Thursday, March 6, 2014

Things That Annoy Me (Part 3)

Oh hey, remember that time I wrote a quick post about things that were annoying me? Oh and then that time I wrote a 2nd post about things that were annoying me? I bet you can see where this is going..
Apparently lots of things annoy me and I've found that it's best if I just get it all off my chest.
All of it.

**Update: I had no idea this post was going to go live this morning. I had it scheduled for Friday. Today is Thursday. Hence my confusion. Anyway, I'm leaving it up, so enjoy!**

I don't know if you guys heard, but Ravenswood has been cancelled. When I found out I called my sister and we had a 45 minutes bitch session about it. I'm so ticked about this. I'm not upset because it was my new favorite show or because it was super great and amazing. I'm upset because I stuck with it through the entire first season and the very last few episodes the show was just finally starting to get better. I was actually really looking forward to the 2nd season because things were finally starting to turn around! I wrote a huge long post about PLL and Rwood already, but basically the first several episodes, actually over half of the season the show was terrible. I think it lost a LOT of it's potential viewers because of that. However, I stuck with it. I kept watching. I kept giving it a chance. And it finally started to make sense, especially when it finally started pulling away from PLL! Oh I could write a whole post about this and how shitty I am that ABC Family cancelled this. Like I said, my sister and I had a 45 minute phone call about it.

It really annoys me when some guy (and yea, it's always a guy) will try to quiz me on IU athletics or sports in general. It annoys me even more when I totally show him up and he either A, gets offended or B, acts totally shocked that I could possibly know what I'm talking about! Look, I'm not saying I know every little thing about every little sport and I'm always not saying that I always know the answers when they quiz me. There are plenty of things I don't know! But they quiz me to be dicks and expect me to get the answer wrong and they expect to show me how little girls could possibly know about sports. Drives me absolutely bonkers.


When someone doesn't use their turn signal. I can't even elaborate on this because steam will start coming out of my ears. Look, for the love of all that is Holy.. just use it. Next time you're in your car, think of me before making a turn, and take the .5 seconds to flick your turn signal. Just. Do. It.

Anyone else have some things they need to get off their chest?
Let me hear it!
I love a good vent session!


  1. It annoys me when my coworkers act like they don't know how to do something they have been doing for 15+ years because they are lazy. It also annoys me when my boyfriend farts in front of me...on purpose.

  2. OMG! #2 I totally agree with (but chance IU to KU).
    And #3...I moved to Austin to get away from winter. But this year it seems to have shown up here too. UGH!

  3. Giiiiirl, I feel ya! #2, 3 and 4 are HUGE pet peeves of mine! I live and breathe sports, and I hate when guys try and show me up or test me just because I'm a girl. Though it's really, really nice to show them up :) Also, could winter PLEASE be over? I'm so over it!

  4. I am so over Winter and the turn signal bugs me too. Love that you show them up but stupid they do it just to be a-holes.

  5. I know our winter is no where near like you're winter, but by this time I should be able to wear flip flops and I can't do that yet because it's in the 40s for our highs and I do not like it... AT ALL

  6. Winter can leave any yesterday. OMG when people don't use their blinker I lose it too! Sooo annoying! Glad I'm not alone on that...and my husband is guilty of doing it (or I should say NOT doing it).

  7. too many things to even start!! good post

  8. oh my god, it's the worst when guys automatically assume i know nothing about sports!

  9. omg.. I am so upset about #1! I can't believe they cancelled Ravenswood.. it really was getting really good :( that definitely makes me a sad panda. and I'm totally with you on the turn signal thing.. it's one of my biggest pet peeves specially out here in California where the streets are more narrow with tons of cars parked on the street and then people wanting to get over to avoid stopping without a turn signal! but yeah totally enjoyed this post!

  10. What? They are seriously canceling it already? And they probably left it on a giant cliffhanger, too. ABC Fam makes me mad. I think I may be getting overly annoyed about a show I never actually watched... Haha. But seriously they always do this.

  11. Seriously Winter needs to eff right off. we got 10 more cm of snow last night. GO AWAY!

  12. I give you credit for sticking with Ravenswood... I lost track about halfway through. I just couldn't do it. But I hate when they cancel shows & leave you hanging! That being said, maybe it means Caleb can head back to Rosewood?

    And I am sick of winter too. It needs to go away & never return!

  13. Winter annoys me. I need to watch Ravenswood and hope it goes on Netflix.

  14. YES Turn signal AND wave when I'm a nice person and I let you merge in and you're clearly being a cutting asshole! end rant.

  15. haha WINTER. yes, please make it stop

  16. The Ravenswood thing makes me so mad! I feel the same way, I stuck it out for the whole season then they punished me with a cancellation.. jerks!! And ahhh people who don't use their blinkers are one of my biggest pet peeves!

  17. If I had a dollar for every time I'd shouted "Nice turn signal, a**hole!" well I'd be a rich woman. It annoys me too.
    (and here I was griping about the use of curse words the other day, and look at me putting it out there on your blog. Just being honest whoops)

  18. I'm decently pissed about Ravenswood as well, it seems everytime I get into a show it gets cancelled and it never fails it's an ABC network show!


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