Friday, February 14, 2014

If I Had A Valentine..

For today's post we're all going to need to use our imagination.
Let's pretend for a few minutes that I had a boyfriend.
Then let's pretend this boyfriend asked for suggestions on what to get me for Valentine's Day.
Next let's also pretend I didn't punch him in the face for asking what HE should get ME.

Anyway, if for some reason I didn't injure said boyfriend and I actually gave him a little list of things I might want for Valentine's Day, this would be the list..

>>---> Red Velvet Macarons. Obviously. If you clicky here you can find a recipe to make these lovely things.. Let me know when you're delivering them to my house. Thanks in advance.
>>---> Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara.. THE BEST EVER! I'm what you'd call a "mascara snob" and this is THE best. I'm not kidding even a tiny little bit. If you want to try it, you can click here and order it (or anything else) me. Do it, I promise you won't regret it. LOVE this stuff!
>>---> Kendra Scott. *drool*.. This necklace actually comes in 16 colors. I want approximately 15 of them.

>>---> Yea, I'm the loser who'd want sheets for Valentine's Day, but gray and white stripes! I can't resist these cuties!
>>---> If I had a Valentine, I'd demand this card. And oops.. I just spent 20 minutes browsing this Etsy shop. She's awesome and I bookmarked so many things I want now!
>>---> I'll give you all a moment to act shocked that I want something from Kate Spade... Moments over. I love it, I want it, I gotta have it. Plus, the gold bow.. AH, I die.

>>---> There's actually a 95% chance that I order this for myself. Where my Hoosier girls at? Candy stripes, am I right? Anyway.. This whole Etsy shop is GOLD. TONS of super affordable infinity scarfs!
>>---> The gold, the knot, the diamonds! I want it!
>>---> I pretty much want every shoe from Julianna Hough's Sole Society collection, but I love these booties! I really want a cute pair of booties and these are the ones I want.. Thanks in advance, again.

Now I'm almost regretting showing you guys all of these because now you're all going to go off and get them and I'm not going to have them..
Now I'm really jealous.

Anyway, please browse this link-up from Sarah and Helene.. I already know it's going to be hilariously awesome.
I mean, check out the button..

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. Love the sheets and the scarf. Stripes! And don't worry...I'm not going to run off and get them. And I can assure you noone is going to get them for me either.

  2. i mean you like the button so my day is made because i made it and i thought everyone would hate it! WHOO! also, i'll take one of everything please.

  3. I totally agree - the Mary Kay Ultimate mascara is totally the best! It's all I use, too! Also, that pearl bracelet with ribbon is freakin' adorbs.

  4. That pearl bracelet is super cute!!

  5. want those sheets. and as soon as i saw that scarf i thought to myself 'she only wants it for the candy stripes'

  6. Red velvet macarons? DIED.

    I brought red velvet cupcakes into the office this morning. One of my co-workers had never seen red velvet before in his life. I don't know how that was possible, but isn't he lucky I came along?

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. i want those macarons. now. in and around my mouth.

  8. I LOVE that Kendra Scott jewelry- and the booties. And I love getting new sheets!

  9. I love that bracelet, I want!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. You're way too adorable with your arrow bullet points >>---> <3

  11. I feel fairly confident in saying - you're my new favorite. also, that card+# combo is everything.


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