Friday, June 13, 2014

Blame Someone Else Day - A National Holiday

It is Friday the 13th.
You're welcome for that calendar update.

I had approximately 8,273,948 ideas for today's post. I mean, Friday the 13th has such potential! I started scribbling ideas in this notebook on my desk and one idea sparked another which sparked another and then I was doing cartwheels because OH MY GOSH THIS BLOGGING THING IS SO EASY. Before I knew it my paper had scribbles and lines and circles all over the place. For one of my ideas I wanted to Google something really quick. Just a quick Google search - said no one ever.

By happy accident (oh, and i do mean happy) I stumbled onto this website. Which is my new favorite website ever. It's a giant master list of National Holidays all divided up by month. Bloggers, I have 2 words for you - Post Material.

I clicked on June and guess what - the first Friday the 13th of the year is also Blame Someone Else Day. Because, obviously. Naturally, I decided to scrap the rest of my ideas and run with that theme..

I blame you for my lack of motivation this morning at the gym, because why workout when I could sleep in? Your fault.

Brita Water Pitcher,
I blame you for being empty this morning, because why should I have to fill you after I empty you? Why don't you fill yourself? Also, why did you put your empty self back in the refrigerator?

I blame you for making me obsess all day and all night about going to New York and New Jersey in the near (isn) future. Stop sending me amazing emails with tons of information that get me incredibly excited. I blame you for the future disappearance of all of my money.

I blame you for my uncontrollable need to take pictures before I can eat any meal. Ever.

I blame you for my stubbed toe last night. Why are you always in my way? You're so annoying.

Pretty Little Liars,
I blame you for my ragey attitude on Tuesday night. No really, this is serious. Not a joke.. I blame you.

Pretty Little Liars,
I also blame you for my headache on Wednesday morning. You made my friends and I so ragey that we had to drink some alcoholic beverages during the premiere. It's your fault that "some" turned into "lots".

Joe Santagato,
I blame you for my uttering of phrases like "that's mad wack" lately. I live in Indiana, not New York, so this gets embarrassing. It's clearly your fault.

I blame you for the Cubs not winning the World Series for the last 100 friggin years.
(Supernatural reference that only my aunt is going to get and she's going to laugh out loud. Hi Tina!)

Blog Readers/Commenters,
I blame you for making me love this weird little space of the internet that I never thought I'd actually care about. All of the hours I waste on my computer now are your fault!

Happy Friday the 13th and Happy, HAPPY Blame Someone Else Day!
Go forth and CELEBRATE! *winky face*


  1. Nice! I blame Pretty Little Liars for not having their episodes anywhere I can catch up. I am so behind!

  2. ROFL! "that's mad whack". Excellent post :)

  3. First Zac Effron ::drool::
    Second, PLL drives me nuts AND it was renewed for 2 more seasons...this means A is probably not A and we won't find out for another 2 seasons and we'll be going around in circles AGAIN.

  4. This post was worth it just for all of the gifs! Drooling over them all. ;)

  5. That's mad wack. ...hahah relax with your pronouns. Ps. I blame you for getting no work done today because I am going to watch his youtubes all day

  6. This is such a great idea! Do I have to wait another year to do it? Maybe I'll steal it an post tonight (and link to you, of course)

  7. This is such a great idea. I hope I have time to steal, I mean borrow, it today. (Linking back toyou of course)

  8. This is awesome! I love it! I think that I too may have to steal this...& give you credit, of course! :)

  9. Snicklefritz... this is genius!
    I wish I could put a winky gif in this comment!!!!!

  10. I had all kinds of fun comments on this until I saw Tom Hardy and he winked at me and I forgot them all.

  11. Kay, I blame you for my rage over my inability to wink very well! ;)
    (except on the computer where I am so awesome at it)

  12. Excuse me, but I totally got and laughed at your Supernatural reference. And I am not your aunt.

  13. winky gifs. Perfect for friday the 13th.

  14. I've decided that I would like to hire you to come up with super creative blog post ideas for me. I will pay you in gum :)

  15. the Brita water pitchers are actually kind of a pain because you have to cooonstantly fill it and then I give up and just drink tap water.


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