Monday, March 17, 2014


I'm feeling overwhelmed.
And it is no one's fault but my own.
I'm creating this pressure I'm putting on myself. I'm creating my long (loooooong) to-do lists. I'm the one trying to cram 36 hours in a 24 hour day. Me.

How do I combat that overwhelmed feeling?
I don't. 

Simple, easy, honest answer - I just don't. Usually I let it build and build and then one of two things happens..
  1. I lose my cool. I'm can be an emotional person anyway and sometimes when I get overwhelmed I start to get stressed and I handle stress in unusual ways (not eating and cleaning like a crazy person) and eventually I run out of ways to handle that stress and then I have a little breakdown and I cry for no reason about something totally irrelevant. And then I feel better and that's the end of that.
  2. OR.. It just goes away. Honestly sometimes I'll be going and going and I'll feel so overwhelmed and so stressed and so like my life is not put together and then one day I just wake up and I don't feel that way anymore. I can't explain it. The first time it happened was in high school and nothing changed and nothing special happened, but I woke up one day and just felt a thousand times better. Just like that.

So obviously, I love my #2 option. I love just waking up and feeling all of a sudden like I have a handle on things and that overwhelmed feeling that I hate is just gone. The catch is that sometimes while I'm waiting and hoping for Option #2 to happen.. Option #1 happens. 

Which leaves me with where I am today.
I'm overwhelmed moving quickly into the stressed phase.
For no reason.
Guys seriously, there's no reason for this. I know this. But I can't seem to stop feeling it anyway. And it ANNOYS me. I'm annoyed with myself. I'm overwhelmed, stressed, and annoyed. I mean, really? If this were a Road Runner cartoon this is the part where I'd get smacked with a frying pan for being ridiculous.

For now I'm just going to keep taking deep breaths and counting to 10.
...And probably scrubbing my shower or organizing my spices...

*no, there isn't a photo to go with this post. the thought of finding a picture to add was overwhelming me and starting to piss me off. sorry.*


  1. Hope you wake up tomorrow and find yourself with option #2, it is so easy these days to be overwhelmed.

  2. option # 2 is the best. i'm sorry you're feeling so overwhelemed! here's to hoping it goes away...

  3. It's amazing how sometimes the smallest things are the "straw that breaks the camels back", and I just fall apart. I'm one of those that adds to my own stress and then wonders why I'm so stressed.. .Haha! Clearly, I'm highly evolved. ;)

  4. I overwhelm myself a lot too and definitely can relate. Just keep taking those breaths. Look at your lists and determine what needs to be done vs what you would like to get done. Hope you de stress soon!

  5. good luck with this! thinking good thoughts for you and hoping it just goes away. if not just don't do anything on your to-do list. just say seeya never productivity!

  6. I completely understand..I get the same way and I wish for option #2 a lot of the time. I wish I was as cool as a cucumber and I could let things slide off my back without the stress. Definitely try deep breathing or just get out of the house and walk it out. Sometimes I have to do that!

  7. Rip your list to shreds and start with doing the things you want to do (maybe take a photo of it first). Good luck and take deep breaths. Most importantly be kind to yourself.

  8. so sorry you're so stressed. i HATE that feeling. just keep breathing, you'll get through it!

  9. I totally did #1 this weekend...was overwhelmed/stressed and then ended up crying about it a little. After finally finishing up painting the kitchen (after 2.5 days of painting), I went to do some laundry and the washing machine wasn't working. I had about 5 loads of laundry that needed to be done because we are going out of town this weekend. So yes, I freaked out a little and may have shed a few tears. But now I'm feeling better and will learn to fix that darn washer myself :) Hope you start feeling less stressed/overwhelmed soon pretty lady!

  10. I hope you wake up tomorrow feeling better! I hate that overwhelmed feeling but hang in there girl!

  11. Uugh, sorry Kay! Hope your week has gotten better x

  12. I'm dealing with finals week and packing for my move across the country all at the same time. About a day ago I was so stressed and realized nothing was going to get finished so I just had myself a good cry and went to bed. Sometimes it feels good to just cry about nothing in particular lol

  13. oh dear, hope your bad mood has moved on now!


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