Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Metal Tube In The Clouds

Here's the deal, I'm about to word vomit everywhere.

I guess I'm going to start with the baby elephant in the room.. or on the blog or whatever.

Neither Allie nor I showed up for Tough It Out Tuesday yesterday. Here's the thing.. Allie and I had a chat on Monday night and we both decided that it's time to take a break from TIOT. Maybe not forever, but also maybe for forever. We both have a lot on our plate right now and we both feel like our TIOT posts were getting redundant. We were both running out of things to talk about every Tuesday. Also, right now I feel like doing my healthy lifestyle stuff quietly. Just a thing I want to try. Nothing personal, trust me.
I've said it several times now, but I want to emphasize that this was a decision made by both of us and we both fully support the other one! Blog rumors get to flying around these parts and I don't wanna hear it, so like I said - I love Allie, I'm fairly certain Allie likes me, we just didn't like the linkup anymore. To everyone who linked up with us - We both love you too and if you ever need any motivation or pep talks, shoot one of us an email. We would be MORE than happy to do anything we could to help you! I'm positive.
"i just want a kiiiisssss"
Okay, now that the baby elephant has been discussed, let's move on to something more pressing in my life. I'm getting on a plane at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow morning and flying to Florida by my lonesome. Well, I won't be in Florida by myself, but I'm flying by myself.

Now, I've flown several times and I'm not afraid of it or anything. Well, okay, honesty hour - It is a little weird that I'll be moving through the clouds in a big metal tube. Right? That's kind of weird. Maybe even a little scary if I think about it too long… So I just won't think about it anymore.

Flying alone though? All new to me. I've never flown without a group. Never even just 2 people, actually. Always a group. Which I just realized.

On one hand, I'm looking forward to it -

  • I won't have anyone to talk to, so my people watching will be at an all time high and I truly love a good people watching session. Airports hold so many good opportunities for that.
  • I won't have to wait on anyone to get through security. I won't have to wait on anyone to use the bathroom. I won't have to wait on anyone to do anything. I'll be on my own schedule.
  • Sometimes I enjoy being alone. I'm not a hermit, Ma, I swear.
  • Adventure.
On the other hand, I'm not looking forward to it -
  • I'll be sitting next to strangers on all of my flights and everyone knows how much the middle seat sucks. 
  • I'm not 100% sure I actually know what I'm doing. I'm basically just going to be wandering around until someone points me in the right direction and tells me exactly what to do.
  • The layovers, ugh. But I discovered yesterday that my layover on the way down to Florida isn't as long as I thought it was, so that's a bonus. 
  • From security to boarding everything about the airport tends to annoy me a little and I won't have anyone to complain to. 
No, but really, I'm about 90% excited and only 10% actually worried. So I think those are pretty good stats. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

Don't.. Don't answer that. 


  1. Sad to see TIOT go, BUT Thankful that it connected me with some incredible people :)
    Also, it's weird, but I've really only ever flown by myself. I've flown with my parents once, but the rest of the time solo. I don't know how I'd handle flying with people lol

    Ps. Have fun in Florida!

  2. I flew home from Australia alone as my first flight on my own. I was nervous for it but it turned out to be quite nice to have that time to myself to just relax. Have a safe flight!

  3. I have a serious tendency to get lost, and airports are perfect for getting lost. But you'll do fine!

  4. You'll be fine! As someone who has been flying by herself since the ripe age of 9 (!), I can give you some pointers! Bring a few different options for reading materials...books, magazines, etc. With no distractions, it's easy to get bored and want to change it up! Make sure you bring something physical too since (depending on the plane you're on), you might still have to turn off an e-reader or tablet. If you get there really early and approach the gate agent ever so sweetly, "I'm so sorry to bother you, etc." they just might move you out of the middle seat, especially if there are seats open on the plane.

    Have so much fun!

  5. going to be honest when i first read this title i read it as big meat tube and i was confused. metal tube makes more sense....

  6. Oh man, I LOVE flying alone. It's always guaranteed you'll meet the best people at airports or on your flight!

  7. I have been flying by myself since I was 10. My parents lived in different states. I kind of love it. Always an adventure and always makes me feel so independent!

  8. I've never been on an airplane so I cant give you advice lol but you'll be fine.

  9. But like at least you showed up today and gave an explanation. #worstbloggereveroverhere. Also, flying alone isn't so bad. I did that last October when I went to see Brin in Nebraska and I was freaked out about making sure I made my flights and stuff but other than that I put on my headphones and just pretended I didn't hear anyone. OOPS. HAVE FUN. I wouldn't be mad if the pilot stopped at my house just so you could say hello.

  10. I've flown alone a handful of times now and I'm finding it's not too bad. I think the worst part is if you have to go to the bathroom you have to pack up your book and grab all of your stuff to take with you into the bathroom (and the stall) unless you're not worried about someone potentially taking your stuff. Once I'm through security and at my gate I think it's a breeze to fly alone.

  11. I wondered about TIOT. I posted anyway yesterday. Sad to see it go, but I'll still be following you ;) I stole your button today. hehe. Have fun in FL! you'll do fine on the plane. :) Have fun people watching.

  12. I think that TIOT could be a monthly thing to update, say at the end of the month as a recap. As far as planes? I've done a lot of flying on my own - including for Los Angeles to Argentina. I love it. Time to reflect, read, blog, people watch like you said. Hope it goes/went well!

  13. I was wondering about the lack TIOT and was gonna email you, but I was trying to finish my stupid paper for Psychology class and time go away from me. I literally got NOTHING done but that paper. My husband wasn't too happy about that.

    Have a wonderful time in Florida!

  14. A bad habit I have when flying alone? Spending too much money in the airport and making really poor food choices (cookie stand? don't mind if I do! Frozen yogurt? well duh!)

  15. I took my first flight alone in March and I felt I really fancy and grown up haha it also helped that I was very dressed up...well minus my cozy and warm uggs, but my dress, that was nice :)


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