Thursday, May 29, 2014

Life Outside Of Bloglandia

As I was trying to draft a blog post last night one little topic kept nagging at me. I have a running note on my phone that I add blog ideas onto anytime one pops into my head. I frequently check it out, occasionally actually write a post from the list and then get excited when I get to delete that idea from the list. Unfortunately I tend to add to the list more frequently than I write from the list. It is what it is. Last night when I was looking at the list I went all the way to the beginning, to my first idea. It said "the things we don't blog about".

I remember exactly why I wrote that down. At the time I was reading so many blog posts from other bloggers talking about the hate they were getting. I was thinking about those bloggers and how people hated them, actually hated them, because of the things they posted on their blog. I started thinking how little of our life is actually on our blog. I've used this topic to write a post once already. I never deleted it from my list, because I felt like it would always be a great topic.

Bloggers share exactly what they want to share of their life on their blog. No more and no less. That's just the way it is. So much happens outside of their blog life. It's a good thing to remember.

Today, let's talk about some life things that wouldn't normally make the blog.

//My aunt and uncle are trying to sell their house, so I spent all day Monday helping them clean and box a few things up. A Memorial Day spent working, because.. family.

//I watched another Harry Potter movie last night. Deathly Hallows Part 1. I'm just preparing myself for the awesomeness that will be my re-reading of the Harry Potter series this summer. Ps. When Hermione screams while she's being tortured by Bellatrix, I die. Pss. "Dobby has no master. DOBBY IS A FREE ELF!"

//IU Baseball is hosting the NCAA Regionals this weekend and so my mom and I will both be working and watching IU Baseball for 10+ hour days Friday-Sunday. In case any of you were going to ask me to hang out this weekend, sadly my answer will be a big "no".

//I'm flying to Florida in June and the rest of my family is driving and this will be the very first time I've ever flown alone. I'm actually really excited about it. Yay adventure.

//My dad worked the night shift for 18 years or something as equally ridiculous (it might've been 17, it might've been 19, the details are fuzzy and not relevant). But the last few years he's been on day shift. Well his company offered him a small raise to temporarily go back to night shift, he was like "sign me up". But I'm not sure who is having more trouble adjusting to his new schedule - him or me and my sister.

//Yesterday, on May 28th, it was exactly 6 years from my high school graduation. My sister so kindly reminded me of that.

//I went to Half Price Books yesterday. Have you ever been there? Holy shit. I'm beyond, beyond, beyond in love with this place. I have a Nook, so I don't really need to buy actual copies of books, but I can't help myself. I think most of my book lovers will understand that there's just something about holding an actual book. Anyway, I have an entire shelf of my bookcase of books that I haven't read yet and that need to be read this summer. I refuse to even tell you how many books I have on my Nook that haven't been read yet. So why I went into HPB and purchased 2 new books (hardback and brand new for $1 each!!!!) I have no idea.

//As I was getting ready and finishing this blog post this morning, I put HP Deathly Hallows Part 2 in and now I'm totally distracted. I'm only half dressed without any makeup on and my hair only half done. So on that note, I'll see you snicklefritzes tomorrow. Ps..

Look at Ron, HAHAHAH his face kills me. Happy Thursday!


  1. There's so many things that don't make my "blog cut" either but I'm happy you shared half price books!!

  2. I need to find a Half Price Books. And my "need" is the same as yours. I already have a stack to read both on my shelf and virtually but can always use more!

  3. I got a bit miffed when I was talking to this girl at work (at the video store) and Deathly Pt 1 was on and I mentioned how I cried everytime Dobby died and she actually said and I quote, "I don't really like Dobby." WTF and she claimed to be an HP fan...HOW can you claim to be an HP fan and NOT love Dobby...then I realized she hadn't read the books so of course she didn't fully love Dobby because in the movies you just don't get the Dobby you do in the books. Dobby forever!

    And thanks for sharing the half price books site! I haven't heard of it but now I have to stalk it and buy books!

  4. I'm re-reading the entire HP series again this summer too! sadly -- we don't have a Half Price Books -- so I'm pretty jealous of your $1 snags!

  5. I have an addiction to buying clearance books at Half Price! I don't own an eReader, but my bookshelves are overflowing with books I haven't read yet, but I continue buying them anyway :)

  6. I'm rereading the HP series this summer too!

  7. I'd say the vast majority of my life doesn't make "the cut" because probably no one would be interested! also...don't have pix of that stuff, ha :)

  8. off to check out half priced books! also, i graduated in 2005 from high school. i am officially old

  9. I too have an entire shelf of unread books. I add to it more often than I read one. It's a constant struggle. Especially now that you went and said you're reading the HP series again this summer because I want to do that now too. Which means I won't read a single damn thing other than that.

  10. da fuuuq how did i not know about that book store.

    and for me it will be 6 years at the end of june. :(

  11. exactly, we share what we want to share theres so much that no one knows!

  12. I graduated from HS in...2001...eeekk!

    Half price books?!?! Why have I not heart of this?

  13. May 23 marks TEN years since high school graduation for me. I can't decide if i'm going to the reunion or not.
    *googles locations for Half Price Books around me*

  14. omg Floridaaaaa I'm so jealous. I'll meet you there!!!

  15. What is this half price books you speak of?! I must find out more.

  16. I love and hate flying alone. Sometimes I just want to enjoy the meness of flying and other times I just want to chat to someone - that being said, I don't like making friends on flights I just never know how much you can trust them ps: I watch too many thrillers about kidnapping apparently lol

  17. Maybe it's due to relatively low traffic on my site, but I have yet to receive any hateful feedback for the things I post. I figured that if I try to be more abstract beyond the daily happenings, my posts would reach out to more readers, which should in turn generate dialogue for better or worse. I suppose I lucked out so far.

    Good luck with your first solo flight! As someone who has flown solo multiple times, I promise you that the journey itself will be adventurous. :D


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