Friday, May 23, 2014

Top 5 Indy 500 Party Essentials

If you live in Indiana, you know this is a big, big weekend for our state. Because every year on Memorial Weekend we celebrate a little harder than most.

It's Indy 500 weekend, kids. 

Last year I wrote a little informational post about the Indy 500 for all of my non-Indiana resident blog friends. Feel free to catch yourself up on the ins and outs of this major event. I covered a lot of info, so seriously, I recommend checking it out.

Now, I've known for probably 2 weeks that I was going to be writing about the Indy 500 on May 23rd. There are just so many topics I could cover and I was really struggling choosing one single topic. Then I was on the phone with my dad earlier this week and we started joking around and making fun of ourselves and this idea was born.

p.s. that's my best frand, she's a hottie

1. Checkered Flags.

Everywhere and on everything. Cakes, cookies, table cloths, tshirts, bandanas, shoes, your face. Black and white squares, everywhere.

2. American Flags.

Everywhere and on everything. Because what is more American than race cars on Memorial Weekend? Nothing. Wherever you don't have a checkered flag, you better have an American Flag.

3. Jorts.


4. Sunglasses.

This makes the list for 2 reasons. First, it's going to be a bright and sunshiny weekend and if you're going to the 500, you'll be outside, all day. Second, you'll be drunk. The sunglasses will hide your drunk eyes a little and that is essential for a full day of day drinking.

5. Alcohol.

Other than the actual race, everything about the Indy 500 is about having fun. Beer is an absolute must, with a Jello Shot chaser.

Yes, sometimes things will get a little.. rednecky. But embrace it and you'll have 500% more fun than you anticipated. Above all, be safe and make sure you're drinking some water and eating some good tailgate food. Day drinking + outside in the 80* heat can get out of hand quickly.

Be safe.
Be redneck.
Be American.
Have fun.

Lady and Gentlemen... Start your engines.


I love you people! Let's be friends.

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