Monday, February 3, 2014

February Goals!

Good Morning!

I'm that obnoxious girl in Bloglandia today. I'm all happy and motivated and shit.
Don't fret, I'm sure it'll be short lived. 3pm will roll around and I'll be ready to stab someone with a letter opener.
Now that I've put those happy thoughts in your head.. Let's talk about January.
  • #payitfoward Made it happen.
  • Be Spontaneous Done.
  • Make a recipe binder. Done! And you'll get to see it on Thursday!
  • Lose 5lbs 4.5lbs, close enough. But it's probably because I spent 2 days with the flu, not because I worked really hard.
  • Get my car fixed. Done!!! And she's so pretty now!
  • Read a book! (one single book is all i'm asking of myself!) DONE! Blogger Book Club book for January! You can read reviews here and still link up your own review!
  • 64 dang oz of dang water a dang day!! No, the flu and my birthday and other really good excuses caused me to fail this one.
  • Update my 5 year plan. Done. I used pretty markers and everything!
  • CPA Office: Get up to date on "Millie's" I'm not sure this is possible..
  • CPA Office: 3rd Qtr of "Mark" done. I will be done by the end of the day today! So I'm calling this one done.
Final Tally:  8/10!
Holy heck, this might be my best score, ever!
That just got me all kinds of excited for February and my February goals!

  • #payitforward, as always
  • Be Spontaneous, as always
  • Lose 4% of my weight! I joined Darci's DietBet for February! Why the heck not, right? Join TODAY!
  • 64oz of water a day! I really want to get this right for the whole month so I can increase to 72oz a day!
  • Read The Fault In Our Stars so my mom will stop harassing me.
  • Become a Mary Kay consultant. What? Yes.. I love it, so it's happening.
  • Start 5k training! Because why the heck not?
  • Write and Publish my first Blog Of The Day post! It takes longer than you'd think guys. Coming soon, I do promise.
  • Begin studying to become and Enrolled Agent! Because, why the heck not?
  • Floss (or use the water flosser) every single day this month! 
  • Get us organized at the CPA Office for tax season! 
  • File my taxes!
  • Call Sallie Mae and cuss them out discuss my student loans.
  • Go on a date with my little brother. He's a cool kid, I need to spend more time with him.
  • Get my dang Gmail Inbox under control. Seriously, what a disaster.

Big 'ol goal list for February!
But I have faith it these 28 days and I'm really motivated, so I figure I should take advantage of that while it's here. Ya feel me?

What are your goals this month?!


  1. Yeah for meeting a lot of your January goals. That is a long list for such a short month, but you can totally do it!! Get it girl!

  2. You got so much done! And your mom is right, you must read The Fault in Our Stars!!

  3. Wow girl. You are way more ambitious than I am with the Feb goals! I posted mine today too. And GO YOU for meeting most of your January goals! I failed on an important one (work out 4x other than teaching). Whoops!

  4. Finished "The Fault in Our Stars" over the weekend--it's so good! And awesome goals! :)

  5. 8 out of 10 goals is awesome!!! Good job! Good luck with your goals this month!

  6. My camelbak groove helps me drink lots of water everyday bc the straw thingy is fun haha (it's the little things) and I love that it has a filter so I can fill it up anywhere I go! Good luck with this month's goals!

  7. I adore that you want to spend more time with your brother :) I miss my siblings so much right now and can't wait to take them out on a little lunch date! I'm looking forward to your recipe binder, I recently acquired all of my late grandmothers handwritten recipes and I've been trying to figure out how to organize them! xo

  8. i need to join you in reading the fault in our starts it has been sitting on my desk begging me to read it!

  9. ooohhh I may have to look into buying some Mary Kay from you when that happens!! in high school my mom used to get a ton of their stuff and Avon and I miss the whole catalog shopping thing ;)

  10. I wish I was this motivated on a Monday.

  11. I'm definitely going to try this out. I make daily to do lists but after a while they get all mixed up/lost and I cant remember what I've finished lol

  12. I filed my taxes the day I got my W2. Such a relief to have it out of the way. Now, to stalk my bank account and wait for them to deposit my refund!!! :D

  13. You can do it! I have a struggle with the water too - even though I go nowhere without a bottle in my hand!


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