Friday, February 7, 2014

Getting My Head In The Game

Do you ever start your blog post off by banging your head on the keyboard?
Oh... no? You don't? Hmm...

Well, I just did.

I just.. I just want to ramble. And I try really hard to not come here every day and just ramble on and on because that would get exhausting and annoying and everyone would stop reading because they'd constantly be thinking "does this girl ever shut up?".
P.S. The answer is no, I don't.

So I had a scheduled post on Wednesday, that I had to revert to draft because it needed to be moved to next week. Then I just decided not to post anything else, because I wanted to ramble.
Yesterday I had such great intentions of getting a post up and making it coherent and not rambly. Then I started writing and I couldn't get my thoughts to all line up, so it was practically word vomit all over Blogger. Annnnnd then I got frustrated and deleted it and didn't post anything.

Now here it is, Friday, and I'm struggling to put words into sentences and sentences in paragraphs.
Truth is, I've made a lot of big decisions this week.
And today is a big day for me.
And I'm a little scared.

And ya know what? I think it's one thing to say to someone else that they should take the risk and do whatever they want to do and they shouldn't listen to anyone else's opinion. I think it's an entirely different thing to say that to yourself and then to act on it. Giving advice is so much easier than following advice.

And also, I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.
All of it.

Ya know what else?
There are some of you who read this blog every day. You come back every single day and you comment and you're so damn nice! You're all so nice! I have only had one negative comment and I laughed so stinkin hard at it that I snorted. Everyone else comes back every day and leaves sweet things and I just.. I don't know why!
My parents, my aunt, and Marion (HI MARION!) I get why they come back. They know me in real life and outside of Bloglandia. All of the rest of you, you just keep coming back. I don't know if I will ever understand it.
But if it weren't for you guys, I'd never keep coming back here.
If not for you I wouldn't have posted today.
If not for you I wouldn't have made some of the choices I've made this week.

So okay, no more rambles.
Here's my theme song for today.


  1. Aww girl I hope everything is okay, good luck with whatever it is you are going through!

  2. Ohhh since you closed with Vampire Diaries I definitely won't be leaving. I was considering up until that point ;)

  3. THANK THE LORD that your song is HSM because when I clicked over I was like I hope that I'm not the only one that immediately thought of that when I saw the post title... Word vomit away though, girl. Sometimes those are the most refreshing posts because they're just HONEST! xoxo

  4. Keep your head up sweet girl!! I ramble all the time :)

  5. Never stop being sweet and loving Supernatural and I'll always come back.

  6. Well now I just need to know all the things going on in your life <3

  7. oh wow, good luck with what ever it is that's going on today. And you've already succeeded just by taking that big risk!

  8. Ramble your heart out pumpkin! That's what we're here for. Don't let that crown fall, keep your head high. It's this crayyyy Indiana weather. It's driving all us Hoosiers bonkers!

  9. This post sucked.

    (ha-ha just kidding! I am so excited to hear about your big day! Wishing you so much luck!)

  10. Awww we won't leave. Rambling is totally okay. Sometimes you just have to get it out. Hope the big decisions are all good things.

  11. Hope your big day today went well !

  12. Amazing song choice! High school musical is pretty much the best thing ever, I mean it introduced the world to Zac Efron! Hope everything went awesome on Friday!


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