Friday, August 29, 2014

NEW and FUN Things Ahead!

I've showed up (sorta) to the blog every day this week. JUST FOR YOU, GUYS.
Now, don't except this kind of special treatment every week. Keep your expectations LOW, people. Low expectations are KEY.

Except, guess what else? I also replied to every comment I received this week. Big steps. Big, big steps, people! If I didn't, then that means you're a no-reply blogger and for the thousandth time you need to fix that situation right now.

That being said, I've decided to celebrate. Mostly because I'll use any excuse to celebrate and bake cookies and drink champagne. So..

I spent some serious time last night (hours) making some big bloggy decisions. I even had an important phone call with an important person about making blog decisions. I love this little slice of internet and I couldn't imagine giving it up.

I still very much consider this a hobby and I currently have no intentions of trying to take this blog any further than that. I like not having constrictions on the things I write and I love that I can still write about nothing and I don't have to feel truly guilty. That being said, yesterday someone offered me a pretty cool opportunity and gave me some really great advice, sprinkled with her very honest opinion.

It inspired me and lit a damn fire underneath my ass!

I've decided to take some blogging risks I wouldn't have normally taken and to take a little pride in this time-consuming hobby of mine! Mostly I've decided I want to help build this community back up. Blogging has gotten a bad reputation lately and I think that is incredibly unfortunate!

I'm not 100% sure I'm the right person to head this revolution, but I'm hoping that I can inspire someone  else to be the revolution leader!

My first gesture is to re-vamp my sponsorship situation!
Not necessarily changing anything, because I still love all of my original concepts, but more of a reorganizing kind of thing! I made approximately 63 Word and Excel documents last night organizing and planning fun sponsorship things! When I initially decided to start offering sponsorships, holy wow, I was not prepared. I also didn't think the whole situation through.

Now I'm all grown up (lol) and I've ripped the band aid off and I AM READY. Are you?
Want a code for 50% off all sponsorships options? That is good until NEXT Friday?

For 50% off ALL OF THEM! 

If you've sponsored me in the past and think I did a mediocre job, well #1, I don't blame you. I did do a mediocre job - and that's being generous. #2, send me a nasty email and I shall be giving you a fancy code to get a free sponsorship. A sponsorship where I will actually be doing all of the things I claimed I was going to do. Novel concept, I know. #3, I really and truly am sorry. No excuse, even though I have a hundred.

Last Words?
There is always going to be a blogger that is better than me.
And there is always going to be a blog that is bigger than mine.
But I often wonder if making a small difference in the world could spark a big difference.
Ya know?


  1. Excited to see what you have planned! :)

  2. oh man! excited to see what you've got going on little lady!

  3. Can I just say I feel like you've been really down on yourself lately? It makes me sad. I keep coming back to your blog (I may be a bad blogger and not comment like I should, but I do read!... sorry for that) *I do have your button on my sidebar though because you are one of my faves!* You are pretty amazing, and at the end of the day this is your little piece of the internet, so I feel like if you don't want to show up to the party for a few days you should be allowed to take a break. #myopinion. So, that being said: I am looking forward to what you have planned!

  4. it's always nice to take the time to make new blog goals - hope things go well!

  5. Excited to see what you have planned and for more posts from you! I do enjoy your blog :-)

  6. Great news that you're feeling inspired again!


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