Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Photo A Hour - Birthday Edition

Um, number one - HUGE thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday! Big hugs to everyone because when I was reading my email last night and a tiny bit this morning I almost cried. I love this blogging thing.

B. I'm sharing with you guys a photo a hour from my day yesterday! On my birthday! Mostly pics, very few words. Oh and I'll be honest.. the times aren't exact. They're all within that hour, but yea. Go with it.

January 29th, 2014..
 5:15am - The worst part of the day.

 6:15am - Gym.
 7:15am - Blogging

 8:15am - Getting ready

9:15am - Birthday breakfast at The Village Deli with my parents. Mushroom and onion scramble. I also totally asked for some Hollandaise sauce on the side and it was delicious.

 10:15am - Working

 11:15am - Running errands with my boss lady. I was waiting in the car. I got bored.

 12:15pm - Bosslady took me to lunch. Three cheers for bosslady!

 1:15pm - Like I said, times were screwed up. We were technically still eating and getting some free pie to go, but we left right after this.

2:15pm - Working. Making labels and addressing a billion envelopes.

 3:15pm - Post Office.

 4:15pm - Working.

 5:15pm - Working.. ish.

 6:15pm - My baby brother took me out for my birthday dinner. I love this kid.

 7:15pm - I went to my parents house and they were watching Pitch Perfect. We're all a little obsessed.

8:15pm - Still all watching Pitch Perfect.

 9:15pm - Back to my apartment to open my presents.

 10:15pm - A birthday glass of wine and Chicago PD. My sister and I are obsessed with this new show!

11:15pm - I was asleep the minute I laid down.

My 24th Birthday came and went, just like that!
Now everyone should go creep on everyone else that linked up with Steph and Meg O. for A Photo A Hour!

Oh, and did anyone (besides my stepdad) notice that at the beginning of this blog post I started with "number one" and then moved onto "B"..


  1. happy belated birthday! sounds like a great day was had :)

  2. You were definitely well fed for your birthday! Glad it was a good one. I still need to see Pitch Perfect!!

  3. looks like a great birthday to me! ps. i think we might have the same comforter

  4. Definitely some DELICIOUS looking food. I want that breakfast right now. Looks like a great birthday, so happy belated birthday!!! Thanks for linking up with us!

  5. I want those breakfast potato things RIGHT NOW. Also, I need to know where you got that ring in your first picture and your phone case. kthanksbye

  6. I'm amazed people manage to blog before 10am at all, I usually can't function much before 11am!

  7. Photo an hour on a birthday is an amazing idea! Wish you had less working :(:(:(

  8. happy belated birthday!! looks like a great day! :)

  9. Everything looks yummy. That was nice of your boss to take you out, Pitch perfect is such a good movie! Glad you had a great birthday celebration.

  10. I have that lovers knot ring also :) looks like a wonderful birthday!


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