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I've decided to stick with "TV Friday" as my fun and creative name for when I write about TV related things on Fridays. I like that there's no confusion with it. If someone says "Oh, I'm so excited for Kay's TV Friday post!", no one is going to respond with "What is TV Friday?". Because it's all in the name. Simplify your life, people.

I'm also still working my way through my DVR. I don't think you guys are understanding how many hours of actual TV are currently stored on there. Today I'm only talking about 3 shows and they're all related.


The mothership. Season 12.. TWELVE! Can you believe it? I have to say I was more than ready for this season to start because Season 11 was the worst. The absolute worst in my not-so-professional opinion. The good news was that anything the NCIS writers threw at me this season had to be better than last season, so I was fairly easy to please. So far I won't say too much has really "wowed" me, but it's been good. NCIS needed to regain it's "#1 show on TV" footing and I think it's getting there. So far this season there have been some good, solid episodes. I loved getting to see some of Ducky's past, since we've honestly gotten so little of that especially since he's been a character since episode 1. I like that the writers are creating an enemy for Gibbs that seems like it's going to end up being a season long enemy. I've missed that.
I will say I loved that the show finally addressed the Ziva absence in a way that made sense. Especially regarding Tony's character. It needed to be done so, so badly and I was really pleased with that whole episode. I loved even more that that particular episode was followed up with an episode involving Bishop and they way Gibbs treats her differently. It was good follow up because it addressed more of the Ziva being suddenly gone thing and I can't even tell you how badly I think the show needed to address that whole mess from Season 11.
The midseason finale was the best episode in such a long time. The best. They brought back McGee's typewriter and they brought back Gibbs' rules! The episode was full of perfectly timed flashback clips from seasons past and I loved everything about the episode. I was so distracted by how much I was loving seeing Gibbs' rules in action and the old clips that I totally didn't see the ending coming. I was totally blindsided when I realized WHY McGee was writing the letter. I teared up. No cliffhanger to leave the audience guessing during the holiday break, which was fine.
The new episode coming back from break was also another great one. I really think the show is starting to get it's footing again because I am SO excited about this storyline. Also, I can't tell you how much I loved getting MORE little flashbacks from previous episodes and that the writers included little bits for people who've been watching the show since the beginning. It's good story-telling for a show that's been on 12 seasons. I'm excited to move forward from here.

NCIS: Los Angeles

The middle child. I almost feel bad for this show, because Season 6 had some big shoes to fill. I loved Season 5. It was the best season of NCISLA yet, so this season honestly had a lot to live up to. I've got to say, it didn't start well. The worst part of Season 5 for me was the Season finale, which felt ridiculous. So Season 6 opened with the 2nd half of that episode (literally.. the episode was titled "deep trouble part 2") and it was so.. ugh, just not good. Then they moved on to a several episode arch of "Hetty's in trouble" and that is honestly old at this point. NCISLA is clearing not going to pull the trigger and kill off Hetty, so anything alluding to her death just annoys me. Then they went to Mexico, which was a decent episode, but nothing special. Then we had a good undercover episode for Kensi and Deeks, which I always love and I loved hearing a little more about Kensi, but again, the episode just fell short. Then we had a promising episode of a mole in NCIS and that could have been so fun to play up more, but ended up being boring.
I really liked the mid-season finale holiday episode to send us into the holiday break, because Kensi and Deeks made it "official" or whatever that means and we got to see everyone on the team kind of happy. I just don't think that is all going to last very long and truthfully, I hope it doesn't. That makes for boring television. This week's new episode was good, Callen almost died, which was intense and I liked that the team was in a hostage situation. But again.. it could have been so much more!
I think that's my problem with this season. Every episode is good, decent, ok, but none of them are amazing or fantastic! This show was coming off of a wonderful season, so I expected a lot out of it and it just hasn't delivered. Every story line they have each episode has such potential to be so great, but then the ending feels kind of like a let down. I'm hoping they can finish the season strong.

NCIS: New Orleans

The newbie. I was so excited for this show and I still am.. BUT right now, it's nothing special. NCIS:LA set itself apart from it's mothership by being different. On NCIS:LA they specialize in going undercover and that makes it different from NCIS. NCIS: New Orleans needs to find something different, otherwise it's just a boring extension of NCIS. My biggest complaint is HELLO.. You're filming on location in New Orleans. WHY aren't you taking full advantage of that? New Orleans is different and exciting and it has it's own little culture that sets it apart from the rest of the US. NCIS:NO is not doing justice to its location. Which makes it average, at best.
I do like the show though and I like most of the characters. Except for one, sometimes 2. They have these 2 "geeks"/"techies" on the show and especially one, but at times the other, are SO INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. I can not stand Sebastian, because the show has tried way, wayyyy too hard to make him "quirky" (almost like they tried to make a male version of Abby from NCIS and mesh him with Eric from NCIS:LA) and instead I just find all of his lines and all of his scenes totally obnoxious. I don't think it's the actor, I think it's the character. Otherwise, I love the other 4 main characters (Pride, LaSalle, Brody, and Loretta) and I think some of them have such interesting backgrounds that I hope this show gets another season just so they can start really digging into them more. Especially LaSalle and Brody, who are my favorites! Also, the same way that Ducky on NCIS is lovable, Loretta is exactly the same way. I love her character.
Really hoping this show can turn it around for the 2nd half and surprise everyone with something really great and fresh and exciting.

There you have it, the second installment of TV Friday. You can review the first installment here if you'd like. I discussed heroes.. The super kind and the every day kind. (The Flash, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD)

Also, in case you missed it, here's a recap of this week on The Best Of Intentions:
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I'll see you on Monday! Have a wonderful and fabulous weekend!

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  1. Have you seen the JAG episodes that Gibbs and Dinozzo were on when NCIS was first starting out? I have been wanting to see them so bad but they're not on Netflix so I'm not sure how I will find them. Also, Brody from NCIS:NOLA was on JAG as well!


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