Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Do You Like Wine? Do You Love It?

Just stopping in really quickly today. I'm going to make it short today because I'm sort of planning a bonus birthday post for tomorrow. I wasn't going to stop by at all, but then I got a reminder email this morning and just had to share everything involving it.

Has anyone heard of Club W?

Totally understandable if you haven't, but that also means that you're missing out. Like a lot.

I don't want this to sound like an infomercial, but damnit, I have good things to say about it! So just bear with me, I guess?

Club W is a wine delivery service. So first of all, wine to my door? Yea ok, sign me up. But it's actually more than that I think. It's based in California, so most of the wines you can choose are California wines, usually from small, local wineries.

You can fill out a palate profile and have them choose wines for you based on your tastes and what they recommend or you can just select the wines from their offered wines that month. You get new choices every month to choose from, with a couple wines that repeat for a few months. You can choose to get 3  or 4 bottles a month (i choose 3), but you can take a month off if you need to. For instance, I took December off because I already had so much wine stockpiled for the holidays, I didn't want 3 more bottles. ...Who am I?

I really, really love Club W though because I've gotten to try so many different kinds of wines, which I'm in love with. If I could wine taste every day, I'd die happy. I also love that every bottle is $13 and from my experience so far, the quality of wines you're getting are worth much more than that, so I consider this a steal.

Now, Club W doesn't know who I am and I doubt they give a flying fig one way or another, so I wasn't asked to write this post and I'm not getting paid or perked for it. However, Club W does offer referral links. If you sign up using my link here, then I get some perks and YOU earn $26, that's 2 free bottles. You can use $13 on your first order and then another $13 on your second order. Oh, and you can also get your own referral code. Because life is awesome like that.

Having said that, if you don't want to earn $26 and you don't want me to earn free bottles either, then feel free to click this regular Club W link here. I'm not mad at ya!

Just thought I'd stop in and let you guys know about this cool thing, since I'm currently deciding on my next 3 bottles for them to send to me!
Also, I asked on my Twitter, but I have a little Poll for you guys..

White Wine person or Red Wine person? 


  1. Um. Where has this been my whole life? (Whole life = the last 4.5 years.) Also, red wine person. Definitely.

  2. red. hands down. especially spanish reds.

  3. Red...drank in a Disney or Harry Potter wine glass. Because I'm classy like that ha.

  4. White or red? Whichever is cheaper.

    I don't like to spend more than $4 on a glass of wine because I AM CLASSY, DAMMIT.

    But I really like those bottles so I kinda wanna do this.

  5. Never heard of it but man I love wine!

  6. I have never heard of this but oh my goodness I need to sign up right now! Treat yo self to my future self when my deliveries arrive.

  7. I don't discriminate when it comes to red or white wines. (I promise I don't have a problem). I enjoy different kinds of each, but I will drink a good moscato before a pinot noir ;) I have recently heard of this, and I think Kasey mentioned it in a blog post recently too, linking back to you! if I can start bringing in a steady income again, I'll have to try this. Unless someone wants to get me this for my birthday (Christmas day is a long time to plan for!) haha.


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