Monday, January 13, 2014

Being Spontaneous And Being Happy

First things first - This morning I need advice/help!
Last night I spent 4 hours, FOUR HOURS, dealing with stupid iCloud and my stupid iPhone and the stupid pictures I take with my stupid iPhone. My phone has been yelling at me for months that my data storage blah blah blah was almost full. My phone has also been yelling at me since June that my iCloud storage/Photo Stream bullshit was full or something. I don't know. Basically my phone was constantly yelling at me. I figured I should finally do something about it.
So first I started by making sure every single photo and video that was on my phone was backed up onto my computer by directly transferring the photos. Okay, then I moved on and decided to backup my iPhone to my computer directly, since it hadn't been backed up via iCloud since June and hadn't been backed up via my computer since October. I was just asking for something to happen.
If you're keeping track, this means I've backed up all of my photos and all of my data. So I started deleting some photos from my phone. By some, I mean a lot. A lot of photos.
Um, well.. since the photos were the majority of the data on my phone, I naively thought that by deleting many it would solve my problems. Turns out, not so much. My phone is still yelling at me about my iCloud. Saying that it can't back up because my iCloud is full.. What. The. Hell. I don't know how to empty my iCloud. It's all very confusing to me.
So hey all you Apple gurus.. Fix me. Please!

Moving right along, I crossed off a To Do on my January Goal List this weekend!

Be Spontaneous.

I had a long work day on Saturday. You know those 7.5 hours shifts that feel like 14 hours shifts? Yea, that happened. Then I had to run by a pharmacy on my way home and pick up some cold meds, cough drops, and orange juice because I am NOT sick and I am NOT getting sick. I finally got home at 7:30pm and not 1 minute after I sat down, I get a text from my best friend.

She was with her boyfriend and his friends at a bar watching the Colts vs. Patriots game and she wanted me to come save her from being the only girl.
I did not want to go.
I don't like the Colts (i'm a chicago bears fan).
I was tired.
I didn't feel very well.
I had JUST sat down.
So naturally I changed my clothes and met her at the bar. 

And I ended up having a really good time. Then when we left her boyfriend insisted that he walk me to my car. Insisted. Then I got this text on my way home -->

I love Jordan. And I love Kristen. And I love his guy friends. And I love that she convinced me to come go out even though I didn't want to and she knew I didn't want to.

Well there you go, I spent my weekend working, watching the Colts lose (yay!), and attempting to fix my stupid iPhone.
Someone please just come fix it all for me. Please.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Also, Hi.. I'm giving a present away today!
Also, also.. Kelly rocks. Be her friend.


  1. Ah the only way to make room on your iCloud is either to delete things (from your computer) OR buy more storage. IF you don't want ALL the apps to go to the iCloud this is what you do (this should create more room), Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage > Click on Your iPhone > And under back up options unclick anything that you don't "need" to be saved, I don't have games or anything to be saved, just pictures.

    I really hope that helps! And if you do pay it's $20 a year it's not bad.

  2. I don't back up my phone to iCloud because there isn't enough room - I only back it up to my computer. If you just backed up everything to your computer you can go to the settings (like Renee said above) and uncheck everything. The only stuff that backs up to my iCloud (in case my computer dies) is contacts/calendar - basic stuff like that.

  3. My iPhone is doinf the same thing. I think it is all the Apps. Glad you ended up going and having fun!

  4. i am still working on getting my old photos from the damn cloud onto my new phone. freaking clouds! ugh

  5. i love my best friend's boyfriend too so i totally get this!

  6. I don't know anything about iPhones, so I can't help you there, sowwy. But being spontaneous can be super exciting and fun, and it mostly will lead to good things! So glad you're getting a head start on your goals!


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