Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Tough It Out Tuesday That Wasn't..

I know, I KNOW it's Tough It Out Tuesday, but I don't want to talk about fitness or my weight loss today.
I mean, I did weigh myself this morning, just to see, and I did lose 2 more lbs (almost 3!) and that's pretty awesome, so I guess that counts as TIOT.
I lost 2 lbs. Yay!

Now moving on.
I haven't done a post where I just typed and typed and let things happen in a really long time, so today that is what you're getting. Fasten your seat belts, please keep all arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. 

I mean, first I feel like I need to acknowledge all of the beautiful and wonderful people who are now to the right of these words. ----->
Holy cannoli, blogging is fun! You can still use the code TURNDOWNFORWHAT for 40% off all ad spaces until Friday. No pressure. And to all of you lovely sidebar people, I have emails drafted to all of you, I've just haven't actually sent them, because.. I suck. Life happens.

I went to see The Fault In Our Stars last night. 
Two of my friends went with me, but I'm the only one that had read the book, so I'm glad I was a little more prepared for it than them. We all cried though, because.. Okay? Okay. Actually, I felt like that movie really did justice to the book. The book was obviously better, because the books always are, but the movie was beautiful. I was incredibly impressed with the well timed silences. During key moments of the movie, there was no background music, no noise, sometimes no talking. Just silence.. and it was powerful. Tears flowed at all of the parts I knew they would and I was surprised at some of the other parts I was choking back tears. That is totally credited to the actors. Really, a beautifully painful movie. That's the best way I can describe it. 
Oh and then as the credits are rolling and we're all filing out of the theater, the usher? or theater worker? or whatever they're called kept saying "have a nice night", so I go "look at this guy telling all of us to have a nice night as we're wiping tears off of our faces and blowing our noses!" and busted out laughing.

Now let's talk about something exciting to wrap this post up.. There's a story involved, because I'm long winded.
I went to my parents' house after work yesterday because I had a package (new cell phone case, fyi) and some mail. Also, I wanted to talk to my mom about a potential New York trip this fall, because she's good at planning things and she's been before and she's my mom and I usually run ideas by her first anyway. Also, also I wanted to talk to her about what kind of Mac I should get and how she felt about refurbished Macs, etc. etc. So she has a MacBook Pro, but my grandpa (who lives next door) has a MacBook Air and since I was leaning towards the Air, she said "let's go over there and look at his".. And so we walked across the yard and did just that.
While we were looking she mentioned that my grandpa never uses his MacBook. As in he's probably used it to get onto the internet a total of 5 times. If anything, my mom has used it more than him when she helps him do things. So it was just sitting there, kind of like an expensive decoration. So we ask my grandpa if I can just buy it off of him. I said $700, my mom said $400, and then my grandpa said "just have it". Well I wasn't about to just take it, so eventually he said $50. I ran back to my parents house, grabbed $60 out of my purse and ran back over and handed it to him ($10 tip, obviously). My mom boxed it up and now I'm the happy, happy owner of a very gently used MacBook Air. I went pick up my $15 cell phone case and came home with a $1000 laptop. Happy Monday!

The thing is.. I've never had a Mac. Our home computer was an HP, I got my first laptop as my high school graduation present and it was a Dell (neverrrrrr again will i own a dell), then a little over 3 years ago when it died, I bought this Toshiba. So, I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm actually writing this on my Toshiba, because I didn't have time to play with the Mac last night, so I still don't know what I'm doing. My mom gave me a quick crash course, but I didn't have time to test it out.

That was a really long story, but the quick version is that now I have a MacBook Air and I'm happy.

You can link up for TIOT with Allie and I. I'm sorry (ish, very ish) that this wasn't very fitness-y or weight loss-y. But, I did lose 2lbs.


  1. Yay for losing 2 lbs!!

    And super duper yay for a new MacBook Air! Seriously, the best way to learn is just to start playing around and looking around at where things are. I think the hardest part for me, is that the "close" and "minimize/maximize" buttons are on the opposite sides of the window. Also! Here's a tip. Once you figured everything out, get rid of all the things you don't use in your applications folder (some stuff you can't trash, but that's ok). This will free up lots of space and help it to run faster.

    If you have any crazy questions email me! I'll try to help!

  2. Love everything about this post. So excited for your new laptoppp! Also, I'm so glad you think the movie did the book justice. Now I'm not afraid to see it, in fear that the movie will just tear everything I loved about the book to shreds!...

  3. so many good things about this post. 1) I can't wait to see the fault in our stars. I have already prepared myself by knowing i will need to wear my glass and no mascara. 2) HOOOOORAY for a new macbook. Mine is on its last leg. I need to get one for 60 dollars too ;)

  4. I love love love my Mac. I've been a Mac since day one [for some reason we always had both in the house] + I am positive that the Mac interface is so much more user friendly [for example -- my dad got one about a year ago + I haven't had to help him with it as much as I do the PC he's had in his office forever.] I'm sure you'll get the hang of it once you start playing around with it!

  5. I can't WAIT to see TFiOS!! And holy crap... the MacBook Air.... THAT IS SO AWESOME!!

  6. Yay on the 2 lbs and look at you scoring an awesome deal on the Macbook! My husband has a Macbook and I am afraid of it haha! I have only ever known Windows as far as the PC's go....so it would be a new adventure for me for sure! Good luck figuring it all out, I am sure it will be fun!

  7. I am still trying to figure out my Air! But yay for a new one on the cheap!! And omg I cried so much in The Fault in Our Stars- so much!

  8. lets try this again since blogger was like NOPE when i tried to leave my comment. i think i said something like..

    that's so awesome of your grandfather!! i had a Macbook once when i worked for a music studio but had to give it back when i left and now i've been wanting one ever since... years. i have a samsung laptop and i love it so much and don't want another laptop. so i'm leaning towards the Mac All-in-one desktop, the one with the giant screen. the thought of it makes me so excited. but ugh so.much.money. someday....

    most importantly though, congrats on losing almost 3 pounds!! <3

  9. so jealous of your new computer! Macs are the best- and there are so many tutorials out there to get the feel of them. And they are super helpful at the apple stores- they have classes and workshops all the time! Enjoy it!!

  10. I'm not at all a fan of Macs BUT if you really want to learn to use one, all of the Apple stores do these crash courses on learning to use a Mac, I took one when my last job switched from PC to Mac and it was really helpful!

  11. It's taken me awhile to get used to the mac, but I love the macbook air! So light and easy. Fits in big purses. Yeah. I like it.

  12. I loved the book so much! But you are right, the book did do it justice. What a turn of events!! I cried my eyes out for both to be honest with you.

    xo. Kailagh

  13. Have fun playing on the Mac!!!!!

  14. I have a macbook air!! That's what I do all my blogstuff on and just love it!!

  15. That is so awesome that the laptop was basically handed to you!! woo hoo!

  16. I agree with you 100% on the movie/book. They were both amazing. The acting was amazing & I too had to hold back sobs at certain parts. It was a great movie, I did enjoy it...even though I cried most of the night afterwards. Here is my posting about it: http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/2014/06/a-fault-in-our-stars.html. :)

  17. I went and saw FIOS last night. I cried and cried. So good.
    I hate Dell I've had 2 computers from them and they were both awful!
    I googled everything I needed to know when I got my Mac lol it's super easy and when you get the hang of it you'll love it!

  18. I went from a Toshiba laptop to a MacBook recently myself :)
    You will quickly get the hang of it I think! I do still hate the inability to right click, but you just use two fingers on the mousepad to "right click" :)


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