every day. But way, way more than I've ever done.
  • Get us organized at the CPA Office for tax season! Jokes.
  • File my taxes! Done!
  • Call Sallie Mae and cuss them out discuss my student loans. Yea, but nothing changed, so lalala..
  • Go on a date with my little brother. No, because I found out at the beginning of February my parents were leaving this first week of March, so I have plenty of dates planned with him now.
  • Get my dang Gmail Inbox under control. Yes, up until today!
Final Tally: 9.5/14
Good have been a lot better, but I don't have time to dwell on that right now.
Let's talk March..

  • #payitforward
  • Be Spontaneous
  • 30 Day Shred (discuss in more detail next Tuesday for Tough It Out Tuesday)
  • 5k training
  • CPA Office - Millie's
  • CPA Office - Mark
  • CPA Office - 1/2 SnG
  • Hit all of my Mary Kay goals!
  • Fill out my NCAA basketball bracket! 
  • Unplug more often (post coming on this one too)
  • Blog Of The Day post!!
  • Watch 10 Netflix Documentaries 
  • Make my bed every single morning
  • Get my oil changed
I could honestly think of probably 10 more things I want to add, but I really need to go be productive today.
And I really need to get back to all of the comments and emails. Sigh..

Who else is making goals?
What are they?
Spill it!



  1. How did you drink 64oz of water a day!? Teach me your ways! The Fault In Our Stars is the best book I've read in a long time. I'm afraid they're going to ruin it with the movie..

  2. My parents went on a trip to Niagara Falls last June for their 30th wedding anniversary, left me sitting at my desk and kept sending me texts of the falls. I totally get how you're feeling. Also, motivate me to be more goal oriented please? Cause I feel like if I achieve my weight loss goals, I'm doing good. ha!

  3. There are no words for how jealous I am of your parents. This disgusting winter needs to go far away!! Good luck on your goals for this month!

  4. making your bed will help you feel like your shit is together... even if it's not ;)

  5. Ooh! What documentaries are you eyeing??

  6. i only have one goal in march: to get my closet under control because it's a hot mess and has been that way for FIVE YEARS. i fully support tons of water daily; i drink close to 100oz per day.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  7. Awesome job on your Feb goals!! You are going to kill March's goals


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