Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bad Luck Betty.. Errr, I mean Kay

Warning, this post sounds very whiny, because well.. it is.
My streak of bad luck all started on Christmas Eve.

My best friend's little sister turned 21 on December 24th. So, on December 23rd at 11:50pm a huge group of us met outside of a bar to wait for midnight so we could celebrate her 21st. My best friend and I decide that we were going to stay sober and be DDs so that everyone else could celebrate with her and we could keep an eye on her. She had never had more than a glass of wine before this night. Ever. She's a good girl, so unlike her sister and I.
Anyway, around 1:45am, she's good and hammered and the group (probably 20+ people) wanted to go a few blocks to a different bar where they give you a drinking glass and a tshirt on your 21st birthday. It's an easy walk. But it was about 20 degrees outside at this point, so we decided to move my car down closer to that bar knowing we'd be leaving from there very shortly. So I parked my car in the parking lot behind the bar. I've parked there a thousand and one times. I was also one of only 3 cars in the entire parking lot.
Around 2:45am, my best friend and I make the executive decision that it's time to leave. Now. So everyone starts calling the other DDs and we all walk out to my car in the parking lot. I knew something was up when everyone who had been walking in front of me had stopped. Then when someone put there arm around me and said "Well, Merry Christmas"... I knew something was bad. And what do you know.. Someone had hit me.
My Christmas Eve began with a police report and a stressful call to my parents and our insurance company.

This was the beginning of my week from hell.

December 27th, I spend my morning at a body shop getting an estimate for my car. I leave directly from there and go to Target. I'm there an hour-ish. I go outside and try to leave and turn my key.. Nothing. Literally nothing happens. Not even a single noise.
I try calling my dad, no answer.
Try calling my mom and stepdad, no answer.
Text my aunt and uncle, no answer.
Call my grandparents' house phone, no answer.

I get frustrated and walk back inside Target to calm down. At this point I'm teetering dangerously on the edge of tears and I need to be around people so I don't start losing it. Stranded at Target for an hour. Finally, one of my friends offers to leave her job, come pick me up, and then take me all the way home. Thank you, V! Several hours later my parents went out to Target with my spare key, jump my car, drive it around the corner to a Sears. Turn my car off again and nothing happens again. My battery was dunzo (a la Kristin from Laguna Beach). My parents ended up buying me a new one and brought my car back to me. Thank you, thank you to them.

However, while I was waiting on my car to come back to me, I decided I'd put together my brand new vacuum cleaner that I got for Christmas. Start putting it together and notice there are NO instructions. That's also when I noticed I'm missing 2 pieces. Oh and the cord was showing bare wires near the plug. Back in the box it goes to be returned.

Bad Luck: 3, Kay: 0

December 28th, I attempt to take a shower. I turn the water on and water starts shooting everywhere. My shower head is cracked where it meets the pipe coming out of the wall. It is going to need replaced. I go buy a new one and my dad comes over to replace it. The 10 minute job takes over an hour because there were so many problems. The water wouldn't come out and it had to be taken apart again, fixed again, and then put back together a second time.

Bad Luck: 4, Kay: 0

December 31st, I wake up at 4am not feeling well at all. Wonderful. In the afternoon I decide I need to run out to CVS and get some Sprite and crackers. On my way home I get pulled over. For driving through a yellow light because "it was almost red". I feel the ridiculous need to point out that I was completely through the light, for a while before it turned red. Even if I had slammed on my breaks the second it turned yellow, I would've stopped in the middle of the intersection, quite possibly past the intersection. So yea. Turns out, I know the police officer who pulled me over (no it wasn't my neighbor) and he recognized my car and that's why he pulled me over. He's known around town for being a douche. He said he just "wants me to be safe" because "my life is important". Oh and "say hi to your dad for me." He gave me a warning. Asshat.

Bad Luck: 5, Kay: 0

As I'm getting ready to go out for New Year's Eve my stomach is not feeling any better. Then at approximately 6:30pm it was game over and I got sick. I didn't even see the ball drop because I was in the bathroom having a miserable time.

Bad Luck: 6, Kay: 0

Here's hoping that I've had my fill of bad luck.
This little list doesn't even include the huge flood my town experienced before Christmas where my dad and I trudge through nasty, dirty water almost up to my knees and checked on my aunt's office and saved what we could. Ruined my shoes. 

2013 did not end well. Here's hoping 2014 is much better!
Here's also hoping that I stop being so damn whiny and get the hell over it. :) 


  1. The only thing I can say is that SUCKS. I REALLY hope 2014 treats you better! The thing I'm most mad about is the cop pulling you over. Cops have enough reputation of being douche bags, he shouldn't exacerbate it.

  2. Dude, "getting the hell over it" is one of the hardest things to do. I have to tell myself that all the time and then when I finally listen to myself everything is fine. But that first step is my least favorite.

  3. holy crap, you deserve a long relaxing vacation on a beautiful beach.
    the whole car thing is kinda suspicious to me. it just suddenly stopped working after leaving the body shop? sounds to me like the messed with it so you would come back and have to pay them to fix it. i swear they do that shit, i'm convinced. i hate car repair places.
    we're a week into 2014, is you luck getting better? hope so!! :)

  4. Oh no!! I hope things get better. This sucks!!

  5. With all of that, I think you're allowed to be whiny!!

    Here's to a better 2014!

  6. Hope this year is better for you than the end of last year! Sending good thoughts your way!!

  7. Oh no! That is a sting of back luck! Here's to hoping 2014 gets better.

  8. O-M-G girl! I am so sorry about your car!!! :( that is just horrible. I hope it gets fixed quickly. And the dead battery eshk, I've been there done that and gawd it sucked so bad. I have breakdowns if something is wrong with my car too. I hope 2014 is a MUCH better year for you! And I hope you are feeling better♥

  9. Sheeesh! I def hope 2014 treats you a lot better than that week did!

  10. Gah that is the week from HELL... maybe you got all of the bad luck for the year out of the way and you'll have a wonderful 2014 now!

  11. Ok but I think you earned the right to be whiny when so many bad things kept happening to you!! Hope 2014 is off to a better start!!

  12. womp. womp. womp. at least you didn't get the ticket?

  13. So all the bad luck ended on New Year's Eve... it better have?! Hopefully 2014 has been better and you're feeling back to yourself :)

  14. Ugh, all of this is just plain no bueno! Hope your luck turns around asap!!

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  15. "Stranded at Target for an hour." Stranded?! That sounds like a damn dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!! ;P

  16. Ugh what a crappy week! I hope your bad luck is over!

  17. Dang girl you weren't kidding! Hopefully all of your bad luck is behind you now and 2014 can be kick ass start to finish.

  18. Sounds terrible! Hoping that this means 2014 just brings positivity! <3


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