Friday, August 22, 2014

Essential Football Links For The #FBLover

It is the first official FOOTBALL FRIDAY of 2014, folks! The first one!!

I knew I was going to be participating, but since football hasn't technically started yet, I was a little stumped about what to write, UNTIL I was clicking around in my bookmarked tabs (labeled under "sports") and realized that maybe you all didn't have the same bookmarked tabs as I do! And maybe I needed to share them! MAYBE, MAYBE, MAYBE!!

So here's a quick list of the essential links you need for this upcoming football season!
*no affiliate links or anything listed below, cross my heart*

  • My #1 go-to website is always They're almost always incredibly up-to-date and the site is easy to navigate. My go-to. In fact, I've had an ESPN account for 6 years.
  • I really enjoy college football, so I frequently hit up's football page. Usually I go straight to the Big Ten things, because IU, duh. But occasionally I like to know what is happening with another conference and this site has it all.
  • Playing Fantasy Football this year? Need advice? Tips? Spreadsheets? Calculations? Odds? Fantasy Pros has got it. So much information that I've just barely, barely checked any of it out!
  • Speaking of Fantasy Football, still need a team name? Sarah has got you hooked up. No really, these are gold. She should've sold them, but instead she gave them for free. I like free.
  • New to football? Or do all the NFL rules confuse you? Don't worry, they're confusing, that's why they confuse you. They also change.. frequently. I've used this NFL Rulebook more than once. Okay, so I've actually used it a lot, lay off. Also, alsoooo.. It has ended several arguments, so it's basically the best.
  • I just recently found this website and I'm IN LOVE with it. The Football I can't possibly recommend it enough. I love it
  • If you don't currently have a college football team or NFL team that you support, then might I recommend the IU Hoosiers and the Chicago Bears? Winky wink.
  • Need football tickets? Ticketmaster and StubHub have never let me down. Athletic events are my favoriteeeeeee, so I obviously recommend that you go! At least once! **UPDATE: I've been hearing some not so good things about StubHub, so I definitely recommended proceeding carefully there. Buying tickets directly from the source or through Ticketmaster is probably always going to be the safe bet. Just throwing that out there**
  • I finally, FINALLY found a 2014 NFL schedule that goes week by week and it's perfect and I love it.
  • Want to participate in Football Friday? Or want to read more posts about football every Friday? Erin is. your. girl. She's fantastic and she's the Football Friday host. So go love on her.
Football Friday

That's all for today folks! I have a Hoosier Tailgate, a concert, a wedding, Farmer's Market salsa competition, and some secret stuff all going down this weekend. So maybe I won't suck so much at blogging and I'll have something of substance to share on Monday!
…Or maybe I'll be too tired.

Happy Friday! ;)


  1. Look at youuuu, all creative and clever with your post! ;) I love the football girl site too, so much good stuff on there :) Just a heads up, StubHub sucks... haha, just saying that we turn people away at our gates EVERY week for fake/invalid tickets they've bought on StubHub. And we can't do anything for them since they weren't purchased through us. So then the fan ends up having to find a SH location (normally they are at hotels near the city!) or call over the phone and try to see if something can get worked out. Not fun stuff, I promise!! Ticketmaster is safe and guaranteed though!

  2. Thanks for the link to the NFL rule book! I will definitely be using that this season ;)


    saints saints saints saints saintssssss

  4. Love me some football! These are all great! I can't wait til kickoff!!

  5. Ahhh, you smell that?! That's the sweat & blood of football men. Awhoo hoo!

    I did my Football Friday post as well: :)


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