Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#Twitter Makes Me #LOL

I thought having 2 award shows air 2 nights in a row would be awesome. Turns out, I was wrong. #ItHappensOccasionally #VeryRare Instead it made me tired and unable to get anything productive done.

The VMAs are the #worst. I don't know how I even managed to watch the first hour. Sheer will power, I think. Of course, I went to bed after that (#zzzzz #beautyrest #sotired) and then I woke up the next morning and found out I missed the only part worth watching - Beyonce's performance. #ImAnIdiot

Thankfully the internet was able to recreate every single moment for me, so by the time I actually got to watch a full clip, I didn't need to because I already knew every. single. thing. that happened. Internet, you the man. Or woman. #Feminist Wink. Wink.

Now the Emmy's I was pretty excited for because I love TV. I. Love. TV. #LoveIt
All of you money savvy people out there cutting out cable and only watching Netflix and Hulu Plus, I applaud you, but I'd cry. #tears. My DVR is like a little piece of me. I'm also very attached to Netflix and Hulu Plus. So that's my life. #TheMoreYouKnow

Unfortunately I hadn't seen most of the mini-series that were nominated for Emmy awards, so that was upsetting. But I knew most of the people, so that was okay. Also #JessicaLange4Life
OH, also Weird Al's "performance" was hilarious. I laughed stupid hard. #LOL
Also, also - AARON PAUL. #inlovewithhim #imissbreakingbadalittle

Anyway, while I was watching both award shows, I was also surfing Twitter. #BasicWhiteGirl. I usually do though while watching things like this, because I'm always, always amused by the things people tweet during award shows or major sporting events, etc. Some of it is just… Ridiculous.

Which brings me to what I wanted to talk about today - Hashtags. I love them and I love to hate on them. #Hater. Approximately 95% of the time when you see me using a hashtag, I'm usually making fun of myself and that hashtag. I truly don't care if anyone else thinks they're funny, because I do. #EasilyAmused. Well, because I spent a lot of time on Twitter the last 2 nights, I've gotten to see tweeters at their absolute best.

So I jotted down a few for you:

Sometimes it's not the hashtag, it's the combination of hashtags that make it gold:
#mymomishot #idbangher
#beyonce? #beytwice!
#myfriendsaretheworst #hopetheydontseethis
#ilovebritishaccents #johnnydepp ---> This had me ROLLING with laughter, because Johnny Depp is from Kentucky, soooo..

This entire blog post has taught me one thing - I need to step up my game.


  1. I miss breaking bad a TON! I am so obsessed with how in love Aaron Paul is with his wife

  2. So the #beyonce? #beytwice! literally made me LOL because whoever came up with that is a genius in my book.

  3. Our DVR is basically a member of the family - we can't live without it! Also, I don't think I'll ever stop missing Breaking Bad. It's the best ever.

  4. i. was. cracking. up. excellent post. #nailedit

  5. I always said the #cardinalruleoflife is #dontlickyourbrother hahaha #HashtagsNeverGetOld

  6. #hashtagsarethecoolestthingsinceslicedbread #SnicklefritzLove

  7. HA! I totally do the same thing when I'm watching a show and know people are tweeting about and I love it!


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