Monday, March 10, 2014

Wild & Crazy Saturday Night

Are you ready for this? Things are about to get all kinds of ridiculous up in here.

This story really starts on Thursday, when a friend of mine ended up having emergency gallbladder surgery. Her birthday was on Friday and we had plans most of the weekend for this big birthday.

Needless to say, my weekend plans were altered.
Also, I may have mentioned that I'm watching my little brother while my parents are on a cruise. So all of my cancelled plans equaled lots of sibling bonding time.

Saturday night my brother went into his man cave, also known as his bedroom, to play PS3 or Xbox Live or something. I don't pretend to have a clue what the difference is. Anyway, I found myself without anything to do, so I got comfy with my laptop and planned on working on blog things and Mary Kay things. I need background noise though.
Seriously, fun fact about me - I need background noise so that I can concentrate. It pretty much makes no sense, but hey, it works for me.

So I started channeling surfing and you guys will not believe what my remote landed on!
Remember this post from last Monday? If you don't, you probably want to read it now or you're going to be confused..

Waiting.. Waiting.. Waiting..

So back to Saturday.. I'm channeling surfing, looking for background noise and I land on Scooby Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster!

Holy mother of goodness! So of course, I HAD to watch it.
And guys.. It is terrible. So awful. Really and truly just.. bad.

It was so bad that I almost wonder if it was supposed to be that awful. Sort of like Scary Movie or The Brady Bunch Movie. Those were made to poke fun at other movies or tv shows. I'm now wondering if these Scooby Doo movies were made for the same reason. However, they don't tell you that, so it's hard to figure out. Actually, if there were made to be that awful on purpose, then it kind of makes them funny, which makes them about a 1,000x better. So I'm going to go with that theory.

I leave you with some quality quotes from the show, where I LOL'd.

Shaggy: "Cause who'd want a girlfriend in daylight savings time?"


Shaggy: "Oh great! My first love and she's possessed by an evil witch."
Fred: "Join the club."

See you tomorrow for Tough It Out Tuesday with me and Allie!

The Best Of Intentions

I have been getting so many comments from no-reply bloggers lately! This means that when you leave me a comment I can't reply to your via email. Listen up people, you leave me awesome, fantastic, fabulous comments and sometimes ask me good and thoughtful questions, BUT I CAN'T RESPOND TO YOU! This makes me a very sad blogger. So, Sarah has one of the BEST tutorials on how to fix this! It takes just a few seconds and it'll be helpful for a lifetime! (;
ALSO.. I've noticed that Google is being a big butthole and changing people who have always been reply bloggers and making them no-reply bloggers. So please just double check! Thank you, that'll be all for today.
PS. I love you.


  1. LOL! You know what's really funny is that I remembered your post from Monday and then this weekend when I was putting away movies at the store we HAVE those! I died!

  2. Being a huge Scooby fan, I totally watched this with my kids. It was indeed, awful. Painful almost.

  3. bahahahaha Oh cheesy scooby doo movies! Gotta love it!

    Oh, and your little PSA at the end... Google has been driving me CRAZY because it changes me over to no-reply every couple of months. It is SO ANNOYING!

  4. i mean with a script like that, how you could not want to watch that ! ?

  5. I think I saw a few minutes of that movie awhile ago. It was pretty awful.


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