Monday, June 9, 2014

Turn Up then Turn Down

I could just kiss you guys!
I worked all day Friday and Saturday at the Indiana state high school track and field finals, so I didn't get to read your comments about Friday's ridiculous video until Sunday and I was just in a such a good mood all day yesterday! I'm glad not many of you thought I was a total freak.. Even though I am. I'm proud of myself for having you guys fooled into thinking I'm normal. Gold star for me.

A private email yesterday sparked a thought though.
Combined with a tweet a few weeks ago and then added to an email conversation for January, I've made a decision.

People kept asking if I was ever going to do sponsorships and I kept saying "eventually". Mostly because I felt like I never had time to deal with it, I didn't have enough followers, and no one would want to sponsor me. So I just kept saying "eventually".

None of that has really changed, except for one crucial thing - my content.
I'm getting a lot more daily pageviews and comments and I think that's because I'm finally finding my "blog voice" and I'm finally myself. The minute I stopped trying to fit in at the Cool Kids Table is the minute that I found a bunch of people who wanted to sit at a different table with me. That's been fun. It's also really cool and puts me in a really good mood.
Besides being happy in Bloglandia, I'm also really happy and in a really good place in my real life. I don't mean to be vague or obnoxious, I just don't want to really get into any of that in this particular post, but yea, life is good. Enjoying the journey and all that shit.

Anyway, this post got off topic quick. Cutting to the chase now..
I'm now offering sponsorships.
They're cheap, I'm excited, it's going to be fun. What else do you need to know?
Email me with questions if you have them ( otherwise use the code


for 40% off all ads until Friday! Oh, and yea.. that says "turn down for what". I'm a tool. And I couldn't think of anything else. But mostly I'm a tool.


  1. Woo Hoo! I commented and then realized I was on your sponsorship page, whoops. But it's Monday so I'm gonna give myself a break on this one. :) So glad you're offering sponsorship! I've never bought a sponsorship before so you're my first. Go easy on me.

  2. Congrats on opening up to sponsorship! Glad to hear everything is looking good over there for ya :) enjoy!

  3. I don't even understand the concept of sponsorships? LOL

  4. for the longest time i thought the lyrics went 'turn down the what?' brad made fun of me. also did you enjoy the track meet?!

  5. I only got halfway through your vlog before I had to turn it off when people starting wandering into my office - gotta remember to finish watching it later! Love that your now offering sponsorships - just grabbed mine!

  6. even with a silly face you are so prettttttyyyy

  7. I still dont understand the sponsorship thing


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