Monday, January 12, 2015

My Sister Takes Over The Blog! (Uh Oh..)

Happy Monday, my friends! Boy, do I have a fun surprise for you today!

My sister has been home for winter break the last few weeks, but unfortunately, she goes back to school today. Last night I knew she wasn't doing anything of importance, so I texted her and asked if she wanted to answer some questions for my blog today. Some questions I found on the inter webs, and some I made up, just to make it colorful.

Now, my sister needs no real introduction around here. I've mentioned her on the blog so many times that I can't even link back to those posts, because it'd take forever. So.. Here you go. OH, plus I've added my own comments, because obviously she can't have the last word.

What is your name and what do I call you?
My name is Lindsey, but Kristen usually calls me Lou or Linds.
Or brat. Or Sista. I actually call her Sista a lot. Also, Kristen = Me, for those of you who missed that memo.

What do you call her?
Most of the time I just call her Kristen, but I don't usually pronounce the T so it sounds more like "Krissen"
When she was younger she used to call me Deeder, which I think was maybe supposed to be "Sister". It was sort of cute. Especially this exchange:
Mom: "Lindsey, what are you doing?"
Lindsey: "Big potty. Big potty like Dee." 

Are you twins?
HAHA well no we aren't. We're actually 3 1/2 years apart in age, but we get asked if we're twins ALL THE TIME.
Seriously, every time we go anywhere. Also, some extend family refers to us as "the twins". 
Oh, and to clarify, she's 21 and I'm 24 going on 25 (Jan 29th). 

Do you mind being called twins?
I don't mind at all! Either I look 3 1/2 years older than I am, or she looks young. I think either of those would be a win for us. It's also pretty funny to see peoples' reactions when we tell them we're not twins.
Everyone usually thinks we're lying. Like yes, we'd totally lie about that. 

Are you close?
Yes. We fought so much as kids, but I think the older we've gotten the closer we've gotten. We hang out with each others' friends all of the time.
Agreed. I think we're very close.

Any memorable arguments?
This is a tough one. We've had so many little arguments that we get over in 5 seconds, that it's hard for one to stick out from the other.
Mostly her and I just have little spats and get over them fairly quickly. I do remember once when we were young, Elementary school age, we had gotten in a fight about Barbies which was not uncommon, but I got so mad that I put a puzzle piece between my knuckles and punched her in the leg with it. HAHAH, I was such a bitch.

What annoys you the most about me?
The fact that she LOVES to annoy me. My buttons get pushed very easily and she pushes every one of them just for the pure enjoyment of it. It's great. (refer to question #17)
One of my greatest pleasures in life is to annoy her. She just makes it so EASY! :) Also her "it's great" remark is her sarcasm coming through, in case you didn't sense it.

What do I do well?
Planning. It almost is annoying because I'm such the opposite, but she plans things down to every little detail and it always seems to work out for her. She's also really good at crafting and decorating!
We are polar opposites in this. The other day my dad was talking to me about when we were going to do my family birthday dinner, which is weeks away, and he said "I know you and I need to work this out now, because you need to add it to your calendar and plan around things, but I'll just mention it to your sister the day before." It was such a perfect moment that completely highlighted that difference in his two daughters.

Funniest memory?
There are WAY too many funny memories to count because we're constantly laughing, but honestly I just get the biggest kick out of us quoting movies. There are some movies we should just not watch with other people.
This was an unfair question, because "funniest" memory is impossible for us, because we're hilarious people. I will back her up and say that there have been many, many times that we have entire conversations in movie quotes (or YouTube quotes. or Vine quotes. Or TV quotes.). Like actual, real conversations, not nonsense.

What's one thing you can do that I can't?
Well I'm obviously the hilarious child of the family, so sorry bout ya sista. We all can't be as blessed as me.
WOW. Unfortunately, I have to give her credit - She's the most funny child of the family. Ew, it pains me to say that.

Last things we talked about?
I asked her to come out to the bar with her friend when they got done seeing a movie and she said no because they were basically in pjs. Lame.
We had gone to the 9:45 showing of Into The Woods, so she asked me this at like midnight. I'm too old now for that late night nonsense. 

Favorite inside joke with me?
Nobody ever really understands what we're saying. We pretty much have our own coded language.

Do you hang out frequently?
As much as we can. I go to college two hours away from her, but I see her when I come to visit or am home for breaks.
I think considering she's usually 2 hours away from me, we hang out a lot. More than the average pair of siblings, I'd say. In the 3 years she's been in college, I've never not seen her when she's been home on a break or on a weekend, even if it's been for less than an hour. 

What do you think about blogging?
I think it takes a lot of patience and planning, two things I don't have. But more power to the people that do it, I love reading them. I think it'd be cool to be able to look back at your old posts and remember things that you did that you probably wouldn't remember otherwise.
Good answer, so I have no comment.

How often do you read my blog?
Sometimes I forget about it, but I usually read every post. I see the link on twitter and that reminds me.
Huh, I actually didn't know she read it much at all. 

Do you ever want to come back on the blog?
Sure, I'd love to!

Why are you such a huge brat?
Well isn't this just the perfect question for Kristen to sneak in there. *currently glaring through the screen at her* I'm no bigger of a brat than she is, so she has no room to talk!
Ugh, that's such a bratty thing to say, Lindsey. 

When are you bringing the toddler mullet back?
As soon as you bring the bowl cut back. Don't make me get pictures out.
LOL. (my sister had an accidental mullet when she was 3-ish. I had an on-purpose bowl cut that my mother thought was just SO cute (it wasn't) when I was in 1st grade)

Any last words?
I think my ongoing tab needs to be lowered for taking the time to do this ;)
Backstory - Since my sister was in high school I started telling her I was keeping an ongoing imaginary tab for all of the money she owed me. Through the years, her imaginary tab has gotten large, quite large, and it grows much quicker than it shrinks. So she tries to find creative ways to decrease it. Like I said.. Brat.

Yea, I guess she's alright.

Let me know if you enjoyed this! Maybe I'll be able to convince her to do it again! Or maybe I'll get someone else to take over the blog.. Hmm…


  1. I had a bowl cut too! Actually I did, as well as my brother and 5 cousins. My aunt was going through Cosmetology school when we were like 4 or 5 and she practiced on all of us. There is a picture of the 6 of us with bowl cuts, pants with really loud geometric shapes and a plain colored t-shirt to match the pants. Total 90s kids. PS. Y'all could totally be twins.

  2. UGH a bowl cut. My mom made me get one as well and she though it was the cutest thing ever! It wasn't.

  3. HELLO. WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY. cheers for January 29th babies!

  4. Love this - I think I'll have to try and twist my sisters arm into doing something similar for me one of these days!

    Also, it makes me wonder if my sister secretly has a tab going for how much I owe her! LOL

  5. How fun that you guys get to be friends! I was 11 when my sister was born, so we're just now starting to get in the same timezone. haha Cute post!

  6. You are both gorgeous! I love how close you are! My siblings were all much older than me (12, 14, and 15 years) so I never had a sister to do stuff with.... love to see you guys having so much fun!

  7. I was reading and nodding (my sister and I are 3 years and 10 days apart) and then I was laughing out loud! "Why are you such a brat? Ugh, that is such a bratty thing to say, Lindsey." I'm dying!!!

  8. How cute!! Love this nothing like sibling love :)

  9. Pretty sure I could have written this with my younger sister too. We are almost 3.5 years apart :D

  10. I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but you share a birthday with my daughter! I really loved this post! I love that y'all are so close. you remind me of me and my sister. <3


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