Monday, January 5, 2015

24 Things From My 24th Year

***In case you missed it - I wrote a surprise Sunday post yesterday! I'm announcing some news in it and asking for some tips and advice. Specifically about switching to wordpress and etc. etc.***

One of the things that I love about being a January baby is that my birthday always goes directly with the new year. Which means that today there are only 24 days left of my 24th year (my birthday is the 29th in case you didn't want to do the math). How odd. I very (very, very, very) vividly remember being stressed, worried, freaked out, and even upset a few months back about my upcoming 25th birthday. Now here I am, 24 days away, and I'm just crazy excited about turning 25.

However, it's not time to talk about that yet. For today I want to quickly recap my 24th year.

4 Of My Most Popular Blog Posts - As Chosen By You

Garlic Parmesan Turkey Meatballs
Which are so freaking good and still one of my favorite recipes.

15 Words To Use More Often
I'm so glad this post gets so many hits, because it is one of my absolute favorites! A nice, big vocabulary is so attractive in a person and I loved sharing those words with all of you!

Meal Preppin'
This is a post about how I used to meal prep a lot, but honestly, I don't love this post and it's not quite as accurate now. But it's a popular post and I do think I included a few good things, especially the recipes I used.

24 On My 24th
I wrote this so quickly before work on my 24th birthday and it seems everyone loved it. It's definitely a fun post to read now that I'm coming up on my 25th birthday!

3 Of My Popular Posts About Blogging

36 Of The Best Blog Post Ideas.. EVER!
I still love this post and I still love getting the emails from people telling me that they used my ideas! Now I need to kick my own butt and do some more of my own ideas!

Blog Followers vs. Blog Readers
I wrote about the difference and about blog friendships and how much I love having blog readers.

Blogger Dictionary
It is slightly embarrassing how much time I put into this post. Weeks. I spent weeks compiling my list of words. I love this post. One of my personal favorites.

Why Blogs Die
I absolutely love this post because it is so honest and relatable. Blogging is hard and time consuming and only other bloggers can really get that. So I'm adding this one because I love it so dang much.

9 Instagram Pictures

I chose 9 photos from my Instagram that reminded me of things I wanted to remember from my 24th year. Some of them are the most random pics, not all of them are perfectly insta-glamours, but they remind me of specific memories that make me smile. Sigh, 24.

5 Seflies Of My 24 Year Old Self

This is just to remind you of how awkward I am. Holla.
…Do people still say "holla"?

3 Vacations I Went On In My 24th Year

Las Vegas, NV (my post about this trip) || St. Louis, MO || New Smyrna Beach, FL (my home away from home - post-ish about t
This year involved some of my absolutely favorite vacations of my entire life. I can't even possibly go into detail because I'll start to get emotional or something ridiculous, but honestly, these vacations were fantabulous.

So there you have it.
24 things from my 24th year.  
Putting this post together made me smile and cringe and laugh hysterically and tear up all at the exact same time. I was ready to say goodbye to 23, really ready, but I might miss 24 a tiny bit. Except that I'm so crazy excited for 25 that I can hardly stand it!


  1. You are so pretty. And smart. And talented. And you are my Snicklefritz.

  2. I'd like 24 shots of your beautiful hair! So jealous, it's gorgeous! Looks like you had a pretty awesome year!

  3. So you're finally hitting your MID twenties. Everything changes now.

  4. You're adorable- first of all! :) And YAY for birthday month! 25 is a great age to be! :)

  5. You summed up your year quite nicely with a diverse set of posts and pictures. Just reading about your excitement for the upcoming birthday makes me excited for my 25th this coming october. Funny how time flies when we're living our lives to the fullest.

  6. SOOOOOO YAY 25! Also double yay for birthday month! Annnnd I don't think I ever saw that post about blog post ideas....USING IT.
    Beardy Heart Beauty

  7. I turn 28 in 11 days time (the 21st) and I must be honest the most stressed I've ever been over a birthday was my 25th but it's awesome that you aren't stressed about it - embrace it :0 x


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