Friday, August 15, 2014

Secrets On Top Of Secrets

I had to take the day off from the internet yesterday because things got a little heated on Wednesday and I needed some space. Truthfully, I didn't have time to internet surf anyway. I've been keeping some secrets that have kept me a little preoccupied and busy as of late. Yes, secrets. Some fairly large ones.. That I can't tell you about. Listen, I'm not being mean, but I can't tell you because most of the people in my real life don't know either. Secrets are fun.. And stressful.. And time consuming. I think I finally know how those pretty little liars feel.

*to be clear, no one is trying to kill me or sending me ominous text messages*

Anyway, I now know why bloggers who are trying to hide their pregnancy have trouble blogging until they can let the cat out of the bag. When you have one thing that you can't blog about, it becomes the only thing you want to blog about.

*to be clear, I'm not pregnant.. Or engaged.*

So on Wednesday Juliette borrowed an idea from Allie who borrowed an idea from Kalyn and now I'm going to borrow it from Juliette. Follow?
I needed something to blog about and these ladies are pretty great, so following in their footsteps doesn't seem like a bad place to be. Here we go..

What/When Was The Last…

..recipe I made? Errr.. I haven't followed a recipe to cook something in MONTHS. I've been incredibly focused on making things as incredibly easy to cook as possible and as plain as possible. Lifestyle changes and all that. So unless you count like stir fry, which I don't because I don't follow a recipe, then I don't have a good answer for this.

..good decision I made? 1 - My secret. Feeling so good about things. 2 - Rereading Harry Potter. I've just started Book 5, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix and I am going to have a whole post dedicated to my #HPsummerReRead because I am so, so glad I've made time to do this! place I went? Vegas. Hands down. I watched? Speaking of Pretty Little Liars, my friend and I watch the show together and we were SIX episodes behind! So she came over last night and we watched 3 episodes to get us closer to being totally caught up. Those girls.. I actually hate that damn show now, but I can't quit it! It's so infuriating!

..awesome thing that happened? Hmm, hard to answer. Actually, I got to spend the whole weekend last weekend with some of my best friends, acting like we were 21 again to help my sister celebrating being 21, and it was so much fun. I mean, Sunday I spent half the day on my couch in misery, but Friday and Saturday night were worth it. Love those girls and glad to have them around!

..thing I bought for myself? A cranberry Nerds slushie from Sonic. Have you guys had those Nerd slushies? HEAVEN. Pure sugar and a total and complete party in my mouth. I always think I'm going to go into a diabetic shock after I'm done, but at least I'll die happy.

..good photo of me? Love this photo of my sista and me.

..bad decision I made? Probably announcing that I have a secret that I haven't told my parents about. That should go over well.

..time I was really excited? I'm pretty excited for my friend, who has her own little secret, and last night we discussed it for the 2nd time and I'm still just so excited for her! My friends being happy makes me happy!

..time I had a free weekend? I'm not really sure what that means exactly. Free with no plans? Like I just sat around and watched Netflix all weekend? Because the answer to that is it's been A WHILE. Probably approximately February when I was snowed in for the weekend or something. No.. There's no joke here.

i'm so depressed by this picture. like instant bad mood. i regret including it in this post.

And now we're here at the end and I don't know how to wrap this up..

OH, a little PSA to everyone leaving me comments - Please, PLEASE make sure you aren't a no-reply blogger!! I can't respond to your comments through emails if you are and that makes it really difficult and really, really depressing. Lately I've noticed that so many of you are and it's totally upsetting and I hate it and I want you to fix it right this darn minute. So, follow Sarah's instructions and then we can all live a happy life.

P.S. Go buy a Nerds slushie from Sonic.


  1. If we had a sonic I would totally get a nerd slushie...

  2. You can't be serious with how many times you dropped the word secret and you aren't gonna tell us. I mean I would totally be okay if you just texted or emailed it to me. Or even just hinted. I'm dying over here. It's like when someone goes "Oh I have something to tell you. Nevermind, I'll wait" and my response is always "You're joking right? I can't WAIT now that you've done that!" So that's how I'm feeling now....

  3. I hate secrets. Good thing I don't know you in real life. I would probably try and arm wrestle it out of you. Just tell us eventually mmmmk? I'll buy you a nerd slushie.

  4. TELL ME YOUR SECRET. I won't tell anybody! Except maybe Quinn, but she's only almost three so she won't even understand ;)

  5. You're depressed by the snow picture and I'm all GIVE ME ALL THE SNOW! I think that probably says a lot about where I live and how frequently we actually GET snow! All this secrets talk sure does have me intrigued :)

  6. Secrets are fun! But totally stressful. Especially keeping them from your family. Ugh! I hope you are able to share soon because I am soooo curious!

  7. You're hogging all the pretties. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. I miss you, lets be friends still even though I'm deep in a blogging rut. :)


  9. I finally got all caught up with Pretty Little Liars- so hooked all over again! And stop teasing us with the secrets!

  10. Harry Potter summer reread for the win, I'm a little behind you, but my free weekends just got here!

  11. The next time I'll be close to a Sonic to get a Nerd slushie is 8 days away and the countdown is already on. I'm sooo annoyed with PLL, I just want it to end already so I can finally get some answers! LOVE that you clarified that your not being sent ominous text messages or in danger of being killed! haha

  12. As a pregnant reader who is consistently warm/hot these days, I can't say that snow picture looks unappealing to me. I apologize in advance. I know you're further north than be and get worse snow.

  13. Secrets are awesome and yours is a good one which is awesome :) Btw, I'm glad no one is sending you anonymous texts threatening to kill you lol


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