Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dating Myself

I got up at 5:30am to get to the gym by 6am this morning. Only hit snooze once, but then spent15 minutes searching for my headphones. I had put them up in a place "I'd definitely remember" and of course, I didn't remember. Found them, but that meant I was a little late to the gym. No worries, I thought, I'll just do some weights and then only run/walk 1 mile. I really want to get my mile time to 11 minutes, which is a pretty lofty goal, I won't lie. So, no matter what, I was determined to get at least 1 mile in. Well first I pinch myself in one of the weight machines then I stepped weird in my mile and cramped up my foot.

Went home to get ready - burnt myself on the curling iron and broke one of my shoes.

AND YET.. I'm in a down right jolly mood this morning. It's all because I've been working on ME lately.

I mentioned in my May Goals that I wanted to have a Me Date. Well, I actually wrote those goals on May 1st and just wasn't able to post them until Monday. So anyway, on Saturday night, I had a Me Date. I had planned it Saturday morning and ended up turning down 2 sets of plans so that I could make this happen.

I went and got take-out (Olive Garden salad for liiiiiife), rented a movie from Redbox (The Spectacular Now), and opened a bottle of wine (moscato, as it is always stocked in my apartment). I sat my phone down far away from me, grabbed a blanket, but on a face mask (after i was done eating) and watched the movie with no distractions. Then I went to bed early.
It was perfect.

I think the biggest thing that made it different from any other night was that I didn't open my laptop and I kept my phone away from me. I watched the movie and just watched it. I wasn't distracted by anything or multitasking, I was just laying on my couch watching the movie.

All this is to say that I'm working on me. I am and I'm trying and I'm not perfect. I've found that it's actually hardest to change myself and go with my new attitude and look on life around my family. Maybe it's just because they've known me for forever and I've always been this one way, but it's hard. That's where I'm struggling the most and it's really hard to try to be the way I want to be when I feel like I'm being pulled into a place I don't want to be. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but there you go.

I recommend a Me Date to everyone. It's going to be a once a month thing for me from now on.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I totally need to have a ME date. I spend too much time trying to do things for me WHILE making other responsibiles too. It's exhausting.

  2. That sounds like an amazing night. Primarily because of the Olive Garden. (cue cravings)

  3. Me dates are the best! I go to eat by myself and read a book or to the movies by myself and I always feel so much better afterwards.

    Also, so impressed that you only hit snooze once. I hit snooze many MANY times before getting up.

  4. I tried Moscato for the first time last night and I was NOT expecting it! I usually drink red wine but I wanted white because it was cold and a friend had left it at my house -- so sweet! It was good but I could only drink one glass because it was so sweet! (maybe a good thing? haha) me dates are the best!!

  5. this sounds like the perfect me date. good for you!

  6. Olive Garden is my favorite chain restaurant. I'm so often tempted to go eat there solo but for some reason can't bring myself to do it despite doing it at a lot of other places. I think its because I won't have anyone else to blame for the breadstick refills? I never thought of getting takeout but that sounds like a good option.

  7. A me date is just the best way to refresh! Sounds like a perfect night.

  8. Working on yourself is SO important! Your night sounds like it was great. I think I need one of those nights soon!

  9. Olive Garden salad for life! YES!

  10. this sounds perfect! we all need a me time now and then. The spectacular now is an amazing book, i hope you read it! and i also love moscato. I think my perfect day with myself will be wine, pizza and 10 things i hate about you.

  11. I'm not sure what your mile time is but have you tried to do it outside? I find that I run much faster outside because my legs can move a bit more naturally and I'm not scared of increasing that number too much. Try it =) You might surprise yourself!

  12. That sounds like an awesome night to me! And if I could run an 11 minute mile, I would be oh so happy... lol

  13. Maybe that's what I need. A ME day. That salad looks so yummy.

  14. I love this beyond belief. I've been dating myself for a while now too and I don't know that I'll ever be ready for a relationship because I'm realizing that I'm pretty awesome.

    So proud of you!

  15. I love me time! Nothing better than doing exactly what you want to do for an evening and tuning the world out.


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