Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tough It Out Tuesday - The June Fitness Goals Edition

I'm probably going to be flying solo today for TIOT. Allie's new job is kicking her booty, so I'm letting her off the hook. Feel free to send her a few words of encouragement and love though! She'd appreciate it, I'm sure!!

I think I first need to mention that I'm in a really grumpy mood today.
I spent the past 4 days working 43ish hours at NCAA baseball regionals and last night was a must win for my Hoosiers and they lost on a 2-run walk off home run. So I'm still a little heartbroken for them and in general just really bummed about how their amazing season had to end. Okay, and maybe a little frustrated too. I get too wrapped up in my sports teams, I'm fully aware. It was a long, sad walk back to the car last night.

Anyway, TIOT.

If you've been around these parts for a while, you know I make monthly goals at the beginning of every month. I decided this month to make specific fitness and healthy living goals too, just to keep myself on track a little better. Because.. I haven't been a super star this last month.

Establish a new workout schedule with my partner. This past weekend I had someone ask to be my workout partner and without hesitation I said hell yea! We've both actually asked someone else to join us too, so we're still working out the details of when and where and what. I want to get those established and set as soon as I can! So we can get started!!

No fast food, period. Except for the 9 days I'll be on vacation, because that probably can't be helped too much. Basically I'm saying that while I'm in my town in Indiana, I won't be eating anywhere with a drive-thru.

Be consistent. Lately this has been my number one problem. I have a crazy schedule and that's not going to change any time soon. I need to learn to workout around it and make it happen. Consistency is key for me. 21 days to create a habit and I want working out to be a habit.

Anyone else making fitness goals this month?
Link up below and let me know!!
I'm always excited to read them!
The Best Of Intentions


  1. I hope you find some time to get some rest. Good luck with this month goals. My month goal is to at least run 5 times. Since I have started Insanity 3 weeks ago. I haven't been running as much. Which I miss. I I want to at least run 5 time this month and maybe more then that but for now I'm sticking to my 5 time.

    Also I join a 1000 minutes of physical active in 30 day challenges. So I hope I can did it. Plus more.

  2. You can do it Snicklefritz! I know you can! Workout buddies are always helpful. I need one, but I have no local friends yet.

  3. 1) that photo looks like they could be in field of dreams. 2) yay for a new workout buddy!!!!!

  4. I'm still jealous that you're going to Florida. and I think you could do no fast food while on vacation. Stand your ground! I have faith in you!

  5. No fast food is a great goal! And alllllll that water!

  6. No fast food is a definite I mean some salads at restaurants have 500-600 calories so thats a great goal.
    I need to focus on staying consistent as well!

  7. I'm definitely making some goals for myself. Number one being to just get back on the damn wagon! May was a bust so I'm going to make June mine. No ifs ands or buts about it!

  8. Thank you for being so understanding! It looks like you're quite busy yourself!! You've got these goals girl, I know it! SO proud of you!

  9. Consistency is the struggle! At least the one I battle most, I think. Great goal to have!


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