Tuesday, February 25, 2014

World War Kay - Battle Of The Green Beans

I think I've decided that Tuesday is going to be the unofficial day that I write about fitness and weight loss and such. If I don't declare a day, then things could get out of hand and this little place in Bloglandia that I call home could turn into one of those weight loss blogs and then I'd have to start living up to certain expectations and laaa deee daaaaaahhhh, we just aren't going to even go there.
So, Tuesdays - all things fitness and weight loss. Maybe next week I'll try to think of a clever name or something. Don't hold your breath though.

Moving right along, today I'm writing to document what happened to me last night, because I want to always remember it for the rest of forever.

Sunday I had a Mary Kay party and just in general spent the entire day doing all things Mary Kay.
Sundays are usually my meal prep days and my cleaning days and my plan-for-the-week days.
However, I knew going into the weekend that I wasn't going to have Sunday to do all of that, so I got all motivated and shit and cleaned like a crazy person on Friday. Then Friday night I spent watching Harry Potter and making my schedule and my lists for this week.
Side Note: I'm so type A.
Side Side Note: I should've spent Friday night prepping blog posts for this week too, damnit. But finding out what was in the Chamber Of Secrets took priority.
Anyway, I didn't want to meal prep on Friday because I didn't want food sitting in my fridge all weekend that I wasn't even going to touch until Monday. It just all made no logical sense to me, so I just decided I'd wing it on Monday and then Monday night I'd meal prep for the rest of the week.

Friday me and Monday me do not see the world in the same way.
Friday me was all rainbows and butterflies thinking "Oh it'll be no problem to meal plan and grocery shop and meal prep Monday night! You don't have to work any late events, you don't have any meetings, you don't have any tv shows on! What else would you be doing? I mean, really?"
But Monday me wanted to stab Friday me in the eye with a fork.

Problem #1 - It was Monday. Who in their right mind wants to grocery shop and cook for the week on a Monday?
Problem #2 - I had a ton of other things I needed to get done last night and none of them included cooking or grocery shopping.
Problem #3 - The BIGGEST PROBLEM.. I'm over it. I did not want to go to the gym Monday morning. I did not want to eat broccoli. I didn't want to eat plain chicken. I didn't want asparagus. I just didn't. I'm over it.

I was walking up and down the isles of the grocery store getting down-right irate. I was just so pissed. I didn't want any of the food I knew I needed to buy and I didn't want to go home and cook it up. I got to the end of the store and had almost nothing in my cart because I was just so mad and I didn't want anything. So there I am, standing in the dairy section taking deep breaths and trying to calm down. I'm totally not kidding when I say that I was legitimately ticked off. It was like I had just gotten in a fight with my sister or something. So I'm doing my count to ten thing and realized how psycho I looked. I'm angry that I have to purchase green beans.
Just re-read that sentence. I was angry and borderline throwing a temper tantrum next to the milk and butter because I had to buy green beans.

So I turned around and went back through the store again and started making choices.
Then I came home and I cooked for an hour and a half.

When I was doing the dishes, I realized the most amazing thing.. I just won that battle.
Before, today would have been a day when I would've given up. I wouldn't have bought broccoli or green beans, because I didn't want broccoli and green beans. I wouldn't have gone home and cooked for the week because I didn't want to go home and cook for the week. I just wouldn't have done any of it. I would've given up and then vowed the next week to start my "healthy lifestyle" all over again.
But yesterday, I won a battle.
And battles win wars.


  1. haha you got this!!! that is amazing. i think you're right- that is a huge battle and that's awesome.

  2. take that green beans!!!! but in real talk, i have been there. sometimes you just want to say Eff it.

  3. High five! You can definitely do this!

  4. It is all about the little battles! Go you, you got this!!

  5. Good for you!!!! I think that his a huge hurdle that you just cleared by winning that battle!! I'm proud of you :)

  6. LOL, you crack me up! I've been in your shoes way too many times. Last weekend was one of those times! Great job for winning this battle! :)

  7. Good for you girl! I hate hate hate grocery shopping, it's the worst part of the week!

  8. I absolutely love this post. I mean it really is a battle. A battle you have to overcome every single day. So I'm so PROUD of you for overcoming this battle. Also, I was thinking about dedicating one day a week solely to weight loss talk. I dunno what you think, but what if we get together and make it a link up? Yes? No? (please say yes)

  9. You won it, girl! It wasn't easy but you kicked butt! I love your idea to dedicate Tuesdays!

  10. Good for you girl!!!! You totally kicked that battles butt!!!!!!


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