Monday, August 25, 2014

Ew, Those Weekend Recap Posts Are The Worst…

Ew, yea.. I know everyone hates those darn "weekend recap" posts, but I had a really busy weekend full of lots of stuff and by golly *insert foot stomp* I'm going to share it.

There was a Hoosier Tailgate with my stepdad, little brother, and his best friend. It. Was. Hot.

There was an ALS ice bucket challenge nomination and two 13 year old boys completed the challenge with me.
Yes, we did, in fact, donate.

There was some Farmer's Market fun.

I sometimes wish that the Farmer's Market was every day. I love it. I also came home with this (see below) and it makes me ridiculously happy.

There was also some WEDDING FUN.

One of my best friends was the Maid Of Honor at her little sister's wedding and it was absolutely beautiful and so, so much fun! I love weddings.

There was a quick trip to Target and Sam's Club on Sunday and I saw this at Target and was torn between being amused and being annoyed. Anyone else see it? You're not foolin' me, Target!

That's all I'm sharing today, because ugh, I know how annoying these posts are.
Thank you for suffering through it with me.
Better content tomorrow? We'll see.
Holding your breath would be unwise.


  1. Hahaha that Target picture... don't you hate things like that? How dare they? Preying off the minds of the less-than-intelligent... Also, those flowers would make me happy too!

  2. I don't find these post's annoying at all, if anything they are my favourite to read...


  3. how dare you make me do math in the morning Kay..

  4. LOL I hate when stores do that to trick you into purchases! Boo! Looks like a good weekend :)

  5. I have to disagree and say that I prefer weekend recap posts/general life updates over all other post types. I would much rather read about what you did on the weeked (loooked really fun!) than a list of something random . . . but, that's just me!

    I have a few weddings coming up in the next year and I can't wait!

  6. The wedding looks like it was fun! And... Dear, Target... we're not fooled! k,thanks! ;)

  7. For nosy people like me, this is exactly what I like. Also. Please teach me your ways of taking such pretty and clear pictures and being able to make them the width of your blog posts and them not be blurry (I'm assuming you are using your iPhone...right?)

  8. Oh, there are much worse posts than weekend recaps.The real life post is the best type of blog post.
    I've been wondering about this ice bucket challenge. Why ice bucket? What does it have to do with ALS? And what does it serve people with ALS if people don't donate? I'm glad you did. Most people don't talk about the donating part. However, I like it that ALS gets some attention.

  9. Moist *insert childish giggles here*

  10. Those flowers are gorgeous! The wedding looked like a blast. And those prices at Target are killing me. Seriously?

  11. That wedding looks amazing!! Did the cake taste as good as it looks?


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