Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Meal Preppin'

Okay, so this was a requested post and even though I don't know why anyone wants to know how I spend my Sundays, I decided to go with it.
This is my 4th week using Sundays as meal prep days and prepping for the whole week.
So umm.. I guess I'll just run through my Sunday with you guys?

First things first, the biggest thing I've learned is that meal planning is key. Way more important that meal prepping. I sit down before I decide to go grocery shopping and write out exactly what I'm going to eat Monday-Friday. I always consider 2 things -
  1. What do I have going on during the week that week? Am I working athletic events any nights that week? Do I have any meetings any night that week? Etc.
  2. What food do I already have that needs to be cooked or eaten to reduce waste?
Those are the 2 big things I've realized I need to plan around. So first I decide what I'm going to eat and then I make a grocery list for the things I don't already have.

The next step is to grab your purse, lock your apartment door, walk down to your car, start your car, get down the road, and then realize you've forgotten your grocery list.
Actually, to be efficient you might want to just skip that step.

Oh, but the next important step is to get to the grocery store, determined to not stray from your list.. but then you see that blueberries are on sale and that's unheard of! So you buy them. And then you mentally re-write your meal plan.

So alright, I'll be honest.. I didn't time myself food prepping. So I have no idea how long it actually took me. To be fair, It definitely took me longer than it usually does this time. One, because I had decided on a lot of foods that all needed the oven. Two, because I bought those damn blueberries so I had to make blueberry pancakes with them and that's time consuming-ish. Three, because I was doing about 6 other things while I was food prepping, so I didn't cook non-stop.
I'm bad at this, guys.

Here's a better/closer look at my plan for this week.

I made oven fajitas using this recipe.

I also made roasted sweet potatoes using this recipe.

 I made whole wheat blueberry pancakes using this recipe.

I cooked up some cous cous and veggies.

I baked some chicken tenderloins (i know those look huge, but they are, it's just a super small pan).

Things not pictured:
  • Hardboiled eggs. (anyone with a super amazing tip on making them easier to peel? don't suggest it unless it's beyond amazing because i've tried everything)
  • Cut-up apples for 2 days, soaked in lemon water.
  • Diced a tomato for my salad.
  • Cooked some brown rice.
  • Portioned some peanut butter into little containers. (for my apples)
  • I opened a can of green beans, because I already had them and I'm cheap.

Because I'm already anticipating some questions, here are some of the answers -
No fruits? Uh nope, not many.. I like fruit, a lot and fruit has a lot of sugar in it. I'm watching my sugar fairly closely right now, so uh yea.. Not many fruits.
Not counting calories? No, not right now. This isn't for everyone, but for me I KNOW what my portion sizes are supposed to be and I KNOW high calorie foods vs. low calorie foods. I just don't always do it. So currently I'm not keeping completely accurate track, because that's not where I struggle.
No cheese? I know.. I'm depressed. I'm trying to go very light cheese this week.. I love cheese. Ugh.. I miss it already.
So, what are you trying to do? All veggie, all the time. I'm trying to eat as many veggies as I possibly. It blows.

Okay, so here's another disclaimer.. GUYS, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING!


  1. You may think you have no idea what you're doing, but you're rocking it!! Especially the fact that peanut butter made the list :)

  2. Alton Brown has baked boiled eggs directions (http://www.food.com/recipe/hard-cooked-eggs-in-the-oven-baked-eggs-61856) and they were easier to peel than the ones that are actually boiled.

  3. It all looks very good!! And not counting calories and eliminating what you know you need to is key! I think you're doing the right things! You go girl!

  4. i ALWAYS forget my grocery list because I'm a pen and paper oldie. the other day, i forgot it again and was soooo mad. so now i take a picture of it so it's always in my phone at least. (because lists and list apps are annoying and i never stick with them)
    i prepped for the first time this weekend!!
    the fajita chicken is a great idea! stealing.
    i've read a lot that if you put baking soda in the water it helps peel the eggs. i tried it and didn't really see a difference though. my little method is to use a spoon, i crack it and stick a spoon in there and kinda push it and for the most part the whole thing just comes right off.

  5. yeah this is awesome girl. i started meal prepping on sundays and it is life changing. i cut out bread and dairy and it is actually killing me. thus the reason i cheated yesterday and had a great big ol greasy burger. which means salad for me all week. keep rocking it!

  6. Tell me where you got that planner thingy at... cause I need it. Also, WAY TO FREAKIN GO!

  7. This looks awesome. It's way better than the way I do my meal planning. Does all that food stay good till the end of the week? Or do you put the containers in the freezer?
    I heard that adding a little baking soda to the water makes eggs easier to boil. Haven't tried it yet, so can't verify that.

  8. oh man, i try to do a decent job of meal prepping, but you are putting me to shame. also the no cheese thing gets easier i promise!

  9. We must've been on the same blogging wavelength, because I literally published almost this exact same post today. TWINS. Seriously, sauteed peppers and brown rice dish and all. You're definitely more organized than I am though-- snacks for me consist of bringing a bag of baby carrots and a tub of tzatziki sauce to work for the week. Love your little planner though-- so cute! :)

  10. I really like that notebook - where'd you get it???

  11. Like many others have already said - the notebook is incredible!

    I think you're doing a great job. I need to start thinking about meals for the week more carefully because I live in a big city, ie i must carry all groceries home on my shoulder, so it would be muuuch easier if i didn't have to make multiple trips! xx

  12. Love the meals you made, i'm going to do this on Sunday for the week ahead. Only thing I will omit would be the apple thing, I always seem to have an apple at my desk at work. Love your notebook....where is it from?

  13. this is seriously impressive!!! i want to do this, I am motivated now!

  14. This looks really good. Lean proteins, veggies and good carbs. You are doing great. Everything looks good.

  15. You rock!! I really want to do this, I NEED to do this!!

  16. You obviously have SOME idea what you're doing! You're eating the heck out of your vegetables! Go girl!


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