Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Cleaned Out My Purse Last Night..

Yesterday after digging in my purse for several minutes looking for my keys, I tweeted this.

Then last night I held true to my word and I was about to start emptying out my purse when I read Becca's blog and she announced that she was co-hosting a link-up with Rachael, Heather, and Lisa. It's a What's In Your Bag link-up and I figured, why the heck not?

I did decide to put my little spin on it though. I chose to just show you guys exactly what came out of my purse as I emptied it out. Which was a little funny and a little embarrassing.

Here's the purse I started with, which I had never intended to use as a long term purse. I bought it right before I went to Florida. I was flying and I wanted a really large, bag-like purse to use. After Florida I only had a week before I was going to be on a plane again for Vegas, so I just didn't switch out purses. Truthfully, love this bag, but it's huge and a blackhole. Things were getting lost too easily.

So I literally dumped my purse on my table. Do you see what I was working with? A mess.

The whole mess all sorted for you.
Let's take a closer look, shall we?

1. Receipts. Lowe's, T.J. Maxx, Target x2, Kroger x2, and Walmart. Does anything create a bigger mess faster than a bunch of receipts?
2. Lots of paint samples because I was trying to explain the color scheme I wanted to my grandparents. However, I'm only letting you guys see this little sneak peek.
3. Some random brochure I got in the backseat of a Vegas cab.
4. My wallet.
5. My new "travel" planner and a spare notebook. Don't try to understand me.

6. Checks, that I usually wouldn't carry around with me, but I put them in there to remind myself that I need to order new checks. But of course they've just been in the blackhole, so I've totally forgotten.
7. Ibuprofen.
8. Some random brochure my bank gave me last week.
9. Notes I've written to myself such as shopping lists, blog ideas, podcasts I need to remember to look up, etc.

10. Things to put in my water. I'm obsessed with these things and I'm anal about making sure I'm never without some. Clearly.
11. Gum.
12. Hand sanitizer.
13. Lotion, because obviously ONE just isn't enough.

14. One single paper clip.
15. 50 cents.
16. Old IU Baseball ticket, which is only odd because it's from May and I didn't even own this purse in May, so I have no idea how it got into this purse.
16. Hair ties and bobby pins. Absolute necessities.
17. Comb. That I always forget I have.
18. Emergency eyeliner, just in case, but I haven't used it in months and months and I just keep shuffling it from purse to purse.
19. Tampons, because it's always better to be prepared.

20. Lipsticks and chapsticks.
21. Headphones.
22. Writing utensils.

23. Sunglasses.
24. Keys.

So now I've decided to temporarily go back to one of my old purses until I find something new!
Yay for a fun link-up to show everyone my huge mess.

Bag Lady Linkup


  1. This is hilarious. I've resorted to using a wristlet most days because I tend to use larger purses/bags and end up with similar contents. I still manage to cram all kinds of crap into my wristlets though!

  2. I'm feeling inspired. I should probably clean mine out, too.

  3. This is awesome! I had a few receipts but I'm usually pretty good about throwing them in my receipt box so the mess isn't in my purse.

  4. you don't want to know what i thought that white and pink thing were..

  5. So funny! I just swapped purses over the weekend and cleaning mine out was a nightmare. Receipts EVERYWHERE! And probably 3 different things of paper/notepads and countless pens, sharpies, highlighters lol!

  6. LOVE the first purse. LOVE.
    Also, I finally don't HAVE to carry a huge purse for diapers and wipes (because Quinn is potty trained! Holla!) so now I just have my wallet, camera, chapstick, and keys in my purse. My sunglasses stay in my car or on my face otherwise I lose them.

  7. Don't worry. Just send that first purse my way and I will rock the shit out of it. Black hole-esqe purses are my jam

  8. If I didn't just clean mine out it would have been so so bad with receipts. Those things clutter up my bag more than anything!!

  9. First of all, THANK YOU for showing us without editing what's really in your purse. I LOVE seeing that I'm not the only person with rogue receipts, gum wrappers, random paperclips, etc., floating around in there.

  10. haha my purse always looks the same way. Filled with a bunch of receipts, crumpled of pieces of paper to help me remember things, and there's always of course the random things my daughter decides to "share" with me....like rocks, half eaten cookies, etc. Gross!

  11. did that white vase and flowers fall out of your purse as well? I wouldn't put it past you. ;)

  12. Don't you think it's ridiculous to clean your bag out and find the 101 till slips, I have to do that every couple of weeks lol

  13. I LOVE that pink purse!! So cute. Don't you feel amazing getting all organized? I love it! Thanks for linking up!

  14. I love seeing all the random stuff... Unfortunately, I clean out my purse way too often to find interesting things in mine. It's kind of sad.

  15. Ohhh I love the old new purse! Very pretty!!!! Thank you for sharing your purse insides with us!

  16. Ummmm I love that first purse. I want it!

  17. This is epic. I actually laughed out loud when your title popped up in bloglovin'...because we ALL know what that means haha! I'll have to copy you!

  18. If I dumped out my purse right now, it would probably look pretty similar. I have so many receipts in there!

  19. This is awesome! My bag looks like that every week! Both of those purses are cute btw.

  20. That looks a lot like what happens in my purses.

  21. I LOVE your wallet! So pretty! I think the color almost matches my purse perfectly!


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